Ants are an alien race who are actually the first beings on earth. The whole race used to be nice and peaceful until some Ants touched Dark Iku which caused them to turn their eyes from Blue to Red and become more corrupted. They are characters in the Skip and Sqak Series.

Body Description

Both Red and Blue Ants have purple skin, red/blue eyes with white alien iris, and have invisible mouths. Despite their mouths not being seen, they can still speak and eat food like they have one.


Long ago, the Ants were the first earth inhabitants the Pasiku's made. They were peaceful to the small animals and calm trees, until one day some Ants had their eyes turned Red and starts setting forest fires and scaring the small animals. As they saw it, the other Ants discover that those mean ants are touched by Dark Iku and had no choice but to battle them to restore peace to earth.

The Blue and Red Ants were at war for centuries as the Blue restore peace and the Red ruin it. The Blue Ants won the battle to rule earth and the Red Ants flee to a rocky planet called Xoon, planning to invade earth so they can make havoc.

Known Ants