Apocalypse Hulp
Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Marvel Interactive
Platform(s) WiiULogo
PS4 Logo
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan July 28th, 2015
25px-Flag of USA July 31st, 2015
25px-Flag of Australia August 2nd, 2015
25px-Flag of Europe August 3rd, 2015
Mode(s) Story Mode
Single Player
Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) Teen (T)Pegi12CERO B

Apocalypse Hulk is a video game based on the comic series The Incredible Hulk. While being the first game in the Incredible Hulk series, the game is the third installment in the Marvel Gaming Universe, preceded by Invincible Iron Man and Spider-Man: Webslinger. The game is currently being developed by Blender Maximum.


Act Nulla
Dr. Bruce Banner is in an underground test site in order to have a test detonation for a newly designed weapon, the Γ-Bomb. General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is impatient and angry because they have had to delay the detonation several times, and his daughter, Betty, tries to calm him down without any luck. The Γ-Bomb is set to explode when Banner notices a teenager, Rick Jones, in a restricted area. Banner tells his assistant to start the countdown while he tries to protect the civilian. Banner pushes Jones into a protective trench, but before he can jump in himself, the Γ-Bomb detonates and, although several miles away, intense gamma rays reach and radiate him. Somehow, Banner is not killed in the incident; however, when the sun sets the next day, Banner transforms into a large, grey humanoid monster with child-level intelligence known only as the "Hulk."

Jones follows the Hulk, who sneaks past soldiers to get into his cabin. The Hulk finds his assistant, Igor, inside, as he is trying to steal Banner's top-secret files on the Γ-Bomb. Igor shoots at the Hulk to no avail, and the Hulk begins trying to smash him while he runs away. However, after the Hulk catches Igor and smashes him a few times, the sun rises. MPs storm in, arresting Igor and questioning Banner about the Hulk. The MPs take the folder and proceed to leave after not learning anything about the Hulk besides the fact that Banner transformed into him. Betty comes in to apologize for her father's outburst earlier and tells Banner that he should go to the hospital to get medical attention. Banner says that he will call her, and as she leaves, he tells Jones that he is worried that he will turn into the Hulk again at sunset.

In his cell, Igor transmits a message to Yuri Topolov, the Gargoyle, telling him that experiments involving gamma rays lead to a monstrous being called the Hulk. The Gargoyle tracks down the Hulk's location to a desert, and goes there via submarine and short-range missile along with many soldiers. Meanwhile, Jones and Banner have driven out to the desert in case Banner transforms again. He does, and is soon ambushed by soldiers. After defeating the soldiers, the Hulk takes on the Gargoyle. Unfortunately, the Gargoyle quickly defeats him with a device that causes him to go unconscious. The Gargoyle takes the Hulk and Jones to a USSR base, only to discover that the Hulk has transformed back into Banner. The Gargoyle begins to cry because of his longing to be normal. Banner works for hours in order to use gamma radiation to make him look normal, but it takes away his intelligence. This results in the Gargoyle deciding to explode the base, and, now nighttime again, Banner transforms into the Hulk and escapes with Jones before it explodes along with the Gargoyle.

A few nights later, the Hulk is attacked by a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in a swamp. Rick Jones leads the Hulk away until he eventually transforms back into Banner. They go to a cave which, Banner hopes, can contain the Hulk with a door that can be sealed and reopened by Jones. However, they are suddenly held by a magnetic beam and abducted by the "Toad Men." They explain to Banner that, because of the mastery of magnetism, they are invincible, and that they plan to invade the Earth. They send Rick Jones back in a glass cylinder. The ship goes behind the Earth, and thus, night comes. Banner transforms the Hulk and ravages through the ship, eventually finding a bunch of weaponry. The Hulk takes the weaponry and bows to be the "hunter" instead of the "hunted." The military fires missiles at the ship, and it crash lands. Banner appears in the ship's wreckage, and is arrested for treason by General Ross. The Toad Men escape by digging a tunnel.

A bunch of alien ships appear in the skies and the Toad King warns the humans that, if they do not surrender, they will point all of their magnetic beams towards the moon, causing it to crash onto the Earth. Banner watches the sunset in his cell, and the Hulk breaks through the wall, angered at General Ross for arresting him. He battles many soldiers and a few tanks as well. Rick tries to calm him down, and Betty is afraid of him. The sun eventually rises, turning the Hulk back into Banner. He points one of his inventions, the Γ-Gun, at the moon, interacting with the magnetic beams. Nobody knows how they will react, but the soldiers break through into Banner's lab. Jones holds the Toad Men off with a hose. Banner readies the gun, and fires it, reversing the polarity of the magnetic beams, sending the Toad Men's ships spiraling in space. Banner is cleared of treason for saving the world. Betty tries to tell General Ross that Banner is a good man, but General Ross believes that there is a connection between Banner and the Hulk.

General Ross tricks Jones into getting the Hulk into an experimental rocket ship by telling him that he is the only one who can withstand the intense g-forces; once Rick discovers that he has been tricked, however, he messes with the control panels, eventually sending the Hulk back to Earth. Rick is surprised that the Hulk stepped out and not Banner, as it is now daytime. The Hulk chases Rick until he becomes Banner again. Knowing that they can no longer contain the Hulk as Banner can now transform during the day, Banner implants telepathic chips in their brains in case Jones needs to calm the Hulk down.

Rick soon becomes bored of the Hulk and finds an ad for a circus. Meanwhile, people are investigating robberies around the city. Jones goes to the circus and is hypnotized by the Ringmaster's hat. Still holding slight mental control, Rick sends a distress signal to the Hulk, who answers and fights off all of the members of the Circus of Crime excluding the Ringmaster, knocking the Hulk out with a powered hose and loading him onto a caravan truck. The Ringmaster decides to make the Hulk part of the next act. Once he does, the Hulk breaks free and smashes the Ringmaster's hat. General Ross and his soldiers rush in, guns aimed at the Hulk, but Rick hops on the Hulk's back, and the Hulk leaps out of the circus tent.

Banner invents a device called the Gamma Ray Projector, which he instructs Rick Jones to use on himself. The device turns Banner into the Hulk immediately, except now with Banner's intelligence level. An alien called Mongu arrives, telling the world that he shall battle an individual, and if he should win, he will conquer the Earth with an army of aliens. If he loses, he shall leave Earth and never return. The Hulk arrives at the Grand Canyon to battle him, but he discovers that he has been put in a trap. Mongu is not, in fact, an alien, but rather a robot controlled by a communist agent. Several soldiers and the Mongu battle suit attack the Hulk, but he quickly defeats them and throws them all into a helicopter.

General Ross creates a slideshow showing the Hulk's rampages, and Banner agrees to make a device that can put the Hulk down once and for all. Later, Banner and Rick go to Betty's cottage, where she introduces them to a man named Mr. Tyrannus. Tyrannus takes Betty to a cave, and Banner, not trusting him, follows him along with Rick. Tyrannus reveals that he is actually an Ancient Roman using the Fountain of Youth for immortality to Betty after taking her deep underground, and he sends a message to General Ross saying that he has Betty and that he will kill her unless Ross allows him to take over the USA without any intervention from the military. Banner finds a sealed-off path and becomes the Hulk, breaking it, and tries to fight Tyrannus, but he releases a powerful gas, rendering the Hulk unconscious. Once awake, the Hulk is forced to fight a mechanical gladiator. The Hulk defeats the robot, and is then forced to follow Tyrannus' commands for the sake of Betty's life. Rick Jones soon finds and frees Betty, telepathically telling the Hulk that her life is no longer in danger, and the Hulk rebels against the Tyrannus. After defeating him, the Hulk punches a wall, causing the ceiling to collapse on the underground.

General Ross fires an iceberg rocket that freezes the Hulk, but the Hulk breaks out of it and retreats to his cave, transforming back into Banner. A distress call is sent from a small village that is being raided by a warlord known as General Fang, and after doing some math, Banner realizes that the situation could easily lead to World War III if nothing was done about it. Banner quickly transforms into the Hulk and goes to the village with Jones. The Hulk is trapped in an electrical barrier, but Rick Jones frees him for it. The Hulk fights off General Fang and his army, saving the village.

