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The Archipeligo Series (Also known as the Blank Series) is a series starring the character Archipeligo. It normally takes place in Canvas. The games are similar in gameplay and sprite style to that of the Mario & Luigi series.

Games in the Series

Characters in the Series

  • Archipeligo - A drawing warrior created by The Creator and the main character in the series. He sports a large hole in his head, made from a sword going into his head when he was still "processing", gloves, and blob-ish features. He becomes part of The Edge in the beginning of the first game.
  • Spine - Archipeligo's rhino-like friend and part of The Edge. He is the "powerhouse" of The Edge.
  • Tip & Top - Twin friends of Archipeligo and part of The Edge. They are practically inseparable and will not go anywhere or do anything without the other twin.
  • Obtuso - Archipeligo's triangular friend and also part of The Edge. The is the more intelligent one in The Edge.
  • Zlank - Archipeligo's Blank friend. He used to work for the Blanks, but frowned upon their evil ways and joined The Edge.
  • Quinn - The Creator's long-lost daughter and friend of Archipeligo in the second game. She mysteriously awakes in Canvas one morning and joins The Edge later on. She is one of the only humans in Canvas.
  • The Creator - The creator of Canvas, Archipeligo, and many other things. He died in the first game, being killed by the Blanks.
  • Blanks - No-faced creatures created from every blank part in a picture. They are evil minions of the Blank Lord. They were also the ones that killed The Creator.
  • Lord Blank - The king of the Blanks and Archipeligo's/The Edge's enemy in the first game.
  • Bent - Archipeligo's evil clone created by the Blanks who makes himself known in the second game. He is Archipeligo and The Edge's worst enemy.


Archipeligo overworld sprite.