16 different warps of light appear and disappear, and and 16 people are warped to a desolate field with no man-made thing in sight.

Bowie: Does it start now?

Anna: Yeah, hopefully nobody dies on the first night, right guys?...

Lectro 2.0: Hopefully. Now be gone! At 11:00 P.M. you'll be warped back to your homes to do as you please.

Kontrast: That's hehe...that's kinda late.

Lectro 2.0: Do I look like I care? 

Bowie: He....really doesn't.

Leah: Well, that's fucking obvious.

And so, Starla and the rest go out on their seperate ways. As Starla creates a small hut just big enough for two and a campfire outside the hut.

Starla: This is all I need for now....other then some food....

The girl then hears some footsteps coming her way. She prepares for the worst.

???: Um... Starla...?

Starla:...Anna? What are you doing here?

Anna: Hey, um....this isn't like me, at least I wish it wasn't, but....*begins to cry* can....can I stay with you? For tonight at least?

Starla: Sure! I know I can trust you.

Anna: Thanks.

Starla: So, do you wanna talk? We can sit at the campfire for now, monsters won't come out yet.

Anna: That would be great! 

Starla: Alright, you can start.

Anna:'s just...all my life I've been mocked for being scared....I just....can never seem to be cope in these situations....

As tears welled up in Anna's eyes, Starla felt sorry for the girl who looked so upbeat just before the teleport.

Anna: And....the hours up until now...have been just a cruel suspense really....

Starla: Yeah, I understand how you feel. But, we're safe together, right?

Anna: Yeah...thanks...

Starla: After all, it's only natural for someone to get scared in a life-or-death situation, right?

Anna: Yeah, you''re right!

The tears in Anna's eyes settled, and things seemed to be going well. 

Until a gunshot was heard.

Nobody knows where it came from or if anyone got killed. But the gunshot banged into every corner of the large island.

Both girls were frightened, and Anna shook and stumbled with fear, until....

Starla: No, Anna! Be careful!-

she came into contact with some blazing force of nature discovered thousands upon thousands of years ago.


Somehow the fire spread throughout Anna's body and all over the place. It spread in what would seem like hundreds of different directions and had set many parts of the house ablaze. How such a tiny fire could do that is unknown, but when Starla tried to find something to put out the fire, she was too late.

After all, the burning heat of the flame only led up to the cold release of death.