The girl is asleep. She dreams of shining stars and fertile earth, she dreams of many things. All is peaceful. 

Until she wakes up.

Starla: *yawns, opens her eyes* Wha....where am I?

???: Looks like you're the last one to wake up! Welcome!

Starla: Welcome? Welcome to what?

???: Only the hottest competition around!

Starla: Where are you-GAH!

Starla looks to her left, and sees a strange yellow robot creature. 

Lectro 2.0: I'm Lectro 2.0, and it's time for the second annual competiton, where the prize is a mansion more extravagant and more amazing then ever before!

Starla: Wait, I heard there was some fishy stuff going on in the old competition....

Lectro 2.0: Oh don't worry, this new mansion's construction was supervised by The 11! Before they....y'know....

Starla: Ah.

Lectro walks Starla into the lobby, where she meets up with the others. 

Tommy: Hey, new gal! I'm Tommy, and this is Lixo!

Lixo: You're all a bunch of idiots. 

Starla: Well, he seems nice...

Terra: *walks over to greet Starla, but trips* Ah! Sorry, I don't have luck on my side most of the time. My name is Terra.

Starla goes to one of the tables and sees two people playing truth or dare.

Taylor: Truth or Dare?

Celeste: Dare!

Taylor: OK, I dare you to- oh hey, what's your name?

Starla: The name's Starla. 

Once Starla meets everyone else, Lectro 2.0 goes up on a podium to make an announcement.

Lectro 2.0: Alright, is everyone here? I see 14 people.

???: 15, actually, sir...

Lectro 2.0: Oh, Jake, him too.

Starla: Wait, Jake!??! But you said-

Jake: Oh, there's nothing to worry about. Afterall I helped supervise the building of this place. 

Lectro 2.0: Anyway, your prize for winning this competition is a new and improved Mansion! It has everything!

Lee Koroshi-Ya: Does it have a boxing arena?

Lectro 2.0: ....Not yet.

Kontrast: So, I'm assuming it's the same as last time. We're split into teams and have to go through different challenges?

Lectro 2.0: Uh.....not...exactly.....