Another Hecking Umbrella Game
Developer(s) Attorney Armada


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Director(s) AlterAttorney
Writer(s) AlterAttorney
 Another Hecking Umbrella Game (AHUG) is an umbrella game by AlterAttorney.


In a universe called the "Another Hecking Universe", hundreds to thousands of universes lived in peace on five different planets. They were kept in harmony by their god, Guy Fieri.

However, Guy Fieri soon became bored with this "peaceful universe". He decided to spread rumors, claiming that each of the planets wanted to rage war on one another. His plans soon became a success, as the planets fought against each other while Guy Fieri and his fellow gods watched as war began between the five planets.

The five planets were known as New Neptune, Drakeon, Hawaii, Septillion, and Skyscrapeus'. 'They were five large planets made by Guy Fieri, getting inspiration from the former world he lived on called Earth. Fieri turned his idea of a perfect Earth into his kingdom in the sky, where only the strongest of warriors lived.

And thus, the war begun.



The gameplay takes base from Super Smash Bros. in fighting terms, and being able to instantly take out your foe by knocking them far enough off the stage. However, rather then health going up and being more vulnerable, each character types have set health. Some 100%, some 150%, some 200%, and the biggest tanks having 300%. Characters don't become easier to hit from their health going down, but if their health goes to 0% they're defeated. Wins by ring out can be trickier, but some opponents can be a pain to take out. Fieri Finishers are the ultimate moves of every character, and accessible by destroying a "Fieri Cabbage". If destroyed, the character who breaks it can use their Fieri Finisher. It can only be accessed if the items are turned on, or just that one is turned on or such. Adventure modes have different fights from usual battles however. They have some usual battles, but mostly resort to fighting off enemies while traveling areas, or battling powerful boss fights.


In online, players have two options. There are one on one battles, but also national tournaments are held every now and then. In tournaments, players choose one of the five planets to join. When they join the planet's side, they can only enter the tournament as a character from the planet.

The planets fight against each other in either one on one fights, or multi man fights, the players donating to their team by winning fights. Losing fights can bring down the scores a little bit, while winning raises it a little bit.

When the time is up, the winner is announced, and all the players are rewarded. They get rewards such as in game coins, special alternate costumes only achievable from online, and a skyrocket in their online ranking.

Playable Characters

Notes: A * before a character represents an unlockable character. Fieri Finishers are the ultimate attack of every character, and their strongest move.

