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Aorte Wellson Male
51 years old Human
FULL NAME Aorte Wellson
POWERS Gas Psychokinesis
BIRTHDAY February 17

Pamel Wellson - Older daughter Sorce Wellson - Younger daughter

Eolem Wellson - Ancestor


His family
His job


Aorte Wellson is one of the 10 playable characters of Gas Psychokinetics. He is a "psychic surgeon" who cures his patients using his Psychic Gas abilities. He is the father of Sorce Wellson and her older sister Pamel Wellson, although this is not apparent at first glance.


Aorte Wellson is slightly shorter than the average male, and has dark skin. His clothes are quite monotone for the most part; a light grey shirt under a white doctor coat, black pants, and purple shoes. He does, however, wear a turban with a black jewel on it. This turban apparently conceals "glowing rainbow hair". He also wears glasses over his eyes, having some minor vision issues.


Aorte Wellson is quite mysterious in terms of personality; he does not speak very much. It is known that he takes his job very seriously and that he hates claims that he commits fraud. He seems to be a very serious person in general, not having a big sense of humor and not approving very much of random nonsense. He does, however, have a softer side, as he clearly cares for his family. He is quite smart, and has excellent memory, having great knowledge of the human body in general.


Aorte has access to various medical devices along with his Psychic Gas, some of which he can use for fighting. In general, although his weapons and techniques are unconventional, some are actually very brutal. He can use defibrillators to stun foes, he can swing an IV pole at foes, and can use crutches to bounce himself up. He can also take a Strength Pill to boost the damage of his physical moves. His most brutal Psychic Gas technique is to painfully compress the foe's organs, although he has to get very close to them in order to do so. He can also shoot X-shaped beams of Psychic Gas, heal himself using his Psychic Gas abilities and create "lungs" out of Psychic Gas to float up (also being able to make these blow up on foes).


  • Aorte's name comes from "Aorta", the main artery in the human body. Although "Wellson" comes from Sorce, it also works with him, as "Get well soon" is a phrase used to wish ill people a good recovery.
  • Aorte originally had regular black hair. His hair color was changed to explain why his daughters have unnatural-colored hair while he had normal-colored hair.