An experimental rocket is set to test fly by General Ross, but Banner is not there to initiate the final flight sequences. The Hulk is attacked in the desert by a lot of soldiers, but he reverts back to his cave and changes back to Banner. At the desert base, an alien called the Metal Master with the power of magnetokinesis arrives, attempting to take over the world. Hearing this, Banner activates the Gamma Ray Projector once again, but there is a side effect: he still has Banner's head. The Hulk puts a paper bag on his head with holes for the eyes to cover it. The Hulk super jumps to the Desert Base, and he is put in a cage by the Metal Master, which he easily escapes from. He is then hit in the back of the head, knocking him out. The army removes the bag from the Hulk's head, only to find that his transformation is now complete. The Hulk is locked in a large cell in a stone building.

Jones comes to visit, but the Hulk calls him a traitor and he leaves. Rick helps to form a network of teenagers dubbed the "Teen Brigade," communicating across the country via ham radios, pledging to help the world whenever they can. The Hulk breaks free after hitting the wall several times. He goes back to his cave and develops a plan on how to defeat the Metal Master. He develops a plan, but he requires a lot of parts necessary for it. Rick and the Teen Brigade help him find the necessary parts. The Metal Master wreaks havoc around the world, and is now in Washington, D.C. The Hulk meets him there, dodging his attacks while the Teen Brigade finishes building something. Once they finish, the Hulk grabs their rocket launcher. The Metal Master laughs and attempts to grab it, but finds that he cannot. He flies in closer and tries to grab it again, and repeats this process until he is within arms' reach of the Hulk. The Hulk grabs the Metal Master and repeatedly smashes him against the ground until he is rendered unconscious. The Hulk thanks the Teen Brigade for building a fake rocket launcher made up of nonmetals. The Hulk then threatens to completely destroy the Metal Master unless he agrees to rebuild all of the places he destroyed, which the Metal Master agrees to.

Banner super-jumps away from Washington, D.C. and all the way back to his cave. General Ross is angered at Banner for his absence, but Banner dismisses it, saying he was off on a vacation in Bermuda. Betty is glad that Bruce is safe, but she begins to wonder whether or not there is a connection between Bruce and the Hulk.

As Act Nulla ends, Bruce Banner sees on the news that the Rhino is in New York, and he activates the Gamma Ray Projector. In New York, the Rhino is rampaging the streets when the Hulk lands, now completely green instead of grey.

Act I
Act I begins with the battle between the Hulk and the Rhino from the end of the previous act. The Hulk hides from the Rhino as he turns back into Banner. A truck comes by which General Ross, Betty, and a group of soldiers are inside of. General Ross pulls Banner into the truck, which the Rhino chases. The Rhino eventually pulls Bruce and Betty out of it and puts them in a helicopter with two scientists. As one of the scientists is about to put chloroform on Banner's face to knock him out completely, but Rick Jones runs into the helicopter with a truck before it can take flight. One scientist flies out, but the other escapes with Betty. The Hulk goes after the scientist and saves Betty. The Hulk then fights the Rhino until the Hulk smashes a jeep into him, causing a large explosion that blinds the Rhino. The Rhino gets back up and punches him a few more times, but the Hulk hits him enough times, and the Rhino falls down, seemingly dead.

The Stranger, a cosmic entity, decides that humans are not worthy with nuclear weaponry, so he takes over the Hulk in an attempt to destroy the entirety of humanity. However, the Stranger is not under control of Banner, so when he reverts back, Banner decides to commit suicide in order to stop humanity from being destroyed. Banner builds a device that will induce enough gamma rays into him that he is killed. However, security officers take Banner away before he can do so. In the room, a Russian spy named Emil Blonsky is hiding. He jumps out and looks at Banner's invention, which he ultimately decides to use on himself. This transforms Blonsky into a being twice as strong as the Hulk known as the "Abomination."

The Abomination rampages throughout the streets and Banner realizes that he must fight him. The Hulk, still under the Stranger's control, attacks him, but the Abomination beats the Hulk nearly to death, and kidnaps Betty Ross. General Ross is so distraught over this that he orders for the Hulk to be revived in order to stop the Abomination. Jones pleads for the Hulk's help when he awakens, and the Hulk breaks free from the Stranger's control. The Stranger flies down to fight the Hulk, but he is defeated and leaves the Earth. The Hulk reverts to Banner, who, under General Ross' command, activates a powerful gamma ray device directly upon the Abomination, causing his strength to decrease rapidly. Banner is so excited that he becomes the Hulk and smashes the weapon before the Abomination's strength can get back to human levels. The Abomination chases the Hulk, and the Hulk learns that he becomes stronger the angrier he gets, eventually becoming able to defeat the Abomination. The Stranger decides that there might be hope for humanity after the Hulk's acts of heroism, but he takes the Abomination in case he ever needs to use him for any reason.

The Hulk is suddenly ambushed by several of Iron Man's armors. He doesn't destroy them, but they fly away once damaged. Iron Man, Tony Stark, flies down to attack the Hulk to no avail. Tony Stark fights in several different suits and once with War Machine, but cannot defeat the Hulk. Stark gets back itnto his regular suit, and then goes into a giant suit built as a counterpart for the Hulk. Neither of them are able to defeat the other, but the Hulk turns into Banner. Stark puts chloroform on his mouth, rendering him unconscious, and taking him to S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters.

At S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, Nick Fury greets Banner, telling him that they have been watching the Hulk in case that he ever goes on a rampage. He explains to Banner that they are looking for heroes with superpowers, and he is considered to be one of them. However, S.H.I.E.L.D. has detected that there is something wrong with Banner's mind, and introduces him to Angela Lipscombe, a scientist who dated Banner in college. She confirms that Banner has ALS, and she believes that there is a way to cure himself by making peace with his own mind due to his gamma mutation. She sets Banner up in a machine which will transport the Savage Hulk into his own mind to fight whatever is causing this.

The Hulk travels through many of his own memories and even has to fight off some of his old foes. He eventually finds a monstrous being called the Guilt Hulk, which represents Banner's guilt as both himself and the Hulk. He sees that it is trying to take over his mind, and he fights it, but the Guilt Hulk quickly overpowers him and leaves. The Hulk runs after him to no avail, and he gets stuck in more of his own memories. Suddenly, the memories go back into his own childhood. Banner's father was an alcoholic who hated Banner and abused his mother, who loved Bruce. Banner's father eventually started abusing him, but his mother intervened, and his father murdered her. His father told Bruce to keep quiet, but his was later put into a mental institute. Bruce found it hard to make friends, and he was only happy when he visited his cousin, Jennifer Walters. His anger sparked him to plant a bomb under his own school, which turned out to be a dud, and Banner was expelled. The military took Bruce in after realizing his genius.

These memories make the Hulk incredibly angry, and therefore he is extremely strong. The memories also summon a being in his mind known as the "Devil Hulk." The Devil Hulk makes fun of the Hulk for being incredibly weak, which only makes the Hulk angrier. The Hulk and the Devil Hulk battle, and the Hulk "kills" the Devil Hulk, although only a figment of his imagination. The Hulk rampages through his mind, smashing everything in his way. S.H.I.E.L.D. turns the machine off, telling him that he has been cured.

Banner learns that he can become the Grey Hulk again when he is stressed or via willpower. Later, there is a point where he becomes angered, stressed, and calm at the same time, and all three personas fight for Banner's body. Eventually, Banner transforms into a new incarnation of the Hulk with Banner's intelligence, Savage Hulk's appearance, and Grey Hulk's cunningness. This Hulk dons the name "Professor Hulk." Banner tries to transform back into himself, but is unable to. Banner decides to wait longer before he goes back to S.H.I.E.L.D. However, thinking the Professor Hulk is a threat, the Stranger releases the Abomination.

Months later, Banner proposes to Betty, and she accepts. They get married, which General Ross disapproves of. Banner reveals to her that he is the Hulk. She feels uneasy about this, but she eventually learns to accept it. Betty, however, eventually develops a life-threatening sickness due to constantly being exposed to gamma radiation from the Hulk. Banner develops a cure. Banner then sees the Abomination loose on the streets, and beats him as the Hulk. However, the Abomination gets up and follows Banner home, deciding to replace Betty's cure with his own blood, worsening the situation. Betty dies from the gamma radiation, and is placed in cryogenic suspension by her father. The Stranger realizes that the Professor Hulk is not a threat, and he takes the Abomination back.

