Tsareena Kicks Down The Competition!
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Tsareena is a playable character in Anysmash. She was added by Ryushusupercat (tbc).


Tsareena is a Grass-type Pokemon introduced in Generation VII, evolving from Tseenee when it is leveled up while it knows Stomp, and is the final form of Bounsweet.

Tsareena is a bipedal, plant-like Pokemon with a humanoid appearance. Its greatest strength is its powerful legs, able to deliver graceful and punishing kicks. This Pokemon is known for having a haughty and high-class nature, punishing those who would approach it with evil in mind, and even turning on its trainer if given ineffective commands.

It is known to be an arrogant and aggressive Pokemon, cackling at its opponent when kicking them, and even stomping on defeated opponents to accentuate its victory. However, as only the strongest Steenee get to evolve into Tsareena, it also uses its newfound powers upon evolving to protect its pre-evolutions.

Due to its majestic and queenly appearance, it sometimes appears as a mascot in advertisements for beauty salons.



Ground Attacks

Attack Description
Neutral Attack
Forward Tilt
Up Tilt
Down Tilt
Dash Attack

Smash Attacks

Attack Description
Forward Smash
Up Smash
Down Smash

Aerial Attacks

Attack Description
Neutral Aerial
Forward Aerial
Up Aerial
Down Aerial
Back Aerial

Grab Attacks

Attack Description
Pummel Tsareena slaps the opponent repeatedly.
Forward throw
Up throw
Down throw
Back throw
Air Grab

Special Moves

Attack Description
Neutral Special - Double Slap Tsareena slaps twice in quick succession at an opponent in front of her; the second hit deals slightly more damage than the first.
Side Special - Trop Kick Tsareena does a cartwheel and slams the opponent with her leg, dealing damage and lowering their offensive power by 10% for 5 seconds. Trop Kick's special effect does not stack, nor can it be applied to the same opponent again for 10 seconds.
Up Special - Hi Jump Kick Tsareena leaps up with a knee kick that deals moderate damage to enemies that she hits from below. If Tsareena hits an enemy at the apex of Hi Jump Kick, the damage is increased by 70% and she additionally performs a backflip animation on impact.
Down Special - Low Kick Tsareena performs a sweeping kick that causes the opponent to flip and land on the ground for light damage. Low Kick does somewhat increased damage the heavier the opponent is.
Final Smash -


  • Up Taunt - Tsareena twirls in place before putting a hand to her mouth, laughing haughtily.
  • Side Taunt - Tsareena puts one hand on her hip and poses, while using the other hand to brush at the large leaf on her forehead.
  • Down Taunt -

Victory Animations

  • Victory 1 - Two Bounsweet and a Tseenee join Tsareena in the victory, with the Bounsweet jumping into Tsareena's arms; Tseenee then jumps onto her head, and they all look happy.
  • Victory 2 -
  • Victory 3 -


  • Tsareena's first victory animation is based on the fact that Tsareena (the species in general) are known for being protective of their pre-evolutions; the victory animation was also meant to just be cute in general.
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