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Name Tony Rodriguez
Hometown Concord, New Hampshire
Entrance Music All My Best Friends Are Metalheads by Less Than Jake
Finisher Fireman Suplex
Signature Move Corkscrew Suplex
Likes Sleep, comedy movies, being left alone
Dislikes Being given large amounts of work
Height 5'6"

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Tony is a playable character in Apex. He accidentally entered the Intergalactic Wrestling Tournament, after a night of drinking. Left with what he thought was no choice, Tony started wrestling and became one of the best fighters in the tournament.

Brief History

Tony grew up in New Hampshire, where he was raised around sports. He took a fondness in boxing, and he wanted to try it for himself. He took up boxing at the age of 7 and had dreams of entering a major boxing tournament when he was old enough to enter. Tony was homeschooled, because his father wanted Tony to train more. However, the extra time put Tony off and went into public school when he was 14. After high school, Tony went to college and one night in his junior year, Tony drunkenly stumbled into a building and signed up for an event, which turned out to be the Intergalactic Wrestling Tournament.


Default Outfit

Tony has a black Liberty Spikes Mohawk, a lime green hoodie, black cargo pants and black Converse trainers.

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Tony picks his opponent up, and then carries them around, like a fireman, then drops them to the floor hard.

Signature Move


Tony picks up his opponent, then he does a somersault with a 360 spin and slams his opponent into the ground.


Both in and out of the ring, Tony is very cheery. He likes to mess around with other wrestlers and tends to entertain the crowd with "physical comedy" before each match and when his opponent is down. His victory dances are usually enough to get the crowd fired up for the next match and Tony is considered a fan favourite in the IWT.