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Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Ltd.
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Fighting,
Release Date(s) October 2, 2017
Age Rating(s) E10+


armiibo (Japanese: アミーボ戦士 Amībo Senshi/Amiibo Warriors) is a downloadable 3D combat title released for the Nintendo Switch. The game uses amiibo figures to unlock characters

The game is sold with amiibos of the 3 primary characters of the game; Captain Falcon, Bowser and Pink Gold Peach


The game is a three-dimensional action game with both hand-to-hand combat and shooter elements. Similar to Splatoon, each character can hold a standard weapon, a secondary weapon, and a specialty weapon to be used for mass destruction.

There is 4 player local co-op and 12 player online co-op.

In both the Story mode and Free Play the player traverses the World of Armiibo, which is comprised of one map in the vein of Breath of the Wild.


generally the player will have to fight waves of weak enemies ala Dynasty Warriors or God of War, these waves are patterned with stronger enemies, sub-bosses and structures which will all hinder the player.

Game Modes

Story: Nights in Amiibo

3 lone warriors try and find their way home while breaking free from the grip of a tyrannical god.


Playable Characters

Story Characters

these are characters who appear in the story.

Name Bio


Captain Falcon

A fearless but mysterious bounty hunter who competes in the F-Zero racing league, Captain Falcon was thrust into the Amiibo World like the others by the mysterious Syllektis in order to do battle with other fighters for their amusement. However, Falcon has other plans...

Bowser MK8


Bowser is the king of the Dark Lands and leader of the Koopa Empire, despite this rather imposing resume he's also an avid fan of go-karting. Like the others he was brought by Syllektis for an entertaining deathmatch but simply wants to go home and race around with his best friend Mario and his paraplegic son Bowser Jr.


Pink Gold Peach

A metallic clone of the Mushroom Kingdom's ruler, Pink Gold Peach was brought by Syllektis as an enforcer due to basically being a golem and following Syllektis' orders. This all changed when PGP was struck by lightning which I guess gave her free will? Regardless of the science PGP has joined with Falcon and Bowser in order to find a way out of this pocket dimension.

Other Amiibos

Name Bio

Ridley guy man


A deadly and tyrannical space pirate, Ridley has left a path of destruction across the galaxy in his wake. When transported to the World of Amiibo Ridley has been working in the shadows, trying to amass an army of new space pirates to fight Syllektis and take over the World of Amiibo.

Bowserjr NSM

Bowser Jr.

The paraplegic son of the koopa king, despite losing the use of his legs in a climactic fight against Koopa Kid Bowser Jr. Is still capable of using his Clown Car to fight.


Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight was cloned by Syllektis to create an army of powerful enforcers, the Spade Corps. He now wanders the World of Amiibo, destroying his clones wherever he can.

Arcade Bunny 2


Baito The Arcade Bunny was originally a shopkeeper in the Nintendo Badge Arcade and was brought to the World of Amiibo to sell weaponry to the fighters. Although not much of a combatant himself Baito is still capable of using his Mimic ability to turn his foe's attacks against them.

BotW Guardian Artwork

Wild Guardian

The Guardians, like the Spade Soldiers, were brought in by Syllektis as enforcers, although most were resistant to Syllektis' control none escaped other than the Wild Guardian, the Guardian now roams the land with no goals or morals.

COISKscratch fantendoverseV3

Scratch Kat

A goofy and cartoony cat-like creature who showed up in the world of amiibo...somehow. Syllektis didn't bring him in and he doesn't seem to remember how he showed up so he's just here for the ride I suppose.


StarBlock Kirby Basic enemies are signified with grey stars. A 6 star basic enemy is on par with a 1 star elite enemy

StarBlock Kirby RedElite enemies are signified with red stars. A 6 star elite enemy is on par with a 1 star boss

StarBlock Kirby EvilBosses and Mini bosses are signified with black stars. A miniboss needs 3+ stars to be a boss.

Spade Corps.

clones of Shovel Knight and Sylllektis' main infantry. They're generally inferior to the original but are still capable fighters and come in large groups.

Name Bio Variants


Spade Soldier

StarBlock Kirby

The clones of Shovel Knight who use mediocre versions of all of his skills to fight. They attack in groups of 20 and usually have some Spade Barons among them.


Arctic Spade Soldier: Ice Effect on all attacks.


Zpade Zoldier: Permanent Super Armour.


Shovel Soldier: 2x in all stats. Drops Herald Tokens.


Spade Barons

StarBlock Kirby Red StarBlock Kirby Red

Bigger, tougher and badder versions of the Spade Soldiers that size up better with the original Shovel Knight. They will appear in groups of 3 to 5 alongside droves of Spade Soldiers

SpadeBaron2A SpadeBaron2B

Switch Barons: Always appear in groups of 2. Have a heightened sense of teamwork with their power.


Chaos Baron: Faster and more damaging but less health.


Shovel Baron: 2x in all stats. Drops Herald Tokens.

The Guardians

Ancient robots with powerful weapons. These guys generally hang out in ruins and don't go looking for fights.

Name Bio Variants

BotW Guardian Artwork

Stalker Guardian

StarBlock Kirby RedStarBlock Kirby RedStarBlock Kirby Red

Stalker Guardians are unique among guardians in that they don't really defend any ruins and instead walk around looking for an idiot to chase. These guys work alone but are relentless hunters that pack a punch.


