Emerald is a playable character in Anysmash. He is the tenth Pokedex Holder in the Pokémon Adventures series, being the main protagonist of the Emerald arc.


Emerald is an odd kid who went to the Battle Frontier seven days before it opened with the intention of challenging the Frontier Brains, despite not owning any Pokémon. After crashing a press conference, he ended up being forced to defeat all of the Frontier Brains in seven days. It turns out he is in contact with someone who supposedly owns all Pokémon, so having to own Pokémon wasn't a problem for him. He does eventually, however, reluctantly gain some of his own Pokémon later on, including a Sceptile, a Dusclops, a Sudowoodo, a Mr. Mime, a Snorlax and a Mantine.

Emerald is actually much shorter than he appears, and uses platform shoes and magic hand extensions to make himself appear taller, being very self conscious about his diminutive height. He also conceals various gadgets in these, including an E Shooter, a pistol which actually contains a toy version of himself that scoops and throw dirt projectiles. This pistol's ammo are the Bullets of Serenity, which are filled with "Hometown Soil". Effectively, this soil is capable of making rampaging Pokémon remember their birth place, therefore calming them down. Emerald effectively has the unique talent to tell where a Pokémon came from, having travelled through many regions during his life before going to the Battle Frontier.

Emerald's true mission is actually not to complete the Battle Frontier, but rather to save Jirachi from being caught by a man called Guile Hideout. While he is a very competent trainer on his own, he ends up having a lot of trouble completing this mission, as he refuses to take help from anyone, refusing to even bond with the Pokémon he borrows. During his mission, he learns not everything can be done alone. Emerald later appeared in the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc, in which he stopped using most of his gadgets and in which he sports a different outfit. However, this version of Emerald has little to no influence on the moveset Emerald uses here, which is mainly because I haven't read that arc yet.


While Emerald is a Pokémon Trainer, he finds nothing like the Pokémon Trainer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Emerald fights by himself, being a heavyweight about the size of Lucario. He has very good reach, on par with the likes of Simon and Shulk, and boasts from a number of tricky ranged specials, including a sleep-inducing move. He is also blessed with an incredibly good grab game; his grab is relatively fast, and it would be the longest-ranged grab in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. All four of his throws also have good utility, with three of them being kill throws and one linking up well into combos. His playstyle in general is a hybrid of a zoner and a grappler, using his projectiles and other long-ranged attacks to zone out other characters and bait them into getting in his grab range, after which he punishes his foes using his powerful grab game.

Emerald has some significant drawbacks, however. His damage output is very low, meaning it'll take a while before his throws are capable of KOing. This also gives him little to no kill options outside of his grabs and a meteor-smashing down air. While he is surprisingly fast on both land and air, he suffers from sub-par mobility otherwise, having a rather poor recovery consisting of a tether grab and a rather weak upward boost in his up special, which is not helped by the fact he falls fairly fast, making him rather easy to combo.

Speaking of his up special, Emerald's up special causes him to eject himself off his platform shoes for a brief period. Unlike Bowser Jr.'s similar move, however, Emerald actually stays in this "shoeless" mode for a while, which changes many of his attributes. For one, it makes him much smaller, about the size of Pikachu or Olimar, but also makes him much lighter; this does, however, mean he falls less fast, which makes him harder to combo and to hit in general. He also becomes slightly faster, and his arm attacks are unchanged. However, this means any moves he can perform with his shoes are either heavily weakened or outright useless. He is capable of gaining back his shoes by using his up special again. The "shoeless" mode is meant to be more of a last resort than an actual transformation, although it is technically one.

When Emerald has his shoes on, he is capable of walking on water thanks to their ability to turn into mizugumos. However, he can still sink in water if he gets pushed down by some force.


Ground Attacks

Attack Description
Neutral Attack Punches twice, before performing a flurry of punches that ends with a dual punch when the attack button is released.
Forward Tilt Performs a single punch, extending his hand rather far. This has good range but does not deal much damage or knockback.
Up Tilt Does a spinning uppercut. There is a sweetspot on his fist that deals extra damage. Good combo starter.
Down Tilt Performs a sweeping kick. This attack is significantly stronger and has more range when not in Shoeless mode. One of his stronger moves in terms of damage and knockback, but is not as ranged as some of his other moves.
Dash Attack Waves his arms up. Hits multiple times, but has little launching power.

Smash Attacks

Attack Description
Forward Smash Performs a dual punch while extending his hands very far. There is a sweetspot on the fist that deals extra damage and knockback.
Up Smash Jumps up and claps. Reaches quite far up, but deals relatively low damage and knockback for a Smash attack.
Down Smash Slams the ground near him, dealing high damage and knockback.

Aerial Attacks

Attack Description
Neutral Aerial Performs a "sex kick". Much weaker when lacking shoes, but otherwise one of his stronger moves, although still far from being a killing move.
Forward Aerial Punches forward twice. Much like his forward tilt, it has good range but low damage and knockback, although it is a pretty good combo tool.
Up Aerial Kicks upward. Can work as a surprisingly good combo starter and finisher thanks to the angle it launches foes in. Deals less damage and has less range when shoeless.
Down Aerial Kicks down, meteor smashing foes. Pretty much his only kill move outside of his throws. Has shorter range when shoeless, which makes it hard to use, but it still meteor smashes.
Back Aerial Does a reversed punch. Deals a bit more damage and knockback than the Forward Aerial but has less range.