New Neptune

Character CharacterDescription/Moves  FieriFinisher 
Setsuna, one of the primary protagonists of the game itself, working with Bandana Dee in the fight against Guy Fieri. She's a great ranged fighter, who uses an yumi. She's able to switch between her signature yumi, the dual yumi, or the shining bow. The shining bow is better for melee attacks but weak range, the dual yumi having higher damaging attacks but bad aim, and Setsuna's yumi having average attacks with great aim. I'll Do My Best: Setsuna aims forward, firing an arrow. If it hits, her opponent is stunned, Setsuna aiming forward to fire three more arrows into her foe. She walks past them, but suddenly trips, a net coming up and several arrows being fired from a trap. She barely misses it, the net going around her opponent, and the arrows hitting her foe, as she gets up and walks off.
Bandana Dee KRTDL
Bandana Dee, a warrior from New Neptune who wishes to assist in stopping the war between the five planets. He's lightweight and floaty, being able to float up in the air to give him an ariel advantage. He fights with his spear, and seemingly has an infinite batch of them. Four Score - Bandana Dee summons four colored clones of himself, which rush forward to attack an enemy. If they hit successfully, Bandana Dee and his clones group together to continually hit the victim, before the clones disappear. Bandana Dee leaves a bomb on his foe, which explodes as he walks off.
Alm is a sword wielder, but in this world just an average Joe who just works as a mercenary for money. He wields a basic steel sword in battle, and his armor can help him take some hits. Other then that he's an all around fighter. Falchion - Alm raises his hand, the blade Falchion appearing in his hands. He becomes far more powerful with it at hand, having it for a total ten seconds, and being left to leave as much damage on his foes as he can.
Togami focuses on either using kicks, or throwing money to distract or harm opponents. Dollars can stun foes, while coins can do some pushing back damage. Though he prefers not to be touched, and can get rather mad easily against opponents. Especially if they try taking his money. Genocide: Togami throws a dollar, and if it lands it begins the attack. Toko Fukawa stands behind Togami, fangirling over him, before sneezing and becoming Genocider Syo. She rushes past Togami, pulling out her signature scissors, releasing a combo of several slashes with them on the victim, before going back to cheering on Byakuya as Toko.
Future Trunks (Sword)
*Future Trunks, a sword wielding warrior from the future. He's able to float for some times, but can't use his flight in battle..for the only reason being fairness and balance. He can use Ki Blasts as well, alongside special Ki Blasts of his own. He can charge up, and if reaches enough charge can go Super Saiyan for some time, increasing all of his stats a good amount. He's unlocked by playing 100 matches. Shining Sword Attack: Trunks blasts forward a Ki Blast. If it hits anyone, the foe is stunned, Trunks flying over and kicking them into the air. He rushes up, taking slash after slash, before firing forward a yellow beam to blast them away.
*Jesse McCree of Overwatch. He's an outlaw gunslinger, who focuses on ranged attacks with his revolvers. He has a great rolling ability compared to the other fighters, and has flashbang grenades on hand as well. He's unlocked by doing a total of 10,000 damage in anything through the game. High Noon: McCree prepares his revolvers, red targets appearing on all his opponents. With a single press of attack button, he fires them out, being very difficult to dodge, and high damaging.
*Silvally, a Pokemon made to destroy the Ultra Beasts. He fights using various types, mainly revolving around fire, water, and grass. He has the Multi Attack as well, which is his signature move, a blast of one of the three types. His trainer, Gladion, follows around in the background if there's space in the back. He's unlocked by calling in an assist 50 times. Double Edge: Silvally charges up red, green, and blue auras around him. He rushes forward, smashing ahead with all the strength he has in him, doing massive damage to anyone hit. Using the attack damages Silvally some, from recoil.
Knuckles Lost World
*Knuckles the Echidna, friend of Sonic the Hedgehog. He's a melee fighter, who lacks in speed and durability, but makes up for it with his great power in his fists. Though he's not very useful against a speedy opponent he couldn't hit, without getting some luck in. He's unlocked by landing 500 hits in total. Hyper Knuckles: The seven Super Chaos Emeralds appear in the background, glowing, Knuckles floating up and becoming pink, with a powerful aura surrounding him. He moves much faster, and can't be damaged, for the time he has. His strength is tripled in this form.
*Koichi Hirose. He fights using his Stand, Echoes Act 3, with various sound based attacks. He can leave sounds to cause an effect such as an explosion or slam, to bait enemies into a hidden trap. He can use Act 3 Freeze to trap enemies in the ground for some time as well. He's meant to be focused on the player's strategy. He can alternate Act 3 to Act 1 and 2 of Echoes as well. He's unlocked by beating classic mode for the first time. Reverb: Koichi and Act 3 Echoes rush forward, smashing into an opponent. If it hits, Echoes changes to Act 2, leaving an explosion sound stamp on his foe, sending them flying with an explosion. He changes his Stand to Act 1, which flies upwards, smashing down the opponent, before changing back to Act 3.
*Inklings. They have the most variety of alternate costumes, being able to be different colors and male or female. They fight with guns and rollers, being able to cover the area in temporary ink, and switch into their Squid form to swim through it and release surprise attacks. They are unlocked by collecting 20 plushies. Inkstrike: A missile comes flying down, exploding, releasing a tornado of the color of the Inkling. It spins around chaotically, damaging and throwing anyone who's caught in the tornado. The smaller the stage the better chance it has.
*Proto Man, the brother of Mega Man and DLN-000. He uses weapons from Mega Man 10, and at his side he gets assistance from Tango the Cat, rather than Rush. Tango's able to spin in a ball to hit foes, acting as an assist character in some attacks. Proto Man can charge up shots as well, to fire for a stronger blast. He uses his shield as well, for blocking or attacks. He's unlocked by playing on Bomb Man's stage 10 times. P.R.O.T.O.T.Y.P.E.: Proto Man rushes forward, bashing his shield into anyone in his way. Anyone hit when he stops is thrown into the air, Tango flying up in it's ball form to slash through them twice, before landing. Proto Man switches weapons to the Solar Blaze, blasting up a large flame to hit his foes, before they fall back down.
*The Sandbag enters the battle. He attacks with being able to summon capsules, which contain a random item in them. He also has a home run bat from his own series, Smash, at hand to use for some attacks. Other then that, he bashes into the foe for attacks. Though he has difficult control, but thanks to his home run bat he gets some extra strength to make up for it. He is unlocked by beating Classic Mode on Insane. Batter Up: Sandbag pulls out his home run bat, and releases a Smash Ball logo around him. It goes a bit of a distance like a force field, and anyone caught in it will suddenly be teleported to the ground and stunned.. Sandbag is able to use his bat's full power now, releasing strikes that will send the stunned enemies flying off when they return back to normal.
*Phoenix Wright objects to Another Hecking Umbrella Game. He fights by pointing, creating speech bubbles of Objections, Hold Its, and others to yell, and finding the guiltyness hidden inside his opponents. His opponents have a guilt meter, which by attacking with evidence, can be raised. If this guilt meter goes all the way up, Phoenix Wright gets a high boost in power for a short time. He's unlocked by playing online mode for the first time. Final Objections: Phoenix Wright points forward, and anyone touched by the point is brought into the attack. Phoenix Wright presents evidence, quickly blasting away his opponents, before yelling "OBJECTION!", as Pursuit - Cornered plays. The enemies are blasted away, before being smashed by The Judge's hammer, a "Not Guilty" verdict being given.
*Deadpool. No introduction really needed. He makes jokes throughout the fight of the other fighters' skills, fights with his katanas and pistols, a jumpy fighter who has great durability and is a tank, and constantly breaks the fourth wall. He has some other weapons on hand, including machine guns, grenades, and his teleportation ability to teleport short distances. He's unlocked by pausing a fight, and doing the Konami Code while it's paused. Umbrellapool: Deadpool shoots forward with his machine gun for a few seconds, and anyone hit by the shots are trapped in the attack. Deadpool leaps down to the trapped foes' health bars, messing with them and accidentally lowering them by 50 points. He teleports away, soon appearing riding a car with Guy Fieri, before running over his opponents to deal a bit more damage, ending the attack. The car will be a random color, but on rare occasions will appear as the Batmobile.


