Arle Nadja (アルル・ナジャ, Aruru Naja) is a playable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She was originally confirmed along with the release of the SEGA Forever program in 2018. She is voiced by Erica Mendez in the English version, and Mie Sonozaki in the Japanese version.

Arle, like in her original series, has a magic and puzzle based game style. She is suited for players who like strategic game play. Even though she excels in defensive power, but she doesn't shy away with aggressive power. She is currently considered as a High Mid Tier character.

Her weaknesses surround her stragic playsytle, and her having a hard time getting an advantage in matches. She is still one of the more popular characters in the game.


Arle is a character with slightly above average stats. She can run pretty quickly, her jumps are high enough to be useful, and her gravity is more balanced compared to the rest of the cast.

Her main strength is her defense. All of her special attacks center around her great zoning abilities. Her Neutral special, Puyo Toss, is great as a projectile and a tool to keep opponents in check, as well as her other specials that help her against the more speedy characters in the cast.

However, her strengths are also her weakness. There are times where she has to be very reliant on her special moves to make a dent in a match. Even though her Puyo Toss special is great as a projectile, it's also her most reliable KO move. Due to it's randomness, she won't be able to hit many enemies with it's explosion. She also has a very weird skill curve, being easy to learn, but hard to master.


Ground Attacks

Attack Name Description Damage
Jab Arle performs a traditional punch, punch, kick combo. It's pretty basic. 3%, 2%, 5%
Dash Attack Trips and falls on her face while sliding forwards. Has a bit of ending lag, so it's a risky move. 7%
Forward Tilt Arle kicks forwards. This can be angled up or down. 5%
Up Tilt Spins and fans her arms to her sides, creating a "rainbow" of ice. This hits multiple times. This refrences her "Ice Storm" attack in the Puyo Puyo series. 2% for each hit, 4% for final hit.
Down Tilt Crouches, and rolls a Puyo on the ground a short distance. This is similar to her Neutral Special. It's a bit weak, but the Puyo can connect with other Puyo. Varies
Forward Smash Charges, and pushes forwards, trying to keep her balance afterwards. This attack is very strong, however, she does get a lot of ending lag. 12%
Up Smash Arle crouches and performs a handstand, kicking both feet upwards. This is her 2nd strongest smash attack, but the range isn't that big. 14%
Down Smash Carbuncle Arle charges and places her friend, Carbuncle, on the stage. Carbuncle will move around a little, and after a while, he will create a projectile in any direction he's facing. Carbudle can be attacked and KO'd, causing Arle to use another Down Smash until Carbuncle respawns, where she kicks forward. 

21% (Carbucle), 10% (Arle)

Air Attacks

Attack Name Description Damage
Neutral Air Ice Storm Arle will move her hand around herself and incase herself in a circle of ice. This is similar to her Up Tilt, where the ice acts like a multi hit attack, and ends with a final hit that can freeze the opponent. If Diacute was used before this attack, this attack incases the opponent more often.


13%, 19% (If Diacute is activated)

Forward Air Arle lays in the air horizontally, and spins, while kicking forwards. This is similar to Mario's Forward Air in Smash 64. 7%
Back Air Arle turns around and kicks both of her legs behind her. 10%
Up Air Arle flips in the air, kicking with her feet. 8%
Down Air Arle tosses a Puyo downwards, which sticks to the ground if it touches it. See her Neutral Special for more infomation. Varies

Grab Attacks

Arle's Special Moves
Standard Special Move Puyo Toss
Side Special Move Fire
Up Special Move Lightning
Down Special Move Diacute
Final Smash Bayoen
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