StarBlock Kirby RedStarBlock Kirby RedStarBlock Kirby RedStarBlock Kirby RedStarBlock Kirby Red

Rainbow Guardian: Uses attacks from other Guardians, each with random effects. Drops a couple of each currency.


Guardian Scout

StarBlock KirbyStarBlock Kirby

Guardian Scouts patroll the edge of their ruins, slashing at anyone that comes close with their Ancient Blades.


StarBlock KirbyStarBlock KirbyStarBlock KirbyStarBlock Kirby

Stalker Scout: Dont guard ruins and instead follow Stalker Guardians. Higher stats.


These are NPCs that will sell or give you stuff.

Name Bio Shop

Zellen Harley Quimbleson

Zellen is an over-confident Herald who has come to the world of Amiibo of her own free will in search of objects called Stenographer Stones. You can trade Herald Tokens obtained by finding info on Stenographer Stones throughout the world for Digi-Amiibo. Digi-Amiibo: Zellen will take Herald Tokens in exchange for one of 10 Digi-Amiibo rotated every week. Digi-Amiibo will allow you to use that character without owning the amiibo for a month. Any data stored in the Digi-Amiibo can be transferred to an actual amiibo if the user wishes.

Arcade Bunny

Arcade Bunny

Baito The Arcade Bunny was originally a shopkeeper in the Nintendo Badge Arcade and was brought to the World of Amiibo to sell weaponry to the fighters. He sells stat-changing Badges for Streetpass Coins obtained simply by moving around the world. Badges: Items that change the stats and properties of your attacks based off of the badge's origin.



Lamp oil? Ropes? Bombs? It's yours my friend! As long as you have the rubies! Morshu is a strange guy from a corrupted universe who sells general supplies like healing items and temporary stat boosts for Rubies, a common resource found throughout the world of Amiibo

Health Potions: A simple elixir that will temporally reverse all damages in the recipients body. Thats how it heals robots and the like.

Lamp oil: Fuel for lamps, use it to light up lampposts in dark areas to get a better view of the land.

Rope: Can be used to restrain enemies through sneak attacks, increase the fuse length of bombs or to climb up to higher ground.

Bombs: They explode. What else do you want?



A mysterious Teddy bear who shows up at random areas in the map to sell items exclusive to him. Some of those items appear around him and can be taken for free if he's distracted. If he catches you you may find yourself on the other end of his Reaper Thompson. His wares can be bought for Yellow Plastics. Shells: Koopa Troopa shells are sturdy and have great torque making them perfect ranged weapons. These shells come in all different colours and they all have different effects.


your main opponents.

Name Bio Fighting Style


The selfish and malevolent owner of the world of Amiibo. Syllektis has kidnapped characters from across the multiverse to fight for his amusement or to build his army. N/A

Customization Options

Each character has different weapons, 3 for each category are unlocked depending on the amiibo version used.

Captain Falcon

Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Special Weapon

Amiibo CaptainFalcon

Smash Bros Captain Falcon

Falcon Arts Laser Revolver Falcon Punch


F-Zero Captain Falcon

Plasma Revolver Blue Falcon Super Falcon


Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Special Weapon

MarAmiibo Bowser

Mario Party Bowser

Throwing Hammers Fireballs 6-Sided Dice

Amiibo Bowser

Smash Bros Bowser

Fireballs Bowser Bomb X-Bomb

Pink Gold Peach

Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Special Weapon

Pink gold peach amiibo

Smash Bros Pink Gold Peach

Pink Gold Turnips Pink Gold Pan Subspace Bomb

Pink gold peach amiibo 2

Mario Party Pink Gold Peach

Pink Gold Skeleton Key Pink Gold 4-Sided Dice Star


Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Special Weapon

AssembleAmiibo Ridley

Assembled Ridley

Talons Phazon Beam Meta-Ridley

Sfw ridley amiibo

Fighting World Ridley

Plasma Stream Vampiric Strike Omega Ridley

Bowser Jr.

Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Special Weapon

Amiibo BowserJr

Smash Bros Bowser Jr

Boxing Gloves Bullet Bill Magic Paintbrush


Paper Bowser Jr.

Buzzsaw Super Mushroom Lucky Cat

Shovel Knight

Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Special Weapon

Amiibo ShovelKnight

Shovel Knight

Shovel Blade Throwing Anchor Propellor Dagger


Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Special Weapon

Baito Amiibo2

Baito the Arcade Bunny

Mimic N/A (Mimic's Basic Enemy's attack) N/A (Mimic's Elite Enemy/Miniboss/Boss attack)

Wild Guardian

Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Special Weapon

Amiibo Zelda E32016 char03 Guardian


Guardian Sword Guardian Spears Guardian Eyebeam

Scratch Kat

Name Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Special Weapon

COISK amiibo scratchkatfantendoverse

Fantendoverse Scratch Kat

Marshmellow Launcher Cartoon Physics Final Countdown

COISK amiibo scratchkatpassage

Passage Scratch Kat

Really Big Knife Throwing Knives Necroplasma

COISK amiibo scratchkatskybound

Skybound Scratch Kat

Rainbow Gauntlet Cartoon Physics Airstrike


  • Baito is the only character to be both a vendor and a playable character
    • This is also one of the few times baito is referee to by his name instead of arcade bunny outside of Japan
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