Character CharacterDescription/Moves  FieriFinisher
Character 01raiden
Raiden is a cyborg ninja hailing on Planet Drakeon. He's an insanely fast fighter, making the world around him seem as time has slowed down in battle, which he can use in some attacks to his advantage. However, he only carries his blade into the war he's fighting now. It Has To Be This Way - Raiden rushes forward, attempting to slash his foe. If he hits, he releases a powerful combo of slashes, cutting them apart, before dashing forward to release a high damaging finishing cut.
Ryuji Sakamoto, member of the Phantom Thieves. He fights using his Persona, Captain Kidd, alongside using guns for some strong ranged attacks. Some of his attacks are luck based, giving him a 50-50 chance to either damage himself, or do some big damage on an enemy, making him a risky fighter. All Out Attack: Ryuji throws a punch, and if it lands and makes a hit, Ryuji summons his Persona, before rushing around his opponent releasing several hits, the screen going red and black. He ends with one finishing dash downwards, the screen turning back to normal, Ryuji posing as his opponent takes damage.
The fifth in the line of Saizos, and retainer to Lord Ryoma. Saizo is a quick fighter, with a mix of projectiles and up close combat due to his shurikens. He can use his ability, Poison Strike, to leave some lasting damage onto foes. When in a pinch, his ability Pyrotechnics kicks in, damaging both him and his foes if used with a strong attack. Master Ninja: Saizo holds up a Master Seal, transforming into a Master Ninja for 20 seconds. This form increases all his stats, and gives him Flame Shurikens rather than his original ones.
Shovel Knight. He uses his shovel in battle, alongside various relics of his. He can bounce on foes with downward attacks as well, his greatest strength being in his shovel's melee combat. He has the Flare Wand, Dust Knuckle, Throwing Anchor, Mobile Gear, and War Horn as his relics. His alternate costumes resemble his other armors. For Shovelry: Shovel Knight slashes forward, and if he hits the enemy he releases a combo of slashes, before charging up a slash and hitting forward with a powerful strike, before stabbing his shovel into the ground.
*Kid Cobra. He's a ranged fighter with his arms, and has great jumping ability. He's an all around at speed, but when he charges up he gets a high speed boost. He can use trick shots in battle, and small Snakeboards to throw out to attack enemies. He is unlocked by playing 15 matches as anyone else from Drakeon. Trickshot: Kid Cobra pulls out a Snakeboard, riding forward on it for a few seconds. Anyone hit will be knocked up into the air. Kid Cobra leaps up, taking several quick punches into his trapped foes, before smashing down to knock them away.
Toad Artwork - Super Mario Crystalline World
*Toad, of the Mushroom Kingdom. While he would be expected to be a weak fighter, he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Propeller Mushrooms, Bullet Bill launchers, small pipes with Piranha Plants, and Fire Flowers are in his arsenal. He's unlocked by playing a total of 50 games as any Nintendo characters. The Best: Toad pulls out a Mega Mushroom, eating it to become giant. He becomes much stronger and durable, but much slower. He plays like Giga Bowser in Smash Bros in this form.
Waluigi 2
*Waluigi. He's a fighter who uses tennis rackets and Bob-ombs for many of his attacks, alongside being a kick based fighter. Due to his fighting style, he has long range in several ways. Though he's not strong in upper body, and he's not close to being a tank in the slightest. He's unlocked by playing 64 matches. Too Bad, Waluigi Time: Waluigi leaps upwards, floating above the stage. King Bob-omb falls out of nowhere, Waluigi pulling out a giant tennis racket, smashing King Bob-omb down to cause a giant explosion on the stage.
Midoriya izuku by righteousaj-daf8ku2
*Izuku Midoriya. He's a fist fighter, with great power in charged attacks, but can suffer from plenty of recoil. His durability is all around, and speed is a bit below average, but he's still a good fighter nonetheless. His charged special attacks are his best moves, and some can release some good tiered projectiles. He's unlocked by killing at least one enemy in a Hell's Silhouettes match. 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash: Izuku charges up the One for All Cowl, before throwing a powerful massive punch that causes a large knock back of force to come from the hit. Being hit by the punch itself is near fatal, and could result in an instant K.O.
Shouto Todoroki Full Body First Hero Costume
*Shouto Todoroki. He attacks with icy and flaming moves, being able to alternate between the two. He can freeze enemies with strong enough attacks, or leave a strong burn effect on them. He can make walls of ice to temporarily trap foes, or to block some attacks if his shield's in a pinch. He is unlocked by playing as Izuku 35 times, or by playing 111 matches. Half Cold Half Hot: Shouto creates a tall pillar of ice, and anyone trapped in it will be instantly frozen. He leaps up, charging up a flame and smashing downwards with a punch to break it apart, badly damaging anyone caught in it.
*Bob. Cause who needs the Villager? He fights with a net, a slingshot, a shovel, and an axe, alongside having leaves on hand that can turn into lamps, bowling balls, plants, chairs, and other things he can somehow use in battle by throwing, dropping, or straight up bashing into his enemy with them. He's unlocked by winning a game of Soccer Mode, with the points turned up to 20 points or higher. New Leaf: Bob waves a leaf forward, before letting go of it. It floats up a bit, going above the stage, before turning into a large house and falling down. Anyone crushed by it takes great damage, and a high knock back.
*Gengar. A spooky Ghost/Poison type fighter, who can sneak around the battle field by becoming a shadow in the ground, or sneaking into other player's shadows to latch onto them and release point blank moves. He can use Shadow Ball for projectiles, and vanish and appear short distances, as if he was teleporting. He's unlocked by defeating Silhouette Mewtwo. Mega Gengar: A Mega Evolution symbol appears above Gengar, Gengar Mega Evolving. He appears behind the stage, able to blast giant Shadow Balls, and release powerful ghostly and poison attacks on his opponents for twelve seconds.
*Golurk. A large ground and ghost type, but shrunk down a bit to fit with the other fighters. He's a heavy hitter, but is also able to float around rather than walk. His recovery is a strong one, as he can boost up in flight, being able to smash his foes if used in an offensive way. He is unlocked by completing a 100 Silhouette battle in Silhouette Smash. Magnitude: A Pokemon text box appears on the bottom screen, saying "Golurk used Magnitude.". He smashes down, the text box switching and saying "MAGNITUDE 10!", a giant earthquake shaking the area and damaging anyone on the ground.
KRTDL Magolor
*Magolor. He's a floaty and small character, but speedy and able to release some strong blasts. He can make a shield around himself of blasts, which are destroyed upon touching anything, but can be useful for blocking attacks. He's unlocked by summoning an assist 100 times. CROWNED: Magolor puts on the crown of Landia, transforming into Magolor Soul for 12 seconds. He floats around for this time, being able to release devastatingly powerful attacks if used right.


