Ape Escape 3
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube
Genre(s) Adventure, Platform
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan July 6, 2005
25px-Flag of USA February 13, 2006

25px-Flag of Europe April 3, 2006
25px-Flag of Australia June 5, 2006

Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ESRB: E10Rating7RatingCERO A
Media Included GameCube Optional Disc

Ape Escape 3 is a Platform Adventures It was released in Japan in July 6, 2005, North America on February 13, 2006, Europe on April 3, 2006, and Australia on June 5, 2006.

Plot and Gameplay

Specter, Kip and his New Buddy Koopa Kid and Mr. Tomoki are Launched into the New TV Station in Hollywood it's called MoJo TV! Max & Yumi will saved on Hollywood in TV and Movie! You Bring Back the TV and Movie. Which Will You Play, Max is a Skateboarder or Yumi is a Singer Star.


Playable Character

Artwork Name
Max Taylor Max
Yumi-1 Yumi

Non-Playable Characters

Artwork Name
Nadja pic Nadja


Artwork Name
Daggett doofus beaver by madoldcrow1105-daa3uy8 Daggett the Beaver
Nack the Weasel Fang the Weasel
Rabbid Kong Contest Pic 1 Kong the Rabbit
Ape Escape Pink Monkey Pinky the Monkey
Profile art - Toralei taking photos Toralei the Tiger

Final Boss

Artwork Name
KoopaKid-MiniBowser Koopa Kid
Doctor Tomoki Mr. Tomoki
Ape Escape 3 Specter Specter




  • Does Pinky the Monkey has a another voice actor by Tara Strong.
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