Aqualea2018 by Heronimbus.png
Aqualea, as drawn by Heronimbus (tbc).
AGE Presumably teenage years
BIRTHPLACE Wario's Woods
Being the center of attention
Overconfident opponents
SERIES Mario / Wario
Wario's Woods (1994)
I see you have come to learn my brilliant strategies. You are overconfident, my friend. I want to see your best techniques.
Aqualea, Wario's Woods

Aqualea is an antagonist in the SNES version of the puzzle video game, Wario's Woods. She acts as the eighth boss in the game's VS COM mode to stop Toad from taking the woods back from Wario.

Aqualea is vain and sassy, and trusts her abilities to the extent where she brags about them. Her pride also leads her to believe she is so beautiful that her opponents would lose on purpose just to have a rematch against her.


Super Mario Realms

Aqualea returns in this game as a boss and antagonist. Tatanga has hired her as his second in command, and she is the one who brainwashed Bowser, Wart, King K. Rool, and their minions.

She is first fought in the fortress in Magma Dunes. After Tatanga's boss battle, she locks him into his airship's escape pod and sends him plummeting down to the earth, thereby betraying him and assuming total control of his army. Aqualea boards the Realm Destroyer, intending to enslave Mushroom World, and sends her most powerful henchman, Blue Bowser, to stop Mario and his teammates. She serves as the game's final boss in a Cthulhu-like form dubbed Aquathulhu.

Boss Battles

Aqualea was one of the inhabitants of Wario's Woods before Toad came and took it back. She's joined this championship in hopes of winning cash so she can buy her own land, thereby proclaiming it as her own "woods". This mermaid is no different to competition, and she's ready to strut her stuff!

Aqualea is a playable character in Boss Battles. She is a nimble fighter, and while she isn't so great with melee combat, her projectile moves are good for long-range attacks. Her default moveset consists of Rainbow Bomb, Woodsman, and Bubble Wrap.

Super Mario Powers 黒

Aqualea is an NPC in the Seabuya shopping district, a region in the Southwest Quadrant of the greater Sakura Kingdom. She is a pawn of the spider queen Jigea who has been sent to the Seabuya District to wreak some havoc.

Super Mario Splashers

Aqualea appears in this game as a playable captain. She is in the offensive class due to her attacks dealing a lot of damage,but consuming a lot of water. She is also very slow on the ground,But fast in water.


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