Character CharacterDescription/Moves  FieriFinisher
Incineroar is the Heel Pokemon, and a powerful Fire/Dark Pokemon. He's a primarily melee fighter, but has a few ranged fire type moves. He can be deadly when he grapples an opponent right as well. He can heat himself up for a short time to damage foes near him. Malicious Moonsault Deluxe: Incineroar rushes forward, smashing his fist into his opponent, before the area around them suddenly becomes a flaming wrestling ring. He throws them down, before leaping onto the ropes, and jumping up into the air to come flying downwards, a fire going around him, smashing into his knocked down foe.
Takumi art
Takumi is the wielder of the Fujin Yumi, and a prince of Hoshido. He's a ranged fighter, having strong arrow using moves, while his melee attacks are rather weak. He has a chance to get a critical hit every now and then, which does much more damage than his usual attacks. Betrayal: A dark aura surrounds Takumi, as he charges up a large arrow. He fires it forward, the arrow able to do fatal damage to anyone it hits, at a high speed.
250px-Chrom (FE13 Artwork)
*Chrom is the current king of Ylisse. He wields the Falchion, and is a powerful melee fighter, who focuses more on raw power than speed. He can take some hits as well. His sword is at it's strongest around the end of it. In various cases, he can also bring spears into battle, which are more ranged than the blade. To unlock him, win ten matches as any Fire Emblem character. Together We Strike: Chrom rushes forward to take a slash at his foe. If it hits, Lucina comes in (If Chrom uses an alternate costume, Lucina wears her mask disguising as "Marth). The two land a combo of slashes, knocking their foe into the air, before leaping up and slashing to match the pose on the Fire Emblem Awakening Box Art, Lucina running off after landing.
Nanomachines sons
*Senator Armstrong, making the mother of all omelettes in Another Hecking Umbrella Game. He fights with great strength in attacks, and high durability being a tank. But he's slow, and lacks technique in attacks. Ranged opponents and speedy opponents can be a great challenge for him. He's unlocked by defeating three Special Silhouettes. Collective Consciousness: Senator Armstrong punches forward, and if he hits an opponent the attack begins. He hits them in the gut, knocking them back, before picking them up and throwing them into the air. They begin to fall down, Armstrong running forward calling out "Don't fuck with this Senator!", before kicking them away.
Kirumi Tojo Illustration
*Kirumi Tojo, the SHSL Maid. She attacks with a broom, but also elegant movements of punches and kicks. She can use plates in battle, but despite breaking them, moves quick enough to keep the battlefield clean. She's a technique based fighter, and can be rather tricky to use to new players. She's unlocked by defeating Silhouette Junko. Sweeping the Floor: Kirumi sweeps forward with her broom. Anyone caught in the sweep will be forced into the attack, Kirumi Tojo stepping on her opponents as she walks by them. A black car drives by, running over the opponents, and nearly hitting Kirumi who moves out of the way.
*Beam Mage Kirby. This green Kirby uses their beam based abilities from their wand in battle, being a good ranged fighter with some okay attacks. They can charge up blasts, and the longer the charge the stronger the blast is, but it can be at a cost of getting hit. They're unlocked by defeating Silhouette Ice Dragon. Stop The Clock: Beam Mage Kirby holds up their wand, turning everything around them into an odd blue, with various clocks going around. All their enemies are frozen for the next twelve seconds, leaving Beam Mage free to do whatever.
King Hippo clipped rev 1
*King Hippo. He's a tank based fighter, but also the slowest character in the game. His punches are strong, and his durability is stronger, but a good strike can leave him vulnerable for a bit. However, he can make up for this with some special moves that can be high damaging. He can grapple his opponent with a Hippo Hug, and smash them, or can throw vicious punches when angry. He's unlocked by winning a game of soccer mode, with the score limit set to 40 or above. Angry Hippo: King Hippo leaves himself open for an attack for ten seconds. If anyone touches him, they'll be thrown into the attack. They're shown hitting King Hippo in the stomach, which angers him, and knocks off his crown. He throws several vicious punches, before picking back up his crown, putting it on, and smashing his fist into his foe once more.
*Metal Sonic. One of the main bosses of Classic Mode joins the battle. He's a speedy fighter, with above average strength. But his technique and durability are lacking due to both of those categories' skills. He can use spin dashes, blast missiles and beams, and use homing attacks, and moves to attempt repicating Sonic's own. He's unlocked by beating Classic Mode without taking a single hit. Metal Overlord: Metal Sonic transforms into Metal Overlord, floating above the stage at an angle. The player can blast large beams, explosive blasts, or slash down at his foes, and move around some.
*Josuke Higashikata. He enters the battle with his Stand, Crazy Diamond. He can release combos on foes, but then use the powers of Crazy Diamond to drag them in after being hit like a magnetic force, due to it's healing and bringing back together ability. He's unlocked by winning 20 matches as Koichi Hirose, or by healing yourself in some way in battle 150 times. Crazy Noisy Bizarre Finisher: Josuke punches forward with Crazy Diamond. Anyone hit will be trapped into the finisher, a large rock appearing behind them. Josuke and Crazy Diamond will release a rapid combo of punches, breaking the rocks and damaging their foes, before the healing process traps the enemies into the rock, now repaired. The rock breaks after the move ends, releasing knockback onto the enemy.
Godot majestically holding a cup of coffee
*Godot. He holds a cup of coffee at hand at all times, and fights in a similar style to Phoenix Wright, using points, yells, and mental attacks. He can also throw his coffee to be poured onto his opponents, burning them. He is unlocked by winning Classic Mode as Phoenix Wright. The Fragrance of Dark Coffee: Godot points forward, releasing an Objection bubble. Anyone hit by the speech bubble will be trapped in the attack. The theme the attack is named after plays, Godot walking past his opponents, presenting evidence before throwing his cup of coffee at them, pointing forward to blast them away with a powerful yell. He picks up a new cup of coffee afterwards.
*Dark Pit. He's an all around fighter, but has a bit of a boost in technique over durability. He can use the Dark Pit Staff, palms, orbitars, and clubs, which all have different ways of damage. Orbitars hit more, but do less damage and knockback. Clubs are harder to hit with, but do more damage and knockback. Palms are all around, doing average damage and average knockback. And his staff is his main go to weapon, which can be ranged. He is unlocked by starting adventure mode. Dark Wings: Dark Pit flies into the air, taking aim with his staff. He's able to use his flight, flying around and blasting at enemies with his staff at it's fullest power. When the move ends, he spreads his wings to release damage to anyone close to him at the time.
*Phosphora. She's one of the fastest characters in the game, moving at lightning fast speeds. Her other categories lack a bit due to her speed, but she's still a stable fighter. She uses lightning based attacks, being able to cause small strikes of thunder as well. She can paralyze foes with some attacks, temporarily. She's unlocked either by defeating Hades in adventure mode, or by beating 50 Silhouettes in Silhouette Smash in under one minute. Flash of Light: Phosphora rushes forward in a lightning fast dash. Anyone hit in the dash will be thrown into the air. Phosphora leaps upwards, going around her foes in circles, releasing hit after hit in a rapid combo, before smashing downwards with a kick.
*The Great Reaper. He's much smaller in this version, but still rather large. He's a partial tank, but still has the tricks of summoning reapers, attacking with his scythe, or stomping to trap his opponents in the ground. He can use Death Ray Shots, which can damage foes even from a distance. He is unlocked by completing Classic Mode as Phosphora. Reaper's Line of Sight: Great Reaper uses his Death Ray Shots, and whoever he hits will be stunned. Tons of Reapers come flying down, even attacking those who weren't hit, but have the chance to dodge since the stunned one is at a disadvantage.


