Art vs. Science
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS

Genre(s) Adventure/Action
Release Date(s) July 2013
Mode(s) Adventure/Training/Versus
Age Rating(s) ESRB: T for Teen
Art vs. Science is the first game in the original franchise by Zodiac Productions of the same name.


The game starts with Blake Canvas on a rooftop, listening to a police radio, looking for some crime to take care of. After taking care of a simple robbery (which serves as the turtorial mission) and a few other crimes, he hears talk of a bank robbery, and when he goes to investigate, he finds supervillain Magnotron, and they battle. Magnotron is defeated, and is greatly annoyed by Blake's cocky attitude, and vows vengeance. As Blake continues to avoid the authorities and take down criminals and supervillains alike, Magnotron keep showing up, stronger each time, to fight Blake. In the end, Blake must face Magnotron in the city's Power Center to stop him from destroying the city.


Character Image Description
Blake Canvas
Blake Canvas

Blake Canvas

Blake is an artist in a city of science. He has powers that allows him to use art supplies and stationary to perform magical effects. He uses this to fight crime, and because of this, the newspaper have named him "The Artist."
Norton Polar


Real name: Norton Polar

After gaining magnetic powers after a failed experiment with an electromagnet, Norton went mad with power, and took the name Magnotron. He started with petty crimes, but started trying to gain more power after being defeated by Blake.

Grant Kerrack Grant is the head of security in Hydronium City, and sees Blake as a threat, rather than a helper. He occasionally lets criminals slip accidentally due to chasing after Blake.


Blake's powers are activated by drawing on the touch screen on the DS/3DS

  • Paint Brush - Draw straight lines to slash. Draw on objects to activate them, and alter terrain.
  • Black Pen - Draw straight lines to slash enemies and objects. Draw a dot to stab.
  • Lead Pencil - Draw dots to launch bullets.
  • Red Pen - Draw to make fire. Write 'fire' to create a large fireball.
  • Green Pen - Draw on the ground to make vegetation grow. Draw to a pole or ledge to create a vine to grapple over to it.
  • White Pencil - Draw lines to cause wind currents.
  • Yellow Pencil - Draw from electrical sources to shock targets. Write shock to electrify yourself.
  • Brown Pencil - Draw in the ground to cause earth shockwaves.
  • Protractor - Tap a target to throw to protactor in a boomerang-line arc.
  • Stapler - Tap a target to shoot a staple.
  • Eraser - Tap a target to throw the eraser. It will bounce around and must be recollected.
  • Glue Stick - Tap a target to throw a glue stick and create a sticky patch.
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