Banner is taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. to their headquarters and Angela warns him that the situation with his mind is now coming back and getting worse because of Betty's death. He gets into the machine quickly, but due to an error, he is now Bruce Banner in his own mind instead of the Savage Hulk. However, he meets the personas of Grey Hulk and Professor Hulk in his own mind, and works his way through his memories with them. Later, they come across the Guilt Hulk, about to take over Banner's mind. The Guilt Hulk reveals to all of them that his actual plan is to wreak havoc in reality. He explains that the process of taking over Banner's mind is now easier due to him being separated from the Hulk's multiple personas. Banner tells the Grey and Professor Hulks to attack the Guilt Hulk, but they are outmatched. Banner is then able to transform into his Savage Hulk persona, defeating the Guilt Hulk, who falls to the ground as Banner's father.

Banner is released from the machine, Angela stating that he is now cured. He leaves the HQ. Later, a portal appears in the middle of nowhere, and several robotic dogs run out of it. The Hulk destroys them although they are hard to beat. Police with the ability to manipulate gravity then run out of the portal, attacking the Hulk, but they fail as well. A time machine appears, which a young girl walks out of. She asks the Hulk to come with her, and they go inside the time machine, taking them to Earth-9203, where an elderly Rick Jones greets the Hulk. He tells the Hulk that a version of the Hulk known as the Maestro has taken over the Earth, and that only his past self is strong and willing enough to defeat him and his Dogs of War. Jones tells the Hulk that the girl is his granddaughter. Jones takes the Hulk into his trophy room, where he holds the masks and costumes of all the heroes that have been killed in Maestro's conquest.

The Hulk rages through the post-apocalyptic dystopia, occasionally fighting more miniature Dogs of War and Gravity Police. He looks for the Maestro, but cannot find him. The Hulk finds a survivor who says his name is Miguel, and he agrees to take him to the Maestro's palace. When they reach the palace, the Hulk fights Maestro, but loses due to the Maestro's experience. The Maestro breaks the Hulk's neck, and tries to get him to join his side, as he would eventually become him anyways, the Maestro not realizing he is from an alternate reality. The Hulk declines and runs away to heal.

When he does heal, the Hulk battles the Maestro once more, but is, unfortunately, unable to defeat him. At the last second, the Hulk uses the time machine to send the Maestro back to the underground testing site when and where the Hulk was created, this time directly next to the bomb. The bomb explodes, killing the Maestro. However, some of his consciousness still remains among his skeletal fractures. The Hulk soon learns that he has always been able to locate the testing site, and this ability has been emitting gamma radiation there to a large enough extent to allow the Maestro to resurrect himself, albeit in a weak state.

The Maestro attempts to gradually rebuild his body, but he repeatedly faints when this happens. He is eventually captured by a group of Asgardian trolls who place his soul inside the Destroyer in order to empower it. The Destroyer, as the Maestro, goes to Earth to defeat the Hulk. They battle for a while, but the Hulk is able to go inside the Destroyer as he has the same DNA as the Maestro, and he smashes the Destroyer from the inside. The Maestro escapes the Destroyer just in time to get back into his own body, and this time, he is able to completely rebuild his body.

The Maestro uses the remains of the time machine to rebuild it, as he has Banner's intellect, and he goes back into his own reality and palace in the future. He then summons another portal into Earth-625 which, along with full-sized Dogs of War and Gravity Police, he escapes into. Banner knows that he will not be able to defeat the Maestro as any of the current incarnations of the Hulk, so he builds a machine that allows him to tweak his own mind, and transforms into a new form of the Hulk similar to the Professor Hulk, but he has incredibly enhanced strength, with the ability to destroy several buildings with a single thunderclap. This new incarnation battles the Gravity Police, Dogs of War, and Maestro. The battle is taken back into Maestro's alternate reality, where the Hulk defeats him.

As the Hulk returns from the alternate reality and Act I ends, General Ross investigates more ways to defeat the Hulk. A moment later, a large, red hand appears in the desert.

Act II
The Red Hulk runs throughout the desert, and he soon reaches a city. He runs all around the city, destroying a large portion of it. The Abomination is sent to fight him by the Stranger. They battle through the city and back into the desert. The Red Hulk kills the Abomination and runs away in anger. Bruce Banner is soon alerted of this incident by Rick Jones. Banner decides to wait for the Red Hulk to reappear before he battles him. The Red Hulk runs amok, running into a villain named the Wendigo, whom he also kills after a quick fight, but Banner is unable to get there in time.

The Red Hulk attacks S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters, and Tony Stark responds to this with a stronger version of the Hulkbuster armor. The Red Hulk, unlike Doc Green, is able to defeat this armor, but Tony Stark holds him down with his other armors long enough for the Hulk to smash into the area. The Red Hulk battles the Hulk for a long time. Doc Green refuses to let the Red Hulk win, stating that he is "strongest," and the fight comes to a conclusion as Doc Green brutally beats him. The Red Hulk is infuriated at this, and he smashes his way through New York.

Doc Green battles the Red Hulk again, but the Red Hulk wins this time. The Red Hulk sees the Venom symbiote climbing on several buildings, fighting him. However, after the Red Hulk defeats the symbiote, Venom bonds with him. Doc Green, now extremely angry because he lost, battles the Red Hulk/Venom, winning although it is a close battle. Doc Green then gets the symbiote off of the Red Hulk by using his thunder clap several times. The Red Hulk and the symbiote are locked up by S.H.I.E.L.D., but the Red Hulk escapes shortly thereafter.

The Red Hulk discovers an A.I.M. base, battling many of its agents inside of it that try to contain him. He comes across a jail cell labeled "Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing" and opens it. A being larger than the Red Hulk floats out of it, telling the Red Hulk that he wishes to be called M.O.D.O.K., stating that the label on his cell is wrong, and that the word "Computing" should actually be "Killing." The Red Hulk attacks M.O.D.O.K. and eventually beats him to the point where he gets exhausted, so M.O.D.O.K. flies away. The Red Hulk attempts to run after him.

Banner meets up with Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D. (now in their new base known as the Helicarrier) to discuss the identity of the Red Hulk, which is currently unknown. In the middle of their discussion, they are all alarmed of an attack in New York from a large, white, monstrous being. Banner transforms into Doc Green and goes down with Tony Stark (as Iron Man because the Hulkbuster armor is destroyed) to fight the being. The being goes into a gaseous form after being hit a lot and flies away to plan his revenge. The monster's name is revealed to be "Xemnu."

A cosmic being named the Grandmaster offers Doc Green a chance; if he is to compete in a game and win, the Grandmaster will bring Betty back to life. He says that he can choose some teammates to help him. He chooses Spider-Man, a man known as Namor the Sub-Mariner who has water-based powers, and a sorcerer called Dr. Strange to help him. The Hulk arrives at the game with his teammates, calling themselves the "Defenders," to be greeted by the Collector, the Grandmaster's brother. The Collector's team consists of the Red Hulk, a villain known as the Tiger Shark, the Venom symbiote, and Baron Mordo, a sorcerer and rival of Dr. Strange, all of who are known as the "Offenders." The Grandmaster teleports them into the places that Doc Green found them, albeit in a different order. As such, Doc Green battles the Red Hulk in Atlantis, where he found Namor. Doc Green is defeated after the Red Hulk pierces him with a trident, and he dies. The Grandmaster revives him. He then knocks out the Red Hulk in one punch, but the Grandmaster believes that he lost due to his death, and as such will not revive Betty.

A.I.M. finds Bruce Banner, who is with Rick Jones at the time. M.O.D.O.K. imprisons Doc Green and uses some of his DNA to conduct a gamma experiment. A.I.M. experiments with Rick Jones, using a device similar to the original Γ-Bomb, and he transforms into a monster reminiscent of the Abomination. This monster, dubbed the A-Bomb, frees Doc Green from A.I.M.'s prison, and they fend off all the guards and, eventually, M.O.D.O.K. himself. M.O.D.O.K. is angered at his defeat, and he flies away to build a new version of himself superior to his current version. Doc Green tells Jones that he is sorry that his DNA was used to give him a fate similar to his own, but Jones forgives him.