Character CharacterDescription/Moves  FieriFinisher
NDRV3 Himiko Yumeno
Himiko Yumeno is the SHSL Magician, referring to herself as the SHSL Mage. She works on magic shows for money in the poor deadly planet she lives on, but hardly makes much of a living. She uses her magic in battle, being able to teleport to trick opponents into thinking she's a speedy fighter. She has a bird and cat that can assist her with some attacks to. Prepare to be Amazed: Himiko turns the stage into a magic show stage, shoving her opponent into a casket before closing it. She puts the casket on a table, getting out a saw, and cutting it up. She uses her magic wand, then setting the cut up coffin on fire.
Kokichi Ouma is the SHSL Supreme Ruler. He carries around a bottle of Grape Fanta, being able to pour it onto his foes to make moving a difficult task for them. He fights with tricky moves, but isn't very strong or durable, so he has to focus on not getting hit. Heil to Hell: Ouma throws his cape, and anyone it hits is thrown into the attack. A tank from D.I.C.E. drives in, quickly firing several explosives into the trapped opponents, while Ouma stands on top of it laughing, before taking a drink of Fanta.
Peacock is Ready Steady
Peacock, an anti-Skullgirl weapon with a love for classic cartoons. While just thirteen years old, she's a skilled fighter and deadly weapon, having tons of weapons in her arsenal, which she can get straight out of Lab 8 in battle. She brings her gang into battle as well, who can be used in certain attacks. Good Fellas - Peacock runs forward with a bag, attempting to grapple her foe with it. If she successfully hits them, she calls in her gang, and they all start stepping on and beating on the victim of the attack. Peacock walks off as they begin to calm down, throwing a cigar behind her, which hits the victim and blows up.

*Specter Knight is one of the Enchantress' Order of No Quarter knights. He uses his scythe, and is able to move at fast ghostly speeds. Rather than focusing on health, he has will due to his immortality. The more he's hit, the less will he has to continue the fight, until defeat. He's unlocked by losing five matches.

