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Ash & Ashley is a skateboarding video game made by RTA fan (tbc). It will be released for the at an unspecified date.


The gameplay of Ash & Ashley is similar to other games like Skate and the Tony Hawk series. The player goes around completing goals as they go through a story mode. The game takes place in Portland, where you skate as Ash Thompson and Ashley Alenichev, two skaters who love doing what they do.


Default Playable Characters

Character Description
Ash Thompson A guy who just recently became an amateur skateboarder, Ash is a somewhat cautious person who has been taken under professional Ashley Alenichev's wing. He prefers street style skating.
Ashley Alenichev
Ashley Alenichev
A leather-clad, extremely brash woman, Ashley has been skating since she was about 9. She also owns a chopper, which she treasures. Ashley prefers vert skating.

Unlockable Playable Characters

Each of these characters can be unlocked after doing a challenge offered to the player.

Character Description
Tracy Doyle Another prominent figure in RTAverse skating, Tracy visits Portland to try and catch Bill Thompson, the head of Portland's police, flatfooted. He decided to dye his hair white, for some reason. Tracy shows skill in flatland tricks.
Jeremy Stone A high school senior who just achieved professional status, Jeremy is inspired by Ashley and wants to try and surpass her in the skating ranks. Jeremy can usually be seen hitting rails.
Rachel Afolabi The finest skating talent Sudan has to offer, Rachel has made it big in the past couple of months. She holds American and Sudanese citizenship and moved to the States from Sudan when she was rather young. Rachel loves skating in bowls.
Zoe O'Connor An amateur very close to becoming a professional status, Zoe is just entering her junior year and has been skating since she was 3. She likes performing darkslides.
Jesse Zorvotsky A longtime friend of Ashley's and a 6-year professional skater, Jesse decided to team up with Tracy and Ashley to try and catch Bill Thompson out.
Xavier Bowen A skater who's been beginning to shine. He decided to go to Portland to meet Ashley Alenichev, and hopes to be a big success in the near future.
Amy Dominiguez A young woman considered the second-best female skater behind Ashley, Amy has been skating since before even Ashley started skating and possesses cryokinesis. She's yet to take on the males, however. Amy has a special move where she uses her cryokinetic powers to pole vault herself up to places she normally couldn't.
Antoine Jones Part of a large family who has more recently begun to rise, Antoine decided to go in a different direction from what the rest of his family does, and has become a professional skater. He hails from the Dominican Republic.
Warren Alexander A 10-year pro who knows what Ashley is capable of, Warren is willing to help Ashley out with catching Bill Thompson out. Warren likes to do grab tricks.
Frankie Davis A multi-talented athlete, Frankie spends most of his time perfecting his skills. He skateboards when he isn't doing a snowboarding event.

Bonus Characters

These characters are unlocked by completing a certain set of goals, for example film parts.

Character Description
Amy Jackson Exo
Amy Jackson
A heroic cyborg who also happens to be a skateboarder, Amy is probably one of the last people you'd think of for skateboarding. She is unlocked by completing all the film challenges.
Robo-Cyclops A weird-ass robot that was discovered in a run down factory in south Portland, this robot was reprogrammed by Wendy to skateboard by Ashley's request, so she had someone to skate with when Ash wasn't available. It's missing an eye, hence the name. This clunky piece of metal is unlocked by completing all pro challenges.
Not-Michael Bay A lookalike of the director known for blowing everything up, this skater has explosions coming out all over him. His special move even includes a big explosion! Not-Michael is unlocked by defeating all photo challenges.

Non-playable characters

Character Description
Alexis Chamechaude A young woman from France who had recently moved to Portland and met Ash and Ashley upon arrival after bumping into Ashley after arriving.
Wendy Jonsson A young woman with a Masters' degree in Engineering, Wendy is trying to get her name out there. She tends to help out if Ash or Ashley require assistance.
Mac Robertson A Psychology student who seems interested in the way Ashley acts, Mac tends to hang around Ash and Ashley while they skate, while studying Ashley's attitude.
Bill Thompson The head of Portland's police who serves as a kind of antagonist, Bill is obsessed with trying to take skateboarders down, but Ash and Ashley keep interfering with his plan.
Rhiannon Oliver An officer in the Portland police department, Rhiannon strongly opposes her boss' attempt to ban skateboarding. Rhiannon hails from Scotland and possesses telekinesis, which she uses to her advantage during investigations.


