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Aran is a character in the Medieverse who takes a major role in the story.


Aran grew up in the walls of the castle of Septent. He rarely got to go outside, only to the gardens of the castle. This made his live rather secluded from the outside world. He always was a craftsman, but had no material to work with except for wood. In his free time he would carve beautiful things out of wood or spend his time reading in the library. When Cheryl became the king, he was appointed to be his counselor, so Cheryl would have to make less decisions. However Aran has other things in his mind.

Physical description

Aran looks much like his regular self in the Fantendoverse, but in this version has his regular arm for quite some time in the story. At some point he loses his arm, and gets one that works on steampunk technology. Aside from this his clothing is somewhat more medieval, he still wears black, but it now is a long jacket that reaches to just above his black boots. The collar of his jacket is up and has a pin of the crest of Septent attached in the middle of his jacket at his neck.


While his job is to act as a counselor, he often takes more control over the situation than needs to be taken. Like his Fantendoverse self he has a short temper and is very impatient. He often seems stressed about the current situations in the kingdom. In reality this is a facade he puts up to hide that he actually is quite patient into achieving his goals and is rather cold-hearted towards every other person. What doesn't change is that he is quite a jackass and will take every opportunity to insult someone.


Aran is quite the intellectual person who is good at making schemes and manipulating people, this is most likely due to his avid reading in the past. He has a steady hand which he uses to do his wood crafting. With his steampunk arm he learns how to be more useful in hand-to-hand combat.







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