Bruce Banner and Rick Jones meet up with Tony Stark to discuss the Red Hulk and his identity, and Tony Stark reveals that he has been doing a bit of research. He tells him that the closest person to being the Red Hulk is Jones, claiming that he has been exposed to large amounts of gamma radiation, but they both immediately dismiss this, as he is A-Bomb. They search for more people that could possibly be the Red Hulk, and Banner considers General Ross due to his constant attempts to defeat the Hulk. They search for evidence on this, revealing that he has been missing since the Red Hulk appeared. They agree that he is currently their most likely candidate. They go to the Helicarrier, and S.H.I.E.L.D. is able to track down General Ross' location. They send many soldiers along with Doc Green, Iron Man, and A-Bomb to defeat him. However, they are unable to get him to transform back into General Ross. When he wakes up, they try to calm him down, but their attempt fails, and he escapes again.

M.O.D.O.K. reappears in his new form as M.O.D.O.K. Superior, a larger form of M.O.D.O.K. who is so large that he is unable to fly. As such, to move around, he sits in his "Doomsday Chair," a device that allows him to move around in a similar way to a spider. Doc Green runs up, trying to defeat him with A-Bomb. Red Hulk also joins in to help them. M.O.D.O.K. keeps knocking them away, trying to destroy New York. They continuously try to fight M.O.D.O.K. together. They all knock him down at one point off of his Doomsday Chair, so he is unable to get up. S.H.I.E.L.D. imprisons M.O.D.O.K. in the Helicarrier.

Doc Green approaches the Red Hulk and tries to calm him down, and he succeeds, but he doesn't transform. Doc Green follows him into the desert, and he still doesn't transform. He follows him into General Ross' lab, where he looks at Betty, and he transforms. Doc Green assumes that his transformation is based on happiness. He tells the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents this, and they are able to capture him in a highly secured cell.

Xemnu, in his gaseous form, breaks into the Helicarrier and steals files on several monsters. He creates replicas of these monsters in order to attack New York. These replicas include Blip, a member of an alien race completely made up of electricity, a smoke demon named Diablo, Goom, a mindless, gigantic alien, Groot, a living tree, and Taboo, a monster with a mud-like body able to reform itself. Doc Green defeats all five replicas, and battles Xemnu. However, a building next to them is destroyed, crushing both of them before the battle is concluded. S.H.I.E.L.D. heals Doc Green, but Xemnu escapes before he can be captured by flying away in his gaseous form.

An alien that can shapeshift terrorizes New York. S.H.I.E.L.D. sends Iron Man and Spider-Man out to defeat him, but Doc Green is still healing, and they release the Red Hulk as well. The alien is known as Fin Fang Foom, and he is in a large dragon form taller than most of New York. The three work together to defeat him, and they eventually do. However, before S.H.I.E.L.D. can congratulate them and contain the Red Hulk again, the Red Hulk notices a smaller-class villain below named the Woodgod, created in a science experiment, and goes after him.

The Impossible Man, an alien, comes down to Earth only to see that Fin Fang Foom has already been defeated. He sees the Red Hulk battling the Woodgod, and decides to help him. The Red Hulk defeats him, and Xemnu appears. He takes the Red Hulk, Doc Green, and the Impossible Man into a vortex of some sort, where he attempts to defeat them all. The three of them beat Xemnu, but he then uses some of Doc Green's and Red Hulk's DNA to create an even larger clone of them called the "Kluh," who is apparently what would happen if the Hulk "hulked out." Doc Green and the Red Hulk both fight him respectively, but they cannot defeat him.

The Impossible Man tells them that he has an idea. He combines the two into a being known as the "Compound Hulk." Together, they are able to defeat the Kluh. They then take on Xemnu for the last time, and the Compound Hulk defeats him. The Compound Hulk thanks Impossible Man, and he separates them from each other. The Red Hulk is captured again by S.H.I.E.L.D., but he requests that he be cured, and they fulfill his wish. Bruce Banner learns that his days are limited as Doc Green.

In a mid-credits scene, a man in a purple mask (speculated to be Baron Zemo) approaches a man in a chair (speculated to be Red Skull). After the game's credits, M.O.D.O.K. apparently reawakens.


The gameplay for Apocalypse Hulk is largely set in an open-world environment. Each level tries to bring something new to the table, such as having to sneak past guards, going through Bruce Banner's memories, or trying to complete tasks with multiple Hulks. The D-Pad allows the player to switch between Hulks, the right analog stick allows players to move, the ABXY/shape buttons allow the Hulk to use various attacks, the R/RB/R1 and L/LB/L1 buttons allow the Hulk to jump, ZR/RT/R2 allows the Hulk to dash, and ZL/LT/L2 allow the Hulk to smash. Certain features are different when playing as a normal human, such as ZL/LT/L2 causing Bruce Banner to use a device. The player can also open the world's map by pressing down the right analog stick in the PS4 and Xbox One versions (the map is always on the GamePad for the Wii U version). When pressing a certain place on the map, the player can super jump there. However, in some levels, super jumping is disabled. Starting in Level 3 of Act I, the Hulk also has the ability to become stronger the angrier he gets.

In addition to the main story, the player can rampage through the city, and there is also a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode consists of Ultimate Destruction, where you try to smash as many things as possible, Superhuman War, where you try to kill other players (who can respawn), and Enemy Rampage, where you try to defeat more enemies than the other players. The player, when online, can also see other players in the city whom they can battle or work with. The maps for this game, consisting of New York, the Desert, a desert city, Washington, D.C., Brazil, and Russia can be played as in both online multiplayer and single player modes.

Each version of the game also has a new feature to add to it. The Wii U version allows amiibo functionality, the Xbox One version adds an exclusive mode called Kinect Riot, where the player smashes their way using Kinect in 15 exclusive levels, and the PS4 version adds another multiplayer mode called Smash Tower, a mode similar to King of the Hill where players have to smash their way to the top of a building to knock the other players off and become "King." If players smash through the building, it moves down a floor, and if the building is completely destroyed, the building is moved.


Act Nulla

Name Description No.
Tutorial Apocalypse Hulk Logo A basic tutorial level in the desert. Smash objects as the Hulk. 00
First Rampage Apocalypse Hulk Logo After sneaking past a few guards, chase Igor throughout the house. 01
The Toad Men Apocalypse Hulk Logo Rummage through the space ship and fight off the Toad Men. 02
Circus of Crime Apocalypse Hulk Logo Battle all five members of the Circus of Crime one by one. 03
Grand Canyon Showdown Apocalypse Hulk Logo Fight the soldiers and the battle suit of Mongu. 04
Tyrannus' Reign Apocalypse Hulk Logo Search for Tyrannus' lair, fight him and his robot, follow his commands, and defeat him. 05
World War III Apocalypse Hulk Logo Defeat General Fang and his army. 06
Grey Apocalypse Apocalypse Hulk Logo Battle the Metal Master with the help of the Teen Brigade. 07

Act I

Name Description No.
Rhino Attack Apocalypse Hulk Logo Smash several objects into the Rhino to defeat him. 1
Uncontrolled Rage Apocalypse Hulk Logo Prevent the Hulk from causing mass destruction. 2
Stranger Days Apocalypse Hulk Logo Battle the Stranger, an alien with incredibly high stats. 3
The Abomination Apocalypse Hulk Logo Find ways to get angrier in order to defeat the Abomination. 4
Armor 14 Apocalypse Hulk Logo Battle Tony Stark and all of his armors including the Hulkbuster. 5
Memory Lane Apocalypse Hulk Logo Rampage through Banner's own memories as the Savage Hulk. 6
Abomination's Revenge Apocalypse Hulk Logo Fight the Abomination by becoming angry in a small area. 7
Guilty Apocalypse Hulk Logo Complete many puzzles by controlling Bruce Banner, Grey Hulk, and Professor Hulk, and then fight the Guilt Hulk. 8
Post-Apocalypse Hulk Logo As the Savage Hulk, battle Maestro. 9
Back in Time Apocalypse Hulk Logo Battle Maestro a second time with Rick Jones' help. 10
Threat from Asgard Apocalypse Hulk Logo Defeat the Destroyer by knocking it over and going inside of it to break it. 11
Green Apocalypse Apocalypse Hulk Logo Defeat the Maestro and his army once and for all as Doc Green, the Hulk's new form. 12

