Arc's Kraffen is .arcticbreath (tbc)'s interpretation of the Kraffen story, in the form of a TV show. The show released on May 26, 2016 (page was released 2018, though). The story has been attempted to be created in the past in the form of the show on this wiki Craftendo, or Kingdom of Craftendo on nerdude wiki, or Stormed which is also on nerdude wiki. There is another version of this story by .navybolt (tbc) named Navy's Kraffen.

The show tells the story of Jonathan (more commonly known as "Ice"), a Prince who's father just died, giving him the responsibility of king. Though he is unsure of what to do to fix an already broken nation. With the eventual help of Luke and Nikolas, they get themselves into all sorts of trouble.

Season 1



The official art for Season 1 of the show. Showing (left to right) Nikolas, Jonathan, and Lukas, looking towards the kingdom of Kraffen.


Episode No. Episode Name Description Air date
The King Kassper, has died from a tumor. This leaves the citizens of Kraffen not knowing what to do. The prince is put under a lot of pressure, until he is given a map to the lab that his father willed to him. He finds out the grand plan that was hiding under his nose this entire time... to destroy Seizo. May 26th, 2016
2 TALES OF A SOLDIER After Jon get's caught doing the illegal work he had been doing for months now, he is forced to flee to the only one who he thought might help him, the man who owns the military base "Siren", Nikolas Bolt. Though he is unsure if Nikolas is working against him or not, often times throughout the day... June 2nd, 2016
3 MIND OF A GENIUS Lukas Jurpp. He is the true definition of a genius. Though, while in prison he's beginning to have withdrawals on the drug he's been taking, Opidus. Luckily, Nikolas and Jonathan are attempting to break him out, in hopes that Lukas could help them create their bomb. June 9th, 2016
4 HOPES OF A SALESMAN Tyler is the CEO of Kraffen's biggest, and most notorious tech company, Rainco. As Lukas is in need of parts, he makes his way over to Tyler, who is reasonably suspicious of their true motives. June 16th, 2016


  • King Kassper is not actually dead.
    • The theory states that King Kassper never actually died, and instead faked his death, simply because he didn't want to rule the country anymore, or perhaps he was looking for something. This is backed up by the evidence that if you take the name of the episode where he died you can make it spell Death O Faking.
      • Though, the creator of the show has since denied this theory.


  • Prince Jonathan was originally named Prince Icing, after .arcticbreath's character by the same name. Though it was eventually changed due to the ridiculousness of the name. 
    • Despite the name change, Prince Jonathan has no distinction between himself and Prince Icing.
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