The Artifacts of Ascendancy are artifacts containing strong magical power, created by a group of deities early in the Fantendoverse's history with the intention of giving them to select mortals who would use them to inspire followers for the deities and help them reach ascension. However, amongst their group was a traitor who stole all of the artifacts, killed all of the other deities, and scattered all of the artifacts across the mortal realm where they were found by many different mortals.

It is said that possessing all of the artifacts allows a mortal to ascend, an act usually only possible by deities. The mortal closest to reaching this goal is Dashed Koopa



Wielders are those who have found and used any of the Artifacts at any point in time.


  • Corrucciare - Upsetting of the Dimensions
  • Dashed Koopa - Quartz Necklace, Upsetting of the Dimensions
  • Eve - Upsetting of the Dimensions


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