Developer(s) RaindropStudiosLogo
Publisher(s) RaindropStudiosLogo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG, Puzzle, Platformer
Media Included Nintendo 64 Cartridge

Apples is a game by Raindrop Studios for the Nintendo 64. It is the first game in the Apples series. The gameplay is rather simple when compared to more popular game series. However, the game is a lot more puzzle-oriented.


The first cutscene shows a dark shade, laughing evil. He has great plans about taking over this world of color. He then hovers off-screen and the screen switches to the living area of the heroes, a large jungle-like area with a small number of houses. The heroes are just being outside when suddenly, they hear a loud buzzing sound. A large flying creature abducts a lot of Booes, Shus and items that are around and flies off. However, not everyone was abducted, seeing as YonenBooe was hiding.

The player should play though the jungle area, named Woppin' Woods, as YonenBooe. When they manage to get through the first half, they will find MeizeBooe. Together they can get past more different places due to the abilities. The player will now automatically walk with YonenBooe and MeizeBooe and they can find Rubyshu and Heroshu in the hub later, who teaches them to mix their abilities.

When the player manages to get past the second half of Woppin' Woods, they will find Darknes as the first boss. When they defeat him, they can go to Sandy Sands, which will contain JonBooe on a high cliff on the southwest of the area. When they free him, they can use his ability to get farther in the game once again.


The game mainly is a role-playing game and a puzzle game, but contains some platforming elements too. Every area has at least one platforming part, in which the player needs to do a certain thing and get through the end before the time runs out. In the case of Mint Mountain, there are two of these parts. Every world also contains a number of puzzles or minigames. Puzzles can be like ordinairy puzzles, placing or sliding every piece on the right place, but can also mean a very hard question that mustbe solved. Minigames are, like in other franchises, small games, that have entirely different gameplay then the main adventure.

A two-player mode also exists, but can only be played in when the player has unlocked more than only YonenBooe. In two-player mode, the player can reach more places and they are stronger as when in Single Player mode.



This is a list of the playable characters in the game. Each character is required to get past certain places and objects in the game.

Picture Name Stats Ability Unlock Method
200px YonenBooe
  • Power = 3/10
  • Speed = 7/10
  • Jumping = 6/10
  • Skill = 6/10
Magical Gold
YonenBooe can move objects from a distance.
190px MeizeBooe
  • Power = 5/10
  • Speed = 6/10
  • Jumping = 6/10
  • Skill = 5/10
Lovely Dust
MeizeBooe can create objects like stairs or bridges to be walked over.
Get through Woppin' Woods.
190px JonBooe
  • Power = 5/10
  • Speed = 3/10
  • Jumping = 8/10
  • Skill = 6/10
Super Magnifier
JonBooe can use a magnifying glass to zoom in on faraway texts or objects, and sometimes he can move the latter.
210px MaizaBooe
  • Power = 2/10
  • Speed = 10/10
  • Jumping = 5/10
  • Skill = 5/10
Pure and False Notes
MaizaBooe can swing on ropes and vines or grid above her.
210px RamBooe
  • Power = 10/10
  • Speed = 5/10
  • Jumping = 4/10
  • Skill = 3/10
Poison Punchers
RamBooe can hit certain spots in the ground to dig through.
150px BaBooe
  • Power = 8/10
  • Speed = 7/10
  • Jumping = 5/10
  • Skill = 2/10
Vining Flowers
BaBooe grows a large flower making her able to move up very high.
150px ByBooe
  • Power = 10/10
  • Speed = 2/10
  • Jumping = 8/10
  • Skill = 2/10
Fire Blast
ByBooe shoots himself away to jump very far. He may burn enemies while doing this.
RingBooeArt MiniBooe
  • Power = 9/10
  • Speed = 3/10
  • Jumping = 2/10
  • Skill = 8/10
Icicle Hits
MiniBooe turns into ice, which enables him to walk over water, lava or poison. He also becomes really heavy while doing this, and the ice path he makes is very slippery.
120px Pingwing
  • Power = 5/10
  • Speed = 2/10
  • Jumping = 10/10
  • Skill = 5/10
Flying Blizzard
Pingwing can fly and freeze objects in the air to use them as platforms.
120px Beartshu
  • Power = 7/10
  • Speed = 3/10
  • Jumping = 2/10
  • Skill = 10/10
Rocky Smasher
Beartshu can break through rocks in his way.


