Arcia Pellone is a ruthless prosecutor and rival from the Mr. Chilli series. She is one of the main antagonists in the series. She debuts in Mr. Chilli (Game) and is the main antagonist along with Lance Darville.


Arcia is a very ruthless person, doing everything to earn her victory, and because of this, some people even call her mad. Arcia belives that her prosecutoring skills are second to none, and hates when someone disagrees with her, thinking that she always makes good decisions. It's very hard to make her angry, but when she is, most of people refer her as scary.

Relationships with Other Characters

Mr. Chilli

Arcia dislikes him, because of his constant annoyance, and thinks of him as an utter failure and a piece of trash. If you start a relationship with Emily, Arcia will try to flirt with Chilli.

Emily Davies

Arcia is Emily's rival. Although Emily tries to be friendly with her, Arcia is blunt and ignorant to her.

Lance Darville

The two get along as they have a lot in common, they have good chemistry as they share the same dislikes.


Arcia has black hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a fading grey waistcoat and a black tie and shoes.


Mr. Chilli (Game)

Arcia is the second most negative and hardest to socialize to with Chemistry.


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