Arle Nadja is the main protagonist of the early Puyo Puyo games and accepted to be the main protagonist of Puyo Puyo in general. She is a young sorceress who generally attacks with elemental magic such as Fire and Ice Storm, but also knows some other magic such as her Bayoen. She's shown to be cheerful and is a bit of a tomboy. She has her own pet called Carbuncle or Carby as she calls him.


In her current appearance, her hair is orange and her eyes are golden brown. In almost every appearance, her hair is tied to a blue band to make a ponytail. Her clothing is a mix of blue and white colours, she sports a blue skirt, blue boots, a T-shirt, blue wristbands and a blue breastplate.


Arle is normally a jolly person and is a bit of a tomboy. Despite this, Arle can snap if irritated too much and will start berating people. She is normally weirded out by the rest of the cast, which Arle with usually respond to with annoyance or disappointment. When this happens, she can come off as impolite and usually ends up mocking opponents or ignoring them.



  • Arle states that she wears the same clothes 365 days a year. 
  • Arle is named after the city of Arles in France.
  • The "Nadja" part of her name is from the femme fatale from the novel "Nadja".
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