Specter of Torment: Specter Knight holds up one hand, lightning coming down and turning the screen dark. Anyone hit by the lightning will be damaged and stunned, Specter Knight flying at them to release some powerful slash attacks.
King Boo Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
*King Boo. He's another ghost in the game, but with a bigger body mass and higher strength than the others. He can summon small Boos to attack, or release purple lightning blasts or other blasts of the color to fight on his own behalf. He's unlocked by winning a fight on Pokemon Tower, as either Gengar or Golurk. Dark Moon: The Dark Moon appears in the sky, multiple blasts of purple thunder being released from it. Anyone hit by the thunder is badly damaged, and thrown back a large distance.


Character CharacterDescription/Moves  FieriFinisher
Nanu is a police officer, in his world on Alola. He was fired from his job in this universe, living homelessly with his Alolan form Persian, who fights for him. He stands in the background of every fight, depressingly cheering on his Pokemon, who fights for him with dark type moves. Persian fights in a fast and sneaky based way, focusing more on those two stats rather than power itself.  Black Hole Eclipse: Perisan fires forward a dark beam, which opens a large black hole. It attempts to suck in anyone around it, and if it does so, the ones sucked in are hit by a combo of Critical Night Slashes by Alolan Persian.
*The SHSL Astronaut, Kaito Momota. He's a floaty character, great at jumping, and he can take some hits. Though while his strength is average, he lacks in speed. He can cast off small rocket ships, which explode when coming into contact with anything, or attacking with graceful aerial attacks. He's one of the better air fighters in the game. To unlock him, play 20 matches as Kokichi Ouma. Fly Me To The Moon: Kaito waves his cape, and if it comes into contact with a foe then the attack will begin. Maki Harukawa runs from across the stage, both Kaito and Maki dashing through the opponent to deal some damage. A rocket ship appears behind the foe, opening up and closing to trap them inside, before flying off into the moon, blowing up.


Adventure Mode Bosses

The Silhouettes are an army of creatures created by Guy Fieri, which resemble the fighters he's put to war, except that they're a inverted black and white. They appear throughout parts of the adventure mode, despite being listed first. Some are insanely strong, some being around the strength of an average enemy. Though Fieri has a huge army up in his world, which is meant to be feared by all below him. Special editions of Silhouettes are boss fights as well, the list able to be seen below.
AATrilogy Miles Edgeworth
Miles Edgeworth, a Prosecutor from Ace Attorney. He was given power from Guy Fieri, allowing him to summon a large red aura covered giant version of himself, who stays behind him and does the fighting for him, protecting him. He's his own weak point in battle, but he's not easy to hit when under defense by his own creature.
Why do you exist btw
Dang, this boss is such a waste of a slot--oh, right, that's it's purpose. Pink Gold Peach rides in her pink speedy car, in a high speed chase of a boss fight. The player rides atop the Falcon Flyer, as Pink Gold Peach rides at the side to battle against you. She uses items from Mario Kart, including banana peels, shells, Bob-ombs, Bloopers, mushrooms, and in desperate cases a star.
Hades Smash Bros
Hades, ruler of the Underworld. He appears human sized for the first part of the battle, attacking with blasts, and summoning creatures from the Underworld. However, a bit later he turns to his true form, appearing giant. Platforms appear, helping the player reach Hades, as they try to hit his chest to do enough damage to take him out.
Guy Fieri's strongest servant. He fights with knives and yells throughout the fight at you for being a bad fighter, which makes you a bad chef by default. He's in a search for the lamb sauce, and when fused with it enters a state of high power, which isn't to be reckoned with. He's the last thing standing between the heroes and Guy Fieri.
Gosh himself
The main man himself. He's the final boss of the game, the entire adventure mode leading to the planets forced to do war now standing up against him. In his first phase, he fights in his regular form. He can use telekinesis to throw cars of his at the enemy, blast various hard to dodge patterns of blasts, release strikes of lightning, and create swords out of food. But when enough damage is done, he slips into something more.. powerful.
What is this why am i like this what am i doing with my li
Guy Fieri's strongest form, Final Flavor Town. He fuses with the destroyed Silhouettes, becoming this giant.. what even is this? I don't know how to describe it in the slightest. It's insanely powerful, being the strongest thing in the game. It can release explosive waves of destruction, giant Kamehamehas and eye laser beams, and can throw suns from other universes for attacks. It's the final fight of the adventure mode in this battle.

Special Silhouettes

Special Silhouettes are variations of Silhouettes that appear as side bosses. They can be defeated for completion, and unlocking new plushies, alongside being able to face a new boss fight. Their defeat can also reward you with extra things.