There are seven major areas in the game. The actual area is very large.

Level Description
Ash's Backyard Probably an odd first level for a skateboarding game in concept, but Ash's adoptive dad managed to transform the backyard into a pretty sweet skate park. There's a mini-halfpipe and a few kickers, and a few rails.
Ashley's Megaramp On the outskirts of Portland, Ashley got the OK to build a Megaramp on a vacant piece of land. The Megaramp is ridiculously huge, as you'd expect from something with the name "Megaramp".
Burnside Skatepark A level any Tony Hawk player would be familiar with, this park in Portland is enjoyed by a lot of skaters.
Downtown The downtown area of Portland. The level is based near the Burnside Bridge. It is a personal favourite spot of Ash's.
Portland Police Department Building To rub it in that the police can never catch her, Ashley likes to run amok around the main building for the police in Portland. It is a more technical area.
Ashley's Halfpipe and Loop A huge halfpipe with a helicopter drop-in, this level has a loop at the end of it that you have to hit at full speed to fully go around it.
Alenichev Park As if a couple of skateparks didn't show that Ashley's had an impact on Portland, this park was designed by Ashley herself. With vert and street sections, this level is highly popular with skaters across the country.

Bonus Levels

These levels are hidden skateparks that the player can go to. Most of them are owned by in-game characters.

Level Description
Zoe's Warehouse Skatepark A rather large warehouse park that Zoe uses to brush up her skills, this level is more suited for people who like to grind on rails and get "tech-y".

Story Mode

The story of Ash & Ashley follows two storylines: Ash's amateur story and Ashley's professional story.
Ash & Ashley/Ash's Story
Ash & Ashley/Ashley's Story


The soundtrack for Ash & Ashley is split into two categories: Ash's music, which is more electronica-based, and Ashley's music, which is more rock-oriented.

Ash's Music

Title Artist
Rio Netsky
Shooting Stars Bag Raiders
4U Aero Chord
PARTY Tokyo Machine
Virtuality Rameses B
Savage KUURO
Try This Pegboard Nerds
Lights (Bassnectar Remix) Ellie Goulding
Last Chance Kaskade
Champions Astronaut
Fasten Your Seatbelt Pendulum
Crossroad Au5
Overtime Cash Cash
Enough Is Enough Puppet // Cormak // Richard Caddock
Shadowtask PYLOT
Out Here Pendulum
Evaporate Trivecta
I Want You To Know Zedd
Clarity Zedd
Alone (MRVLZ Remix) Marshmello
On Fire Melano
Ready To Go ARUNA // Rameses B
Bring The Madness Excision // Pegboard Nerds
This is Forever Hellberg
Pink Cloud Pegboard Nerds
Everything WRLD
Escape Noisestorm
Feel Like This Gammer // Darren Styles
Won't You (Be There) Nero
Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix) Nero
Love on Me Galantis

Ashley's Music

Song Artist
Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne
The Spirit of Radio Rush
21st Century Schizoid Man King Crimson
Hardwired Metallica
Lost Weekend The Qemists
Anthem Zebrahead
No Pun Intended The Hives
Shut Up Simple Plan
All Nightmare Long Metallica
Run To The Hills Iron Maiden
Showdown ELO
Paranoid Black Sabbath
Chapter Four Avenged Sevenfold
They Say Scars on Broadway
Cult of Personality Living Colour
Zero Visibility Rise Against
A-Punk Vampire Weekend
Banquet Bloc Party
All My Life Daiki Kasho
Gamma Ray Beck
Paradise City Guns 'n' Roses
Woman Wolfmother
Power Trip Monster Magnet

Official Soundtrack

Song Artist Length
Superstar Pegboard Nerds // Krewella // NGHTMRE 3:25
Superman Goldfinger 2:57
This is Forever Hellberg 4:06
Whiplash Metallica 4:01
Jumping All Over The World Scooter 3:45
Clockwork Autopilot Off 3:07
Stompbox The Qemists 5:23
Before I Forget Slipknot 4:42
Granite Pendulum 4:42
Woman Wolfmother 2:47
Killing Giants Puppet // Murtagh 4:02
Crush Pendulum 4:10
Total Length 47:07





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