Ascension Lotuses are mysterious, incredibly rare flowers that are said to ascend those who blow into them into gods. They appear in the New Fantendoverse. Their actual existence is debatable, being more legend than actual fact. As of currently, this, the Artifacts of Ascendancy, and a Birthright are the only ways to ascend to godhood in the New Fantendoverse.


Ascension Lotuses are said to come in various colors, covering the entire rainbow spectrum as well as black, white, and brown. When a user uses them, they appear over the belly button and then disappear into the stomach, petal by petal, as if they are being swallowed.


Ascension Lotuses must be blown by the user through a gust of wind through their mouth. After that, they head towards the user's belly button or other equivalent, disappearing into them. After this, they will Ascend into a god.

If two people blow on the lotus at the same time, nothing happens. The lotus can be blown in any direction and does not need to be held, but can traditionally be seen in such in manuscripts from ancient civilizations.


Tsumi the Fallen Goddess

Tsumi, also known as the Fallen Goddess, is said to have found and used a Ascension Lotus to try and help her village. When they became a prospering space civilization, the people began to revolt against her and got the help of one of the Descenders known as Xica to descend her, leaving her lifeless body in space. The civilization was later destroyed by an meteor from Vokkskar, which caused the collapse of it that it never recovered from.


  • Lotuses, especially Red Lotuses, represent ascension and enlightment in Buddhism.
  • Ironically enough, the Ascension Lotuses have yet to be used to explaining any existing gods in the New Fantendoverse. All major ones seem to hail from another universe, having created the New Fantendoverse or are like Palutena and became permanent visitors. This makes their actual existence even more dubious, as even gods don't believe in them.

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