Silhouette Peach. She's much more deadly than her counterpart, having six spider like legs that break out of her back to attack. She can release venom as well, and webs to wrap up opponents. If not careful, she can bite a webbed opponent in two to KO them instantly. Defeating her gives you Silhouette based alternate costumes for all the Mario characters in the game, some money, and a Silhouette Peach Plush.
Silhouette Ryoma. He wields a black and white version of the Raijinto, which is able to blast uncolored lightning. He's a quick but deadly fighter, being able to trap his foe in deadly combos. When things get serious, he can break apart his body to release his Silhouette Soul, a large demonic lobster based creature with incredible power, and quick claw based attacks. Defeating him unlocks Silhouette alternate costumes for all playable Fire Emblem characters, some money, and a Silhouette Ryoma Plush.
Its not shadow mewtwo i swear
Silhouette Mewtwo. He's a powerful Psychic type, able to attack with mind games, throwing things with telekinesis, and taking control of the battle field with his power. He can Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo Y, becoming far more powerful, durable, and faster, once his health goes down to the half way point. If defeated, you unlock Silhouette alternate costumes for all playable Pokemon characters, some money, a Silhouette Mewtwo Plush, and Gengar as a playable character.
Silhouette Junko. She commands several Monokuma enemies, but a large Silhouette Monokuma with giant claws and a heavy powerful body is at her side, which fights for her. When defeated, Silhouette Junko's forced to take action. She pulls out a Silhouette version of the Megaphone Hacking Gun, and attacks with it. But she doesn't last long like her Monokumas, and can eventually be defeated. When defeated, the player receives alternate costumes of Silhouettes for all playable Danganronpa characters, some money, and a Silhouette Junko Plush, and Kirumi Tojo as a playable character.
Silhouette Ice Dragon. Such a friendly seeming and cute mini boss, but now corrupted by Guy Fieri into one of the Special Silhouettes. They attack with some simple ice blasts and bashes at first, but once taken more damage, turn into a giant deadly dragon looking form, which attacks with much deadlier claw attacks, ice blasts, ice breath, and attempts to freeze the player. When defeated, the player receives alternate costumes of Silhouettes for all playable Kirby characters, some money, and a Silhouette Ice Dragon Plush, and Beam Mage Kirby as a playable character.
Silhouette Mole Knight. They're much larger than the real Mole Knight, but attack in the same ways of digging through the area to attempt surprise attacks. They can release large pillars of flames, and call in small moles to attack. But when they get serious, they get much larger, and cover themselves in fire as they try to rush and dig around, releasing flames everywhere they dig. When defeated, the player receives alternate costumes of Silhouettes for all playable Shovel Knight characters, some money, and a Silhouette Mole Knight Plush.
Silhouette Shadow. The last of the Special Silhouettes. He appears with all seven Chaos Emeralds, which are releasing powerful energy blasts, and freezing time in some areas. Eventually, he fuses with the Emeralds, becoming Silhouette Super Shadow, and completely distorting the area into a Silhouette filled land. He becomes the strongest of the Special Silhouettes with his high powered blasting attacks, and is only able to be fought when all other Special Silhouettes are defeated. When beat, the player receives alternate costumes of Silhouettes for not only playable Sonic characters, but for every playable character in the game that didn't get an alternate costume from the previous fights. They also get money far higher than the previous gifts, and plushes of Silhouette Shadow, and Silhouette Super Shadow.

Adventure Mode Enemies

Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Goombas. Basic enemies, they're apparently fine to appear in every existing thing, and they're here now. They run forward at foes to try and bash into them, and sometimes jump to try and get a hit in. Some appear with wings, and some wearing spiked hats. Some are huge, and some are a combination of all three.
Wiggler Walking
Wigglers. They walk around minding their own business, until damaged enough. Then they turn red, running around and charging at their opponent, attempting to kill them with their new found high damage.
Waddle Doo. All the Waddle Dees refused to fight for Bandana Dee's sake. But the Waddle Doos stayed with Guy Fieri, causing a feud between them, so they attack anyone they think is an ally to Bandana Dee. They attack with a beam that comes out of their eye, which can be a melee attack, or a large one fired out.
Faceless. They're mindless, brutal creatures, who take quite a few hits to get down for good. But in the time you're trying to take them out, they can lay some powerful hits of their own. They can hardly be knocked back from hitting them.
FE13 Risen Revenant Portrait
Risen. They appear as the Revenant class in this game, attacking with their sharp claws and trying to brutalize their enemies with brutal stabbing attacks. They try to knock their foes on the ground to get stabs in as well, so a good roll can foil their plans.
Monoeyes. They fly around, and fire plasma blasts at their foes. If all else fails, they try to rush into the player for a head on attack, but that usually doesn't end so well for them.
Monokuma. Not the one we know and.. well, can't say love. The ones from Ultra Despair Girls, that are speedy and attack with their vicious claws, trying to claw their opponents to death. Though a few good hits should take them out.



A cabbage infused with the power of Guy Fieri. It floats around the stage in rare cases, and when broken it releases it's godly power into the one who destroyed it. This allows them to use their Fieri Finisher. ..And no denying it, it's just a bootleg Smash Ball.
While it could be an indestructible weapon of mass destruction, it's instead used as a normal phone. It can call in a random assist character to help out the one who grabbed it first.
Various foods can randomly appear, from pretzels to Coke Zero. They can heal your character some if you snag them before anyone else.. though, Guy Fieri's choices are definitely unhealthy.
Ice Flower
Ice flowers can be used to spray a frosty blast onto foes. If it hits enough, it can not only damage them but freeze them in a block of ice for some time. This can leave them vulnerable for a bit.
A rocket launcher. It's a bit heavy, but it can fire three powerful rockets at separate times, which can be high damaging to foes in their explosions. It's automatically thrown off when all three are shot.
A simple Bob-omb, which can either walk around and eventually explode, or be thrown. It's high damaging, and if thrown wrong can end up damaging the user, or both the user and their enemies.
MK8 Deluxe Art - Boo
Boos, ghostly circle shaped creatures that can be thrown, and grab an enemy. When grabbed, they try to fly off with your foe, attempting to drag them off the stage to their doom. It takes a struggle to break off the Boo, but can be done.
Fates Shuriken Model Render
A shuriken, which is able to be thrown at a high speed to cut into a foe. They come in groups of one, two, or three, which are all thrown separately. According to Guy Fieri, they're imported from Hoshido.
Classic Sonic - Aqua Shield
The Aqua Shield from Sonic. It grants you an extra jump, alongside making you much more floaty. The next three hits you take are absorbed by the shield, making them do nothing until the shield is broke.
Picking up King Dedede's Hammer allows you to be granted much stronger simple attacks. You can release a devastated charged hit with this hammer. It lasts for about twenty hits, until it breaks apart and the user is forced to drop it.
The Metal Box. When grabbed, it turns the player to metal. They're stronger, but much heavier. Luring a metal character far enough off the stage can prove fatal, but if they stand their ground they can be a tough challenge.
Danganronpa Another Episode Megaphone Hacking Gun 01
The Megaphone Hacking Gun. When picked up, it can blast Truth Bullets from random types. Break, Burn, Knockback, Dance, and Paralyze are the usable shots in it. It can shoot ten times, before having to be dropped.


