There are currently 10 people remaining in the mansion. Five are crowded around the bodies, trying to figure out what happened. The others had no possible idea what was going on. Kontrast and Tommy were relaxing in the Recreational Room, unaware of the commotion.

Tommy: So, uh,  I finally got rid of that bastard.

Kontrast: Cool. Why did you even put up with him in the first place?

Tommy: He would....I don't know, help me out when people were attacking or bullying me. I swear, I know that Terra guy from somewhere....hey, didn't you come here looking for someone?

Kontrast: Nah, nah, she's....probably dead...


Terra: So, who do you think did it?

Starla: Um....

Bowie: I'm with Celeste, honestly. It's the only logical explanation.

Celeste: Please...stop....

Leah: I don't know. I don't think Celeste is capable of coming up with a plan as genius as the one Terra described.

Bowie: You psycho! Jake was right, we can't trust you! 

Terra: So, are we all in agreement?

Starla: No.

Bowie: But, the evidence-

Starla: The evidence is paper thin, and it could have easily been fabricated. 

Terra: Well, we have no proof if it is fabricated or if it isn't. 

Leah: How do we know, you're not the killer? 

Terra: ME!?!? I'm trying to help you all! Plus, I was asleep the whole night!

Celeste: Really? You do look....pretty tired....

Lectro 2.0: Alright, what's going on? Should I call the others?

The confused five nodded in agreement.

Lectro 2.0 made an announcement on a Megaphone, and down came Min, Kontrast, and Tommy from the Rec Room.

Minuette: What the fuck is going on?

Lectro 2.0: We're trying to figure out who killed Taylor and Yonenbooe, Now, is this everyone?

Terra: I think so. Zerita and Coal are probably somewhere plotting against us. We can't trust 'em.

Starla: I'm with you on that, atleast concerning Coal. He's.....strange. 

Kontrast: Alright, let's just expose the bastard who killed Yonen and Tay. I have a feeling it's Ms. Hate Everyone over there.

Minuette: Excuse me! I WOULD kill you all, but I knew that if I did I'd get caught because oh, "the good guys always win" and the "bad guys always lose" and you and your stupid fucking feelings would save the day. Well FUCK YOU-

There was a cringe-inducing slicing sound. Blood had spilled. The 6th death had occured.

Atop the limp body of Min stood a small green figure wielding a rainbow sword.

"....yeah, I did it."