BIRTHPLACE Outset Island
Link (brother)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2003)

Aryll is a character in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. She is Link's younger sister, where she lives with him and their Grandma on Outset Island. Aryll and Link both grew up on Outset Island under the care of their Grandma. Aryll developed a fondness for seagulls, which often flocked to the lookout tower of Outset Island, which she named Aryll's Lookout. Her telescope also has seagulls painted on it. The closest thing to a fellow human friend Aryll has seems to be Sue-Belle, the woman who is constantly seen carrying a jar.

Aryll is assumed to appear in the 2016 CGI movie adaptation of The Wind Waker, Elsie Kate Fisher was set to voice her, but she was replaced by Tara Strong.


At the beginning of the game, on Link's birthday, Aryll loans him her treasured Telescope as a birthday present. However, when Link looks through the telescope, he sees a huge bird known as the Helmaroc King take Tetra hostage. Link chases after her into the woods on the island. After rescuing Tetra from the Bokoblins in the woods, the bird sets its sight on Aryll and takes her away to the Forsaken Fortress, the stronghold of Ganondorf. The Helmaroc King had been ordered by Ganondorf to kidnap all pointy-eared girls on the Great Sea, believing that one of them may truly be Princess Zelda. Link travels with Tetra's Pirates to the Forsaken Fortress, but is unsuccessful in rescuing her and the other kidnapped girls.

Later, Link returns to the Forsaken Fortress and defeats the Helmaroc King, rescuing Aryll and the other girls successfully. Aryll stays on the pirate's ship in order to keep her away from Ganondorf's grasp. She is not seen again until the end credits, where she is wearing a half-maroon, half-white dress with a skull design. She then returns home to Outset Island with Link. She is among the crowd that bids Link farewell at the end of the game when he sets off with Tetra and her pirates to find a new land to call Hyrule.

During a normal playthrough, she wears a blue dress with a flower pattern throughout the majority of the game, but on a file's second playthrough, she wears the aforementioned maroon and white skull dress for the entire game.


  • It's possible that Aryll is based off of Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, as they both love seagulls and wear very similar clothing.
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