App Clash
Platform(s) Steam, 7th-Gen consoles
Genre(s) Fighting
Series App Clash
Release Date(s) TBA
Age Rating(s) TBA
Media Included Steam Controller, TBA

App Clash is a game released for Steam and the 7th generation consoles, including Nintendo's NX. It is a fighting game resembling Smash Bros. in many ways, about many computer applications battling eachother for no reason in particular. It features a simple, cartoony artstyle for the characters which the game's creator made in 5 seconds in which are literally their icons with arms and legs (which delevopers of the game commented on, saying that it helped the characters move their arms and legs in ways correlating to the app themselves.)


This game is a generic Smash Bros. clone, with the percentage-knockback feature being used, but there is some special features.Instead of the final the last person you fought on the stage if you deal enough damage to everyone on the level. The game has been modified to fit with the console it's on, too.


The characters, obviously, are all computer apps, and their movesets are based off of their functionalities. They're all typed into this way- the types are as listed>

  • Browser
  • Painter
  • Gamer
  • Animator
Character Information Moveset
Google Chrome Browser Type

The all around, starter character of the game, is the widely successful Google Chrome. Chrome's attacks are swift and clean, and can also attack with Dinosaurs. However, he's very heavy and falls quickly.


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