Arcania Map
Geographical map of Arcania
Greater Location Unknown
Current Capital Arcania City
First Appearance Draco Duel (2019)
Latest Appearance Draco Duel 2 (2020)
Notable Resident(s)

The Republic of Arcania, (known colloqially as just Arcania and formerly as the Kingdom of Arcania) is a continental republic that serves as the primary setting for the Draco Duel games. It is located on an unnamed distant planet millions of light years away from Earth.


Early History

Since its creation, Arcania has been stabilised by the balanced existance of three different realms that exist parallel to each other. These are:

  • The Natural Realm. This is the realm containing our universe, within which Arcania is able to exist.
  • The Mystical Realm. Little is known about this realm, although it is known that it is where good and light thoughts gather, as a parallel to the Etherial Realm.
  • The Etherial Realm. The realm where dark and evil thoughts gather, and the home of Xsomnis.

Gateways between these realms are infrequent and often unstable,

The Great War

Since being settled, Arcania was ruled by the Arcanian Royal Family, who oversaw all of the kingdom's politics, agriculture, industry, military and the economy. Despite their loyalty to protect the kingdom from foreign threats and instability, they gradually became more and more corrupt as the decades passed, reducing the rights of the people and increasing taxation out of pure greed.

Approximately one thousand years before the events of Draco Duel 2, while the royal family was comprised of King Yucatan, Queen Yuliana, Prince Yannis and Princess Yasmin, a devastating famine struck Arcania, causing by a season of bad weather and poor harvests. This can be seen as the catalyst for the Great War, as the small food supplies were mostly distributed among the royals and the nobility. Most of the population subsequently had very little food, and thus began a hunger-fuelled uprising against the royal family, dissatisfied with their greed.

A rebel army was raised shortly after, consisting of thousands of trained soldiers and warriors including Katanos and Lumanos (who would later become known as The Hero). In opposition, King Yucatan and Queen Yuliana, utilised their Imperial Army to quell the rebellion. Included within the Imperial Army was Wywyrm, a trained warrior loyal to the King and Queen. This led to the two armies clashing in what was known as The Great War.

Unfortunately for the royals, the rebel army greatly outnumbered the Imperial Army, thus leading to the defeat of thousands of imperial soldiers. When the rebels, led by Katanos and Lumanos, reached the royal palace, the King and Queen issued a false surrender, with the King using an unknown force to open a rift in space-time to the Etherial Realm to defend himself. This in turn caused thousands of years worth of darkness and nightmares to escape from the rift, which condensed to form Xsomnis, the Nightmare Warrior.

The Etherial Crisis

Immediately after her summoning, Xsomnis began a ruthless rampage, destroying the palace and threatening to completely obliterate the already war-torn land of Arcania. Her attacks were devastating, but after a long and brutal battle, the remnants of the Rebel Army, while exhausted, were able to seal away Xsomnis back into the Etherial Realm.

However, this was not without sacrifice. Thousands were killed in the Great War and subsquent aftermath, known henceforth as the Etherial Crisis. Most notable of these killed as Lumanos, the rebel army leader, who sacrificed his life in order to seal the Etherial Rift. He was subsequently remembered by everyone as The Hero for his effort in bringing justice and peace to Arcania after the Great War and Etherial Crisis.

After the dust had settled, the King, Queen, and many surviving members of the Imperial Army were executed by strong demand from the rebels, with Katanos carrying out the executions. Despite this, the young prince and princess, Yannis and Yasmin, were spared from execution, being seen as innocent. This caused a great deal of controversy, despite their declaration to distance themselves from their corrupt past and step down from their royal duties.

A democracy was established soon after, with Arcania's newly elected president leading a destroyed and fractured Arcania out of the aftermath of the crisis into a new era.

Modern Day

In recent years, a popular sport known as duelling rose to popularity. Many famous Draconids across the world take up this sport, including Katanos and Wywyrm. Having stepped down from their royal titles, Yannis and Yasmin have since taken up up duelling. They still remain controversial figures to many.

While Xsomnis has not been seen since the Etherial Crisis, her eventual return is expected and feared by many.


Flag of Arcania

Flag of Arcania.

Arcania's current flag was adopted following the Great War and subsequent Etherial Crisis. The yellow represents the current justice and democracy of the region. The red represents the blood spilled by the sacrifices of the rebels during the Great War, and the black serpentine creature represents Arcania's unified Draconid population.


Arcania Map

A geographical map of Arcania.

Arcania is a geographically vast and diverse continent with a total land area of 15 million square kilometers, comparable to real-life South America. The continent has a variety of climates, specifically being cold in the north, hot in the south, dry in the west and wet in the east. This forms biomes such as the Soleil Desert in the southwest, the Frozen Wastes in the northwest, and the Great Arcania Rainforest in the southeast.

The southern land border of Arcania consists of the Dragonbreak Mountains, containing the tallest peaks on the continent, Mudsteam Summit and Dragonbreak Falls. Beyond this border lies uncharted territory, most likely occupied by another civilisation. The rest of Arcania's borders are oceanic, with borders to the Azure Ocean to the west, and the Dragoness Sea to the north and east. Several islands lie in this sea, most notably Sucre Isle, which is the location of Gingerbread Dreamland, a fantastical land made of sweet foods.

Notable Landmarks

For more landmarks, see Draco Duel 2#Arenas
  • Arcania City - Arcania's largest city, located in the region's geographical centre. Millions of Draconids live here, and it is home to many arenas, including Midnight Lightclub, St. Drake's University, Arcania Stadium and The Mausoleum.
  • Dragonbreak Mountains - A large mountain range along Arcania's southern border.
    • Mudsteam Summit - The tallest summit in Arcania, located in the southern Dragonbreak Mountains. It is an active mud volcano that is used as an arena for duels.
    • Dragonbreak Falls - The second-tallest summit in Arcania, located in the southern Dragonbreak Mountains. It is a treacherous and dangerous volcano with flowing rivers of lava and an expansive cave system, also used as an arena for duels.
    • Windy Hills - A wind farm built in the foothills of the Dragonbreak Mountains, where the wind can reach extremely high speeds.
  • Royal Ruins - The ruins of King Yucatan and Queen Juliana's palace, which was destroyed during the Etherial Crisis. It is also used as an arena for duels.
  • Arcania Great Rainforest - A vast, expansive jungle occupying Arcania's eastern peninsula. A large amount of this rainforest is uncharted and off-limits, believed to contain many dangerous species as well as indigenous Draconid tribes.
  • Frozen Wastes - A mostly uninhabited tundra occupying most of Arcania's northern peninsula.
    • Yycyle Village - A medium-sized settlement in Arcania's far north. The population here is dwindling due to the harsh winters and expensive living costs. The town also has an arena which doubles as an ice rink.
  • Soleil Desert - A large desert in the southwest of Arcania.
    • The Seven Sisters - Seven colossal pyramids built deep in the heart of the Soleil Desert. The largest of these, Pyramid-7, serves as an arena for duels.


For a list of residents of Arcania, see List of Draconids

Arcania has an approximate total population of 16 million, which is small given the large size of the continent. Out of the entire population, approximately 90% lives in urban areas such as cities or towns, with Arcania City having the largest population of residents at 7 million, just under 45% of Arcania's total population.

Most of Arcania's population is made up of Draconids, sentient human-dragon hybrids with the capability to transform between a humanoid form and a dragon form at free will. There is also a minority population of other non-Draconid species, such as Umpias, and the unnamed species of which Ziggy and Zarra belong to.

In Other Games


  • "Arcania" is derived from the adjective "arcane", meaning mysterious or secret. It can also mean pertaining to magic.
  • Many elements of Arcania's history are based on real historical events, most prominently the 1917 Russian Revolution, which saw the dictatorial royal family removed after a famine, leading to a period of factional instability and a subsequent war.
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