Act II

Name Description No.
Red Fury Apocalypse Hulk Play as Red Hulk, rampaging throughout the city, and kill the Abomination. 1
Upgraded Hulkbuster Apocalypse Hulk Fend off the new Hulkbuster suit and Tony Stark's armors once again as the Red Hulk. 2
Double Smash Apocalypse Hulk Logo Fight Doc Green. After losing, you must fight him again. 3
Monstrous Symbiote Apocalypse Hulk Logo As Doc Green, defeat Venom/Red Hulk as they jump and swing through New York. 4
M.O.D.O.K. Apocalypse Hulk Logo As Red Hulk, rummage through A.I.M. and, after releasing him, fight M.O.D.O.K. 5
The Living Titan Apocalypse Hulk Fight Xemnu the Living Titan when he is not in his gaseous form. 6
The Defenders Apocalypse Hulk Assemble the Defenders as Doc Green, and then fight the Offenders. 7
AIM Attack Apocalypse Hulk With the help of A-Bomb, battle M.O.D.O.K. and the rest of A.I.M. 8
Desert Ambush Apocalypse Hulk Fight the Red Hulk for as long as possible. 9
Doomsday Apocalypse Hulk Defeat M.O.D.O.K. Superior and knock him off of his Doomsday Chair. Follow the Red Hulk back to the desert. 10
Tales to Astonish Apocalypse Hulk Defeat all five of the monster replicas and battle Xemnu once more. 11
Battle Dragon Apocalypse Hulk Battle Fin Fang Foom, the large monster terrorizing New York. 12
Red Apocalypse HulkCompound Apocalypse Hulk With Impossible Man's help, fight Xemnu as both Doc Green and the Red Hulk, and then merge together to defeat the Kluh. (Displays as Red Apocalypse before playing the mission, displays as Compound Apocalypse once it has been beaten once) 13

Bonus Boss Levels

Character Description No.
Ironclad Marvel Walk forward to fight Ironclad. B1
Black Tarantula Marvel Walk forward to fight Black Tarantula. B2
Apocalypse Marvel Walk forward to fight Apocalypse. B3



Character Description

Bruce Banner

Gray Hulk


Doc Green

Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner is a highly intelligent scientist, considered by some to be the "smartest man on Earth." Gamma rays were injected into him, causing him to occasionally transform into a monstrous being known as the "Hulk" with several forms. He transforms into the Grey Hulk when he is stressed or via willpower, and he transforms into the Savage Hulk when he is angered. He is voiced by (TBA).

Thunderbolt Ross


General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is a U.S. military general in the Air Force who only generally despises Banner, but incredibly hates the Hulk. However, he will do anything in order to stop the Hulk, and he is now the thing he hates most in life as the Red Hulk. General Ross is voiced by (TBA).


Character Powers

Rick Jones Marvel


Rick Jones
Advantages: Can rarely summon other random characters to help, camouflage, good fighting skills
Disadvantages: Low strength, speed, stamina, and durability
Unlocked by completing Act Nulla



Jennifer Walters
Advantages: High durability, gets stronger as she is fighting, intelligent
Disadvantages: Not strong against energy or radiation, low starting strength
Unlocked by completing Act I
The Thing
Advantages: Can sustain intense heat
Disadvantages: Cannot transform
Unlocked by playing 50 multiplayer rounds
Ultimate Venom
Advantages: Has some of Spider-Man's abilities
Disadvantages: Cannot transform, sensitive to sound
Unlocked by beating Venom as a secret boss in the main story mode
Ironclad Marvel
Advantages: Can manipulate his own weight, metallic skin that is more durable
Disadvantages: Cannot transform
Unlocked by beating Ironclad in the bonus boss levels
Black Tarantula Marvel
Black Tarantula
Advantages: Heightened durability, optic blasts
Disadvantages: Cannot transform
Unlocked by beating Black Tarantula in the bonus boss levels
Apocalypse Marvel
Advantages: Heightened strength, flying, can summon four horsemen, telekinesis
Disadvantages: Lower durability, cannot transform, telekinesis and flying can temporarily stop working
Unlocked by beating Apocalypse in the bonus boss levels with all other unlockable non-exclusive/non-DLC characters

Iron Man

Armor 14

Tony Stark
Only available if you have a save file of Invincible Iron Man
Advantages: Shoots beams in both forms, flies in regular form
Disadvantages: Walks slower and jumps lower in Hulkbuster form

Peter Parker
Only available if you have a save file of Spider-Man: Webslinger

Advantages: Shoots webs, web-swings, climbs walls, and can sense danger
Disadvantages: Lacks strength and durability, cannot "hulk out"

*Unlockable characters cannot be played as in Story Mode until the corresponding Act has been beaten once.


Character Powers
Maestro Marvel
Advantages: Slightly enhanced abilities comparing to Savage Hulk
Disadvantages: Cannot transform
Unlocked by beating Act I as A-Bomb
Captain America Marvel
Captain America
Advantages: Powerful shield that can be thrown, superhuman strength, speed, and durability
Disadvantages: Cannot "hulk out"
Unlocked immediately upon downloading Captain America pack
Hulkpool Marvel
Advantages: Swords, regenerates health faster
Disadvantages: Random outbursts, annoying (doesn't work well on Team mode), cannot transform
Unlocked by beating the Hulkpool bonus boss with every non-exclusive/non-DLC character
Amadeus Cho
Advantages: Genius intellect
Disadvantages: Loses energy when using intellect
Unlocked immediately upon downloading All-New, All-Different Update


Character Description
Betty Ross Marvel
Betty Ross
Betty is Bruce Banner's love interest and General Ross' daughter. She first appears in the tutorial. Her final appearance is in Abomination's Revenge.
Rick Jones Marvel
Rick Jones
Rick Jones is Banner's/Hulk's sometimes-unwanted ally. In Act II, he also appears as A-Bomb. His first appearance is in the tutorial. He can be played as in the over world and in multiplayer mode.
Thunderbolt Ross
General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
General Ross despises both the Hulk and Banner. He is a military general. He first appears in the tutorial. He becomes playable in Act II as the Red Hulk in some levels.
Gargoyle Marvel
Yuri Topolov
Yuri Topolov, the Gargoyle, is the first villain of the game. He is a genius, and he pleads Banner to fix his deformity. After realizing that his intelligence is average without his deformity, he decides to explode the base. His only appearance is in First Rampage.
Toad King Marvel
The Tribbitites, or the Toad Men, are a large group of aliens that have advanced knowledge of magnetism. Their king is the Toad King, also known as Toadius V. Their only appearance is in The Toad Men.
Teen Brigade Marvel
Teen Brigade
The Teen Brigade is a group of teenagers assembled by Rick Jones. They help out the Hulk in Grey Apocalypse which is their only appearance (not counting Jones).
Nick Fury
Nick Fury is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. He appears in Memory Lane and other levels along with Angela Lipscombe.
Angela Lipscombe Marvel
Angela Lipscombe
Angela Lipscombe was Banner's girlfriend when he was in college. She is now a scientist at S.H.I.E.L.D. She appears in Memory Lane and other levels along with Nick Fury.
Janis Jones
Janis Jones is Rick Jones' future daughter from an alternative reality. She goes back in time to bring the Hulk to the future. Her first appearance is in Post-Apocalypse.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, is a man with a suit of iron. He helps the Hulk defeat some bosses and other enemies in certain levels. His first appearance as an NPC is in The Living Titan.
Grandmaster Marvel
The Grandmaster
The Grandmaster is a cosmic being with the ability to revive most people. He chooses the Hulk to participate in his game in The Defenders.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, is a superhero with spider-like powers. Like Iron Man, he helps the Hulk defeat certain enemies and bosses in some levels. His first appearance is in The Defenders.
Namor Sub-Mariner
Namor the Sub-Mariner is the King of Atlantis. In addition to this, he also has super strength. His only appearance is in The Defenders.
Dr. Strange Marvel
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange, better known as Dr. Strange, is the Sorcerer Supreme and has magic-based powers. His only appearance is in The Defenders.
The Collector Marvel
The Collector
The Collector is the Grandmaster's brother that collects things throughout space. His only appearance is in The Defenders.
Tiger Shark Marvel
Tiger Shark
Tiger Shark is an enemy of Namor with combined abilities of Namor and a tiger shark. His only appearance is in The Defenders.
Baron Mordo Marvel
Baron Mordo
Baron Mordo is Dr. Strange's rival and has most of his abilities as well. His only appearance is in The Defenders.
Impossible Man Marvel
Impossible Man
Impossible Man is an alien with the power to change shapes of anything, levitate, and split into multiple versions of himself. His only appearance is in Red/Compound Apocalypse, in which he helps the Hulk and the Red Hulk fight Woodgod, Xemnu, and the Kluh.