These characters are unplayable, yet they have a large role in the game. Bosses are not included.

Picture Name Function
140px Rabbeet Rabbeet gives the player some of his newest inventions which may come in handy. He also teaches them how to combine abilities.
100px100px Rubyshu and Heroshu These two teach the player how to combine their powers.
170px BlackBooe BlackBooe is a mysterious Booe who is found near the end of the game. Even though he is unplayable, the player has to find him to use his special ability: Lighten.
95px Bunnee The little guy takes care of all the items the player finds.
130px Snowdoll Snowdoll is one of Pingwing and Beartshu's best friends. While all of the so-nicknamed "Minis" have a function in the game, Snowdoll gives tips and hints on what the player should do next.
100px Ladee Ladee is also one of the Minis and helps the player by hosting a shop, selling curing that he found while digging.
100px Polarbe He is also in Ladee's shop after being saved. He sells items which can be used as projectiles or similar kinds.
120px Scurry She sells healing items to the player.


Multiple bosses are fought in the game. Each boss has their own fighting style and the farther the player gets in the game, the harder the bosses become.

Picture Name Description
120px Darknes Darknes is the main antagonist of the game. He is thereby the final boss.
120px Parel Z Parel Z is a helper of Darknes. She is fought multiple times in the game.
120px Fuzzel Fuzzel is Darknes's servant. He is fought multiple times in the game.
200px BrosBooe Even though he is more like a rival than an enemy, he is fought once in the game.
100px Ms. Unknown She is able to suck in the player's face and get their powers.


There are multiple areas. Each area has their own gimmicks and enemies.

Picture Name
Woppin' Woods Woppin' Woods
Stardust Beach Sandy Sands
Stardust Sea Stardust Sea
Haunted House
Sky Gardens Cushion Clouds
Crystallized Pathway Crystallized Cave
Mint Mountain
Autumn Alps
Hulahoop Desert
Bamboo Bundles


An amount of Items appears in the game. The items are kept in the bag function in the menu. Most items are extra common in a certain world, and some are even found in only one world.

Picture Name Function
AppleArt Apple Apples will be used as payment. The player can't hold more than 9999 of them.
CoconutArt Coconut Coconuts will be used to heal 10 Special Points.
BananaArt Banana Bananas will heal 10 Health Points.
CrystalBitArt Crystal Bit Crystal Bits are very rare items which will heal 3/4 of the player's Health Points and Special Points.
DurianArt Durian Durians can be used as projectiles. When tossed at an enemy, they will do double the damage a normal attack would do. They are somewhat rare.
PineappleArt Pineapple Pineapples are uncommon items which heal all of the player's Health Points.
OrangeArt Orange Oranges will refill any of Rabbeet's items.
PeppermintArt Peppermint Peppermint cures any status effect that a player can have.


Picture Name Description Area(s)
PearsterArt Pearster Pearsters are the main enemies of the game. They are really simple enemies and are defeated by one move. Woppin' Woods
Sandy Sands
Cushion Clouds
Crystallized Cave
Mint Mountain
Autumn Alps
Lil'ShadeArt Lil' Shade They will try to pick up the player and hurl them away. Woppin' Woods
Autumn Alps
StarfeshArt Starfesh They are large starfish-like creatures that hurl themselves at the player, like a boomerang. Sandy Sands
Stardust Sea
BanablobArt Banablob Banablobs are enemies that try to suck in the players. They are somewhat large enemies.
BombageArt Bombage Bombages are enemies that home in on the player, and explode five seconds after they spot them, or if they touch them.
DificiArt Difici Dificies are rare golden enemies that act like Pearsters, but they give out 20 Apples instead of only one.
JespereArt Jespere Jesperes are flying enemies that fly up and down in a pattern.
Mearshwop Mearshwops are enemies that jump up and down all the time. The player can only pass them if they try to attack, because otherwise they will stand in their way.
Panna Pannas are large flying creatures that try to crush the player.


  • Main theme:
    Apples Theme
  • Haunted House theme:
  • Autumn Alps part 1 theme:
  • Crystalized Cave theme:
  • Bamboo Bundles theme:
  • Hulahoop Desert theme:
  • Mint Mountain theme:
  • Normal defeat tune:
  • Defeated during boss battle tune: