13 beams of light. 13 figures out in the wild.

Lectro 2.0: OK, you all know the drill by now. 

Celeste: Unfortunately, we do.

Minuette: Let's just get this over with!

Coal: Why do you say that?

Minuette: Maybe Jake was right after all. Maybe this is just a game. A game I'm not willing to lose!

Kontrast: God damn it, Minuette!

Lixo: Can we just kill her already?

Tommy: Lixo, just leave. Why do you even follow me around anymore?

Lixo: I ask myself the same thing, sometimes.

Terra: With my luck, I'm probably gonna die first. 

Starla: Why do you say that?

Terra: After so many years of dealing with bad luck, I'm kinda used to it. 

Lectro 2.0: Enough chitchat, go survive!

And so it began. 

Starla found herself following a group consisting of Kontrast, Terra, Bowie, and Zerita. 

Starla: Do you know where you're going?

Kontrast: I think Taylor and his pals have a place somewhere in the woods.

Zerita: Hmm. I guess we're going there then. 

Bowie: Sounds good to me!

The five ended up in a small house made of logs, where Taylor, Celeste, and Yonenbooe lived.

Starla: Wow, you really got going last night!

Yonenbooe: I suppose we did, huh. 

Celeste: Is this everyone?

Bowie: Everyone except for Tommy, Lixo, Minuette, Coal, and Leah.

Taylor: Good. I don't trust those guys. 

Kontrast: Same. 

Cuts to Tommy, Lixo, and Min walking along a beach.

Tommy: I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea why I teamed with you.

Min: Ugh, same.

Lixo: You both fucking suck. I have no idea why I hang out with you gu-


Black goop surrounds a small area and sticks to a wooden club. A wooden club that had been used to exterminate a small specimen of Dark Matter. A wooden club held by a cyan popopo.

Tommy: Uh, it doesn't count if I kill him, right?

Lectro 2.0: Nope.

Min: Where'd you come from?

Lectro 2.0: Places. 

Tommy: So uh, wha-

Min: ....he's gone. 

It was a peaceful night and before you knew it, 11:00 P.M. struck. Starla went to her room and slept peacefully until she was woken up in the middle of the night. She heard a strange noise and decided to peer out the door.

Outside she saw something strange. A fluffy white substance scattered all over the floor.

"Is that....cotton?"