Aqua Rock (SSBV Stage)
Aqua Rock
Universe Golden Sun
Availability Starter
Competitive Status Legal

Aqua Rock is a new stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. V. It is based off the location in Golden Sun.


The stage bears alot of resemblance to the omega version of Gaur Plains. The rock platform itself has a blue tint (the whole stage actually!) and in the background waterfalls and few water creatures can be seen. Yellow jump platfroms are laid out close to each end side of the stage. From time to time, off the stage, water will emerge from below and shoot upwards. It can appear on both sides or just one. It can be stood on as its up but fighters may slowly sink through it, possibly drowning. It also can be "swam" through from the sides.

'Ω 'Omega Version (Final Destination Version)

The Omega Version of the stage is simply only the rock platform. The water hazard off the stage does not appear.

'α 'Alpha Version (Battlefield Version)

The Alpha version is the omega version with 3 yellow platforms from the original stage in Battlefield layout.



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