Name Level Type
Weak Thug Level 1 Type Enemy
Weak Police Officer Level 1 Type Enemy - Equipped with gun
Weak A.I.M. Soldier Armored Level 1 Type Enemy - Equipped with gun
Basic Thug Level 2 Type Enemy - Equipped with random weapon
Basic Police Officer Level 2 Type Enemy - Equipped with gun and/or taser
Basic A.I.M. Soldier Armored Level 2 Type Enemy - Equipped with blaster
Weak Drone Robotic Level 2 Type Enemy
Weak S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier Armored Level 2 Type Enemy - Equipped with gun
Mediocre Thug Level 3 Type Enemy - Equipped with random weapon
Mediocre Police Officer Level 3 Type Enemy - Equipped with gun and/or grenades
Mediocre A.I.M. Soldier Armored Level 3 Type Enemy - Equipped with grenades
Weak Stark® Armor Level 3 Type Armor - Equipped with energy repulsers
Basic Drone Robotic Level 3 Type Enemy - Equipped with bullets
Average Thug Level 4 Type Enemy - Equipped with random weapon
Average Police Officer Level 4 Type Enemy - Equipped with gun, taser, and/or grenades
Average A.I.M. Soldier Armored Level 4 Type Enemy - Equipped with shoulder-missile launcher
Mediocre Drone Robotic Level 4 Type Enemy - Equipped with energy repulsers
Basic S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier Armored Level 4 Type Enemy - Equipped with bazooka
Strong Thug Level 5 Type Enemy - Equipped with random weapon
Arsonist Unique Level 5 Type Enemy - Equipped with flamethrower
Strong Police Officer Level 5 Type Enemy - Equipped with large gun, taser, and/or grenades
Strong A.I.M. Soldier Armored Level 5 Type Enemy - Equipped with energy gun
Average Drone Robotic Level 5 Type Enemy - Equipped with electric shield and bullets
Basic Stark® Armor Level 5 Type Armor - Equipped with energy repuslers and small missiles
Powerful Thug Level 6 Type Enemy - Equipped with random weapon
Powerful Police Officer Level 6 Type Enemy - Equipped with large gun, taser, and grenades
Fire Fighter Unique Level 6 Type Enemy - Equipped with powered hose
Powerful A.I.M. Soldier Armored Level 6 Type Enemy - Equipped with large energy gun
Mediocre S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier Armored Level 6 Type Enemy - Equipped with energy gun and bazooka
Strong Drone Robotic Level 6 Type Enemy - Equipped with heat-seeking missiles
Super Thug Level 7 Type Enemy - Equipped with two random weapons
Super Police Officer Level 8 Type Enemy - Equipped with large energy gun and grenades
Super A.I.M. Soldier Armored Level 8 Type Enemy - Equipped with large energy gun and bazooka
Kamikaze A.I.M. Soldier Type I Unique Level 8 Type Enemy - Equipped with bomb, explodes
Kamikaze A.I.M. Soldier Type II Unique Level 8 Type Enemy - Throws bombs
Powerful Drone Level 8 Type Enemy - Equipped with bullets and heat-seeking missiles
Average S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier Armored Level 8 Type Enemy - Equipped with strong armor and large energy gun
Crime Lord Ultimate Level 9 Type Enemy - Equipped with two random weapons and a large amount of thugs
Police Sheriff Ultimate Level 9 Type Enemy - Equipped with large energy gun, large taser, and large grenades
A.I.M. Terrorist Ultimate Armored Level 9 Type Enemy - Equipped with a large amount of A.I.M. soldiers, bombs, and a large energy gun
Super Drone Robotic Level 9 Type Enemy - Equipped with electric shield and heat-seeking missiles
Mediocre Stark® Armor Level 9 Type Armor - Equipped with energy repulsers, regenerates health
Strong S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier Armored Level 10 Type Enemy - Equipped with strong armor, electric shield, and large energy gun
Drone Controller Unique Level 10 Type Enemy - Controls drones
Center Drone Ultimate Robotic Level 10 Type Enemy - Equipped with powerful electric shield and many other drones
Strong Stark® Armor Level 11 Type Armor - Equipped with energy repulsers and small missiles, regenerates health
Powerful S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier Armored Level 12 Type Enemy - Equipped with large blaster and electric shield
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicopter Agent Unique Armored Level 12 Type Enemy - Equipped with gun, inside helicopter
Powerful Stark® Armor Level 13 Type Armor - Equipped with energy repulsers, electric shield, and small missiles, regenerates health
War Armor Unique Level 13 Type Armor - Equipped with shoulder missiles and electric shield, regenerates health
Miniature Dog of War Unique Robotic Level 13 Type Enemy - Equipped with sharp teeth
Super S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier Armored Level 14 Type Enemy - Equipped with energy blaster and electric shield
Gravity Police Officer Unique Armored Level 14 Type Enemy - Equipped with random weapons, can frequently change gravity
Super Stark® Armor Armored Level 15 Type Enemy - Equipped with energy repulsers, electric shield, and small missiles, regenerates health
Dog of War Unique Robotic Level 15 Type Enemy - Equipped with incredibly sharp teeth
S.H.I.E.L.D. Hero Ultimate Armored Level 16 Type Enemy - Equipped with large energy blaster, grenades, and powerful electric shield
Miniature Stark® Hulkbuster Ultimate Level 17 Type Armor - Equipped with powerful energy repulsers, powerful electric shield, and basic missiles, regenerates health


