Arcois is the main protagonist in the Opaque View (series), who debuts in the 2006 Nintendo DS game, Opaque View: Morning Light. He is the main hero of the series.


Arcois is an ambitious, heroic dynamo. He always feels on top of the world, but finds it hard to spot flaws. He can be somewhat distracted when on a task, ignoring others, but still trying to have fun. He can be at times slightly full of himself and becomes slightly dominant. In which, Lienzo tries to warn him by being even more shy. Into which Arcois goes into a state of silence. He can not always detect sarcasm and makes him seem quite immature for his age, which he is ashamed of and like most of his mistakes. He tries to correct them.




Although Lienzo doesn't speak, Arcois knows he's a good friend inside.


Opaque View: Morning Light

Arcois appears as the main character of the game and can fling many colour balls with the stylus.

Fusion Fighters

Arcois is playable along with Lienzo, is a playable character.



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