Grab Attacks

Attack Description
Grab Extends his arm surprisingly far, having his hand open. If it connects, the arm will grab the foe and coil around them.
Pummel Constricts the foe.
Forward throw Uncurls and launches the foe at a semispiking angle, making it a rather good kill move that leaves foes in a very tricky position if it does not kill.
Up throw Throws the foe directly upward and uncurls. Also a good kill move and can be followed up with aerials at low percentages.
Down throw Slams the foe on the ground as it uncurls, leaving foes in an angle that leaves them open to easy combos.
Back throw Uncurls and launches the foe back. Deals very high knockback, making it perhaps the strongest throw in Emerald's moveset, although its launch angle is rather poor compared to his Forward throw.
Air Grab Extends his arm surprisingly far. If used near a ledge, it tethers to the ledge. Generally a better recovery than his up special thanks to its surprisingly long range and reliability.

Special Moves

Attack Description
Neutral Special - E Shooter Emerald pulls out his E Shooter, before revealing the toy Emerald inside of him. Said toy Emerald will then shoot a dirt orb made from the Hometown Soil in an arc, creating a diamond-shaped pattern on the ground. While this move has very high startup, it is capable of putting foes to sleep, which can lead into easy combos at low percentages and can be outright fatal at higher ones. If the Hometown Soil hits an airborne foe, they will be stunned for a brief period.

Custom 1 - E Blaster: Shoots an energy blast that does not make foes sleep, but that has significantly lower startup.

Custom 2 - E Boomer: Instead of shooting a dirt orb forward, creates a dirt explosion around Emerald. Has lower startup and can hit foes behind himself, but has lower range and is unable to stun airborne foes.

Side Special - Sceptile Bullets Emerald throws a Poke Ball in the background which summons his Sceptile. The Sceptile will then shoot Bullet Seeds in an upward diagonal angle for one and a half seconds, while Emerald is free to move around. After the attack, the Sceptile will go back in its Poke Ball. An useful move for zoning foes that may try to attack Emerald from the air.

Custom 1 - Leech Bullets: The bullets heal Emerald when hitting the foe, but they deal no damage or hitstun to the foe. Shoots the bullets at a lower angle as well.

Custom 2 - Sceptile Blade: Instead of shooting bullets, Sceptile slashes forward using Leaf Slash. Deals high damage and knockback, giving Emerald another kill option, but gets rid of Emerald's main anti-air option and has long startup, making it very easy to dodge.

Up Special - Ejection/Rocket Comeback

Emerald ejects himself off his platform shoes. This causes him to transform into "Shoeless Emerald" and gives him a boost upward.

If he is in his Shoeless mode, his platform shoes will be shown rocketing back from under the stage onto him, giving him a boost upward and bringing him back to his regular mode.

Custom 1 - Ejection Crash/Rocket Crash: Gives a stronger boost upward, but then makes Emerald crash down to the ground, making it fatal if it misses and preventing it from being used along with his tether grab.

Custom 2 - Kamikaze Ejection/Recoil Comeback: Emerald's boots outright explode instead of ejecting him, launching him further and dealing high damage and knockback to foes on contact but also dealing damage to him. It also gives him a seven seconds cooldown before he can call back the shoes. Said shoes will launch him a further upward when coming back, but will deal a bit of recoil damage to him.

Down Special - Poke Bombs Emerald reveals his platform shoes, which promptly release a couple of Poke Balls on the ground. After a few seconds, or after using the down special again, these will explode, dealing good hitstun but little knockback; this, however, can easily lead in a combo or a grab, and also makes it an useful edgeguarding tool. If Emerald attempts to use this move without his shoes, he will shrug, being unable to use the move.

Custom 1 - Lure Poke Bomb: Shoots a single "Poke Bomb" with the design of a Lure Ball that therefore deals less damage but that has a vacuum effect similar to Sheik's Burst Grenade.

Custom 2 - Dusk Poke Bomb: Shoots a single bomb that has the design of a Dusk Ball. After a second and a half, it turns nearly invisible. It also only explodes when Emerald makes it detonate or when a foe touches it.

Final Smash - Frenzy Plant Emerald releases his Sceptile and proceeds to Mega-Evolve it. He then orders it to use Frenzy Plant, which makes giant energy roots pop out of the orbs on its back. The Sceptile then makes these energy roots slam down on the ground and whip the air from all directions, dealing heavy damage to foes and launching or burying some of them.


  • Up Taunt - Points forward without stretching his hands, claiming that "I don't like Pokémon, I like the battles!".
  • Side Taunt - Points in front of him using his hand with an angry expression, saying "I don't NEED your help!".
  • Down Taunt - Angrily stomps the ground thrice.

Victory Animations

  • Victory 1 - Happily jumps up twice before tripping off his platform shoes as the camera zooms on him and announces his name. He gets halfway up while frowning and rubbing his back.
  • Victory 2 - Shown with one of his sleeves pulled up far enough to reveal his true arm, observing his fake arm as if there was an issue with him. He then notices the camera is watching and quickly pulls back down his sleeve, making a nervous smile and a V-sign with his other arm as the camera announces his name.
  • Victory 3 - Flips a Battle Frontier symbol like if doing a coin flip before showing the symbol to the camera with a smile as his name is announced; the symbol is the Smash Bros. logo.

Alternate Costumes


  • Default
  • Brown - Based on the colors of his outfit in the ORAS arc.
  • Black - Based on the colors of Ruby's outfit in the Emerald arc.
  • Teal - Based on the colors of Sapphire's outfit in the Emerald arc.
  • Yellow - Based on the colors of Yellow's outfit.
  • White - Based on mangas being only black and white.
  • Red - Based on Latias's colors; Emerald is friends with Latias.
  • Blue - Based on Latios's colors; Emerald is friends with Latios.
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