Character Description

Bruto the Strongman

Clown Circus of Crime

Human Cannonball

Teena Circus of Crime

Ringmaster Circus of Crime

Circus of Crime
The Circus of Crime has five members, each with a unique ability.
Bruto the Strongman has incredible strength for a human.
Clown rides on a bike and shoots at the Hulk.
Human Cannonball can fire himself from cannons to attack the Hulk.
Teena is fat enough to sit on her enemies to stop them in their tracks, but this is not much of a problem for the Hulk.
The Ringmaster can hypnotize people to attack the Hulk, and he can also hypnotize the Hulk himself.
Mongu Battle Suit
Mongu Battle Suit
The Mongu battle suit is a robotic battle suit that is stronger than most enemies. It has a lot of health, but it doesn't attack much.
Tyrannus forces the Hulk to do several tasks. He can control the Hulk and several other enemies, and he also uses a sword.
General Fang
General Fang
General Fang is not much more than a normal enemy, but many other enemies surround him.
Metal Master
Metal Master
The Metal Master can control metallic objects, and he throws them at the Hulk.
Rhino Marvel
The Rhino is generally one of Spider-Man's foes, but the Hulk fights him here. Smashing objects into him is effective.
Stranger Marvel
The Stranger is a cosmic entity. He has incredible stats, but he has low fighting skills. He can also fly and take control of others.
Abomination Marvel
Abomination #1
The Abomination has almost double the strength of the Hulk at his starting strength. However, unlike the Hulk, he cannot get stronger when angry.
Iron Man #1
Iron Man goes into different armors every time he is defeated, and he eventually goes into the Hulkbuster suit as he takes on the Hulk. He cannot be defeated in this battle.
Devil Hulk
Devil Hulk
Devil Hulk is a strong being, taunting the Hulk. He is larger than the Hulk, so he is a bit harder to defeat.
Abomination Marvel
Abomination #2
The Abomination is not much different than he was in the first battle, but he is fought in a smaller area than before.
Guilt Hulk
Guilt Hulk
The Guilt Hulk is an incredibly strong and durable being. Defeat him using all three versions of the Hulk.
Maestro Marvel
Maestro #1
Maestro is a version of the Hulk from an alternate future in the post-apocalyptic world of Dystopia. He has all of the Hulk's powers, but to a greater extent. He cannot be defeated in this battle.
Maestro Marvel
Maestro #2
Maestro is fought again. Fend him off to defeat him, and then use the time machine to send him back in time.
Destroyer Marvel
An enchanted armor from Asgard, the Destroyer now holds the Maestro's soul inside of it. The machine is typically programmed for ultimate destruction. The Hulk's soul can go inside of it, as it shares its DNA with Maestro.
Maestro Marvel
Maestro #3 (Final)
The final boss of Act I, Maestro has resurrected himself, and he comes to the present with his Dogs of War and Gravity Police to fight the Hulk. Defeat him once and for all.
Abomination Marvel
Abomination #3 (Final)
The Abomination returns, this time fighting against the Red Hulk. Kill the Abomination.
Iron Man #2 (Final)
Iron Man is fought by the Red Hulk, and he can be defeated this time. His battle tactics are unchanged.
Doc Green
Doc Green #1
Doc Green battles the Red Hulk. Doc Green can get stronger the angrier he gets. He cannot be defeated.
Doc Green
Doc Green #2
Doc Green battles the Red Hulk a second time. However, this time, he is defeated by the Red Hulk.
Ultimate Venom
Venom/Red Hulk
Venom bonds to the Red Hulk, and Doc Green has to fight him. He has some of Spider-Man's powers as well as the Red Hulk's.
M.O.D.O.K. Marvel
M.O.D.O.K. #1
The Red Hulk battles M.O.D.O.K. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing). Once he is beaten, he flies away.
Xemnu Marvel
Xemnu #1
Xemnu is a creature that escaped from an "exile world." He has high intelligence and strength, and he can go into a gaseous form to increase his speed.
Red Hulk
The Red Hulk fights Doc Green in an underwater environment. He is technically unable to be defeated, but after the Grandmaster revives Doc Green, he can be defeated with one punch.
Ultimate Venom
Venom is a secret boss. This boss is unlocked by attacking Venom instead of the Red Hulk. This boss is weaker than the Red Hulk and acts like the Venom/Red Hulk boss fight. This boss fight is also underwater, and he can be defeated without dying. This only works the second time you play this mission. Beating this unlocks Venom as a playable character.
M.O.D.O.K. Marvel
M.O.D.O.K. #2
M.O.D.O.K. faces off against Doc Green and the new gamma-radiation monster, A-Bomb.
M.O.D.O.K. Superior
M.O.D.O.K. Superior (Final)
M.O.D.O.K. Superior is a larger, more powerful version of M.O.D.O.K. Defeat him with the help of A-Bomb and the Red Hulk.
Blip Marvel
Blip (Replica)
Blip, or Shzzzllzzzthzz, is an alien made up entirely of electricity. This is a replica made by Xemnu.
Diablo Marvel
Diablo (Replica)
Diablo is a large smoke demon. This is a replica made by Xemnu.
Goom Marvel
Goom (Replica)
Goom is a gigantic, mindless alien. This is a replica made by Xemnu.
Groot Marvel
Groot (Replica)
Groot is an alien resembling a tree. The only thing he is able to say is "I am Groot." This is a replica made by Xemnu.
Taboo Marvel
Taboo (Replica)
Taboo is a large, mud/tar-like monster with the ability to reform itself. This is a replica made by Xemnu.
Xemnu Marvel
Xemnu #2
Xemnu is fought by the Hulk again, but the battle is unable to come to a conclusion as a nearby building falls onto them.
Fin Fang Foom
Fin Fang Foom
Fin Fang Foom is an alien with the ability to shape shift. He resembles a monstrous dragon. He can be defeated with the help of Iron Man and Spider-Man.
Woodgod Marvel
Woodgod is a humanoid creature created in a lab as an experiment. The Red Hulk attacks the low-class villain after defeating Fin Fang Foom.
Xemnu Marvel
Xemnu #3
Xemnu is fought briefly by Doc Green, Red Hulk, and Impossible Man. He is quickly defeated.
Kluh Marvel
The Kluh is almost double the size of the Hulk, and he is twice as strong. Additionally, he also has telekinetic powers, and he can shoot all types of radiation from his hands. He also has a sword. The Compound Hulk can defeat him. This is technically the final boss of the game.
Xemnu Marvel
Xemnu #4 (Final)
Xemnu is easily defeated with a few hits from the Compound Hulk. This technically doesn't count as a boss, but is listed as so.
Ironclad Marvel
A bonus boss. Ironclad can manipulate his own weight to hover in the air or weigh as much as a mountain. However, he always has the same durability despite his weight.
Black Tarantula Marvel
Black Tarantula
A bonus boss. Black Tarantula is a seemingly immortal human. He has incredible durability and strength, as well as the ability to use optic blasts.
Apocalypse Marvel
A bonus boss. Apocalypse is immortal and almost invincible to injury. He can fly and manipulate energy, and he also has superhuman strength along with psionic manipulation. He also has technopathy, and he can summon his four horsemen. He is considered by many to be the hardest boss in the game.
Hulkpool Marvel
A DLC bonus boss. Hulkpool has all the attributes of both Deadpool and Savage Hulk. He uses swords to defend himself and has a device allowing him to teleport, but can easily make the Hulk angry.


Name Description
Act II Act II is a free download. It includes Act II. It was released 16 days after the game's release.
Dystopia Pack The Dystopia Pack costs $2.99 and adds Maestro as an unlockable character. After playing 10 multiplayer rounds as Maestro, you also unlock a new map for both single player and multiplayer based on Dystopia. Dystopia is only playable in multiplayer 2 days after the DLC's release.
American Pack The American Pack costs $1.99, adding Captain America as an unlockable character. This DLC coincides with the release of Captain America: Hydra War. It also adds a World War II-based map to single player and multiplayer 2 days after the DLC's release if this it downloaded.
Deadpool Pack The Deadpool Pack costs $3.99. This pack adds Hulkpool as both a bonus boss and unlockable character. This also adds a Canada-based map in single player and multiplayer released 2 days after the release of the DLC as long as the bonus boss has been beaten once.
All-New, All-Different Update The All-New, All-Different Update is free. The update adds two optional alternative graphic settings, one with a more "comic book-like" design and the other with revamped grphics for the game. This update also adds Amadeus Cho as a playable character, and the New York open world and multiplayer maps get a redesign. Various bugs are also fixed.

amiibo (Wii U only)

