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Arial is a character in the Medieverse who takes a major role in the story.


The daughter of the devil who is the ruler of the Underworld. As expected Arial is raised to be just like her father, a terrifying demon. Her father wanted her to learn the ways of ruling the Underworld for when she has to take over, but Arial didn't seem interested in it. Instead she had more interest in the Earth and her humans, wanting to cause chaos over there.

Physical description


Arial is quite rebellious, going against the desires of her father and roaming Earth, which is forbidden to do as a demon. She is a wildcard, her unexpected intentions lead to much chaos. She acts still immature and doesn't think about consequences, she only lives for chaos. She has a short temper, is very aggressive, but also knows when to take is easy and is able to manipulate the humans.


As a demon, Arial possesses numerous abilities. First of all she is able to cross between the surface and the Underworld. She has enhanced strength and speed, far exceeding those of a human. She can manipulate people by getting in their thoughts. While she has a durable body, she can get hurt, but regenerates over time. Only big attack may be able to kill her. Her most powerful ability however has to be possessing a body, something very hard for her to do, and requires the human to open her body to her.




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