Amiibo x Apocalypse Hulk
amiibo Description
Mario The Mario amiibo unlocks a challenge where the player must go through a level similar to the first world of Super Mario Bros. as the Hulk. Completing this challenge allows the player to unlock Mario's Hat which allows the Hulk to throw fireballs.
Link The Link amiibo unlocks a challenge where the player must complete a Legend of Zelda-type level based on puzzles and defeating enemies as the Hulk. Completing this challenge allows the player to unlock the Hero's Hat which allows the Hulk to use a sword resembling the Master Sword.
Kirby The Kirby amiibo unlocks a challenge where the player must go through a level based on the first world of Kirby's Dream Land as the Hulk. The Hulk is also equipped with a vacuum for this level. Completing this challenge allows the player to unlock the Popopo Hat which allows the Hulk to copy certain abilities of enemies that he kills.
Fox The Fox amiibo unlocks a challenge where the player must complete a space-themed level as the Hulk in a ship resembling the Arwing, shooting at enemies throughout the level. Completing this challenge allows the player to unlock the Fox Ears which allow the Hulk to use a blaster.
Samus The Samus amiibo unlocks a challenge based on Metroid. The player has to defeat several Space Pirates, Metroids, and other enemies as well as certain bosses. Completing this challenge allows the player to unlock the Samus Helmet which allows the Hulk to wear the rest of Samus' armor. This also includes Samus' arm cannon.
Marth The Marth amiibo unlocks a challenge based on Fire Emblem consisting of several monsters and enemies from the game and puzzles. Completing this challenge enables the player to buy the Marth Helmet, allowing them to use Falchion as a weapon.
Villager The Villager amiibo unlocks a challenge set in an Animal Crossing village. The goal is to smash all the buildings in the village. Upon completion, the player is able to buy the Villager Helmet, allowing them to throw random pieces of Animal Crossing furniture at enemies.
Wii Fit Trainer The Wii Fit Trainer amiibo unlocks a challenge in a Wii Fit training room centered around the Hulk "exercising" and performing various stretches. Completing this challenge makes the player able to buy the Wii Fit Helmet which allows you to do these exercises and stretches in-game as attacks.
Yoshi The Yoshi amiibo unlocks a Yoshi's Island-style level where the Hulk can throw eggs. Completing it allows the player to buy the Yoshi Helmet which allows the player to throw explosive eggs every time you defeat an enemy.
Captain Falcon The Captain Falcon amiibo unlocks an F-Zero racing challenge in Mute City. To complete the challenge, you must get in first place. Completing this allows the player to buy Captain Falcon's Helmet, giving you access to the Blue Falcon, so you can move faster. The player can also perform stronger punches with this item.
Ness The Ness amiibo unlocks an Earthbound mission where the player must defeat several enemies in RPG style rather than the way you defeat enemies in-game. The player can buy Ness' Cap from the shop after completion, allowing them to use bottle rocket-based attacks.
Olimar The Olimar amiibo unlocks a Pikmin challenge involving surviving for 30 days in a maze with many Pikmin to help you. These days are shorter when compared to the Pikmin games. Completing this unlocks Olimar's Helmet which allows the player to use various Pikmin in battle.
Inkling Girl The Inkling Girl amiibo adds two small challenges based on Splatoon. In both of these challenges, you must use the Charger weapon against Octoling and Octarian-type enemies. Upon completing both challenges, the player can buy the Inkling Girl hair, changing color every time it goes into multiplayer mode and giving you the Charger weapon.
Inkling Boy The Inkling Boy amiibo, like the Inkling Girl amiibo, adds two small challenges based on Splatoon, but these two challenges involve the Roller weapon instead of the Charger. When both challenges are completed, the player unlocks the Inkling Boy hair which is almost identical to the Inkling Girl's, but you use the Roller instead.
Inkling Squid The Inkling Squid amiibo once again adds two short challenges from Splatoon. These challenges both force you to use the Splattershot weapon, but in the first one, you have limited time to complete it, and in the second, you have limited ink. The Inkling Squid Mask is available to buy after completing both challenges, which is again identical to the aforementioned Splatoon amiibo, but uses the Splattershot as its weapon.
Pit The Pit amiibo adds a Kid Icarus challenge that forces you to explore several chambers and find treasure whilst defeating several enemies. Completing this challenge allows the player to buy Pit's Wings, allowing you to briefly fly, and gives you access to the Bow weapon which gets stronger with more experience.
Little Mac The Little Mac amiibo adds a Boss Rush challenge featuring every boss from the game (only playable after beating Act I or Act II if it has been downloaded) besides secret and bonus bosses in a Punch-Out style arena. Completing this challenge allows the player to obtain Little Mac's Boxing Gloves which give incredibly strong punches.
Sonic the Hedgehog The Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo adds a 2D challenge based on Green Hill Zone complete with a fight with Dr. Eggman at the end. Completing this challenge allows the player to unlock the Sonic Shoes which increase the player's speed largely and allow them to run behind attacking enemies in battle.
Mega Man The Mega Man amiibo adds a 2D platformer challenge based on the Mega Man series. The player can shoot beams in this challenge at enemies. Completing this challenge allows the player to unlock Mega Man's Helmet which allows them to shoot these beams.
Pac-Man The Pac-Man amiibo adds a Pac-Man-based maze challenge where the Hulk is forced to collect all the dots and avoid the ghosts. Completing this challenge allows the player to unlock the Pac-Man Helmet which can turn the Hulk into a giant 2D Pac-Man figure for a limited amount of time once it is charged up.
Wario The Wario amiibo adds a WarioWare challenge where the Hulk must complete 50 random minigames to beat it. Completing this challenge allows the player to buy Wario's Cap which increases the character's power and, once charged up, allows them to go into a metallic form.
Chibi-Robo The Chibi-Robo amiibo adds a Chibi-Robo! challenge set in a large house involving the Hulk carrying around a house plug to throw at things. Completing this challenge allows the player to buy the Chibi-Robo Mask which gives the Hulk the ability to throw the plug at enemies in order to electrocute them.
Mii Brawler The Mii Brawler amiibo adds a challenge based on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U involving the Hulk battling Mii Brawler on the Battlefield stage. This challenge has the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U controls, giving the Hulk a moveset. Completing this challenge allows the player to buy the Mii Brawler Gloves which change all the Hulk's moves to punches and increase his strength a bit.
Mii Swordfighter The Mii Swordfighter amiibo adds a challenge almost identical to the Mii Brawler's challenge, but with Mii Swordfighter instead of Mii Brawler, and the battle takes place on Big Battlefield instead. Completing this challenge allows the player to buy the Mii Sword which gives him the sword and changes all of his attacks to those involving said sword.
Mii Gunner Again, this challenge is identical to the previous Mii amiibo figures, but with Mii Gunner instead. This also takes place on Final Destination. Completing this challenge allows the player to buy the Mii Gun which gives the Hulk the gun, and it also changes all of his attacks to those centered around the weapon.
Shulk The Shulk amiibo adds a Xenoblade Chronicles-centered challenge involving the Hulk fighting off several paranormal enemies with the Monado. Completing this challenge allows the player to buy the Monado which acts a sword for the Hulk. It can also charge up into the Monado III.
Mr. Game & Watch The Mr. Game & Watch amiibo adds a Ball-based game where the Hulk must juggle several balls. Completing this challenge allows the player to buy the Mr. Game & Watch Helmet, giving the Hulk infinite balls to throw at enemies that become more powerful when juggling.
Duck Hunt The Duck Hunt amiibo adds a challenge based on Duck Hunt. However, instead of shooting the ducks, the Hulk will attack the ducks when tapping on them on the GamePad. Completing this challenge allows the player to buy the Duck Hunt costume, allowing the Hulk to send Ducks at enemies to attack them.
R.O.B. One of the only amiibo figures without a challenge, R.O.B. allows the player to unlock the R.O.B. Mask which give the Hulk several attacks based on R.O.B.'s moveset from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
Shovel Knight The Shovel Knight amiibo, like R.O.B., has no challenge. It allows the player to unlock the Shovel Knight Helmet, allowing the player to use Shovel Knight's shovel in combat as the Hulk.

*All unlisted amiibo originating from the same video game series add the same challenge and item as the listed amiibo from their series.


  • This game has several references to Marvel characters and past/future games in the series.
    • There are several superheroes referenced in Rick Jones' trophy room. These superheroes include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Elektra, the Fantastic Four, Ant-Man, Anti-Venom, Agent Venom, Wasp, various members of the Future Foundation, Falcon, and Adam Warlock. Additionally, the Daily Bugle and Stan Lee are also referenced in this room.
    • A hammer resembling Mjolnir can be seen when fighting Maestro as the Destroyer. It can also be seen on a screen when inside of the Destroyer.
    • Nick Fury's computer says "NEXT OBJECTIVE: Find Matt Murdock," a reference to the upcoming Daredevil game.
    • Some of Bruce Banner's memories have characters say the words "Hank Pym," "Pym Particles," and "Pym Industries." Later in the game, Tony Stark also references Hank Pym.
    • Certain newspapers depict the Baxter Building.
    • A motorcycle with "Ghost Rider" written on the side can be seen in random locations.
    • A person can sometimes be seen holding/reading a book entitled "Cloak and Dagger" while walking.
    • The level "Tales to Astonish" is named after the comic series of the same name.
    • In the All-New, All-Different Update, several NPCs resembling Marvel characters are added, including Doreen Green, J. Jonah Jameson, Frank Castle, Kamala Khan, and Miles Morales.
  • Earth-9203, according to the game, is apparently titled the "Maestro Gaming Universe."
  • Replaying Act I as Amadeus Cho increases the difficulty of Maestro and slightly changes his appearance.
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