Teruteru Hanamura, the SHSL Cook. He stands in one area when summoned, throwing out foods to help heal you. Though you need to be quick, or other players can grab the food and heal themselves.
Leo Fates
Leo, the Nohrian Prince. He rides atop his horse, using dark spells to cast off blasts, alongside using some lightning spells, while his horse runs around. He goes in the back, only able to damage with his blasts rather than physical attacks.
Masked Dedede. It's just King Dedede, but with much stronger equipment. He goes away if he takes enough strong hits, but in the time he's there he spins around and smashes with some powerful strikes from his hammer.
You were expecting a new assist, but it was I, DI--forget the jokes. Dio Brando, who uses his Stand, The World, to freeze all time on the stage except for the user of the assist. This lasts for 5 seconds, allowing the user to attack their frozen foes.
Helix. When summoned, a large science tube that held him appears, only to be broken apart. Helix walks across the stage slowly, taking long ranged hits at his foes, while sometimes throwing short ranged rapid punches.
Magikarp. When summoned, he doesn't come alone. The trainer from Magikarp Jump appears in the background with Rowlet, cheering him on. Magikarp gets a boost, leaping into the air, before eventually coming back down and smashing, leaving high damage to anyone smashed under him.
Ochako Costume Full Body
Ochako Uraraka. When summoned, she runs up to one of her summoner's enemies, and grabs them, quickly letting go. If done successfully, they'll float up, and have to struggle against the loss of gravity. If they fail, they float off and get KOed due to going far off screen.
Mimikyu our majestic supreme god
Mimikyu. He attacks by darkening the screen with a ghostly aura, before eventually turning it pitch black for 8 seconds. The players are left to wander, or stand still, and try to survive the darkness until Mimikyu turns it back, before vanishing.
The Monokuma Kubs. They appear in the background, all sitting on a couch, before posing. Strings appear around them, which they pull, causing items that relate to the talents of the V3 Students to fall down. Tennis balls, rockets, baby dolls, paint brushes, pianos, swarms of bugs, microwaves, bottles of grape Fanta, and other items fall down, damaging any of the summoner's opponents hit by it.
Forces of Nature - Cragalanche
Cragalanche. He attacks by running around, releasing strong punches, or attempting to jump up and crush his opponents with his heavy weight. He stays on the stage for 12 seconds, before disappearing.


640px-SSB4 WiiU FinalDestination
Final Destination. Guy Fieri was apparently too lazy to grab his own main stage, so he just took one from Smash. It's between the sun and the earth, and a platform with no hazards or distractions in the middle of space, where no one can hear you get back thrown.
The World Tournament Stage. It's a basic battle stage, with no distractions, random side enemies attacking, or any of that. This stage is a test of pure skill and battle, but if a player is knocked into the grass they're automatically KOed via ring out.
Bomb Man's stage. It's a stage with some steps and jumps, alongside some Sniper Joes attacking every now and then. Also at some points in a fight, Bomb Man himself will come in as a stage boss, attacking like he does in Mega Man 1. All the enemies appear in their 8-bit style.
The Battle Royal Dome of Alola. Various Alola Pokemon come onto the stage to attack, including Alolan Exeggutor, Popplio, Alolan Meowth, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Raichu, and Lycanroc. On rare occasions, one of the UBs will attack. It will either be Nihilego, Xurkitree, or Celesteela.
The Class Trial of Danganronpa. You battle on top of the stands, which are put to a large scale to make your characters small in comparison. Various white, blue, or orange words will fly down every now and then. Monokuma is sitting in the background, and every now and then he'll activate an execution. This either has a helicopter fire explosives down at you, a rocket ship come flying down to explode, a bulldozer smashing down in one place rapidly, or a fire coming over the stand.
The Wind Tribe Village. Various soldiers of the Wind Tribe wielding katanas, clubs, or naginatas will try to attack, alongside strong winds blowing in various areas to try pushing a character off the stage. Chief Fuga and Hayato appear in the background, watching the battle. It's a rather large stage, including some bridges, building tops, and a couple falls.
Mt. Dedede's arena. It's a basic arena, at first. But later on, Waddle Dees begin to come in, soon followed by the stage boss. A large robotic form of King Dedede, who wields a hammer just like Masked Dedede's.
*Snake Park from ARMS. It's a stage with two hills to go atop of, alongside various Snakeboards to ride on, which increase your speed majorly. A bit later into battle, four floating platforms come down, and twice as many Snakeboards show up to ride atop. It is unlocked at the same time Kid Cobra is unlocked.
The Rocket League Stadium. This is the stage used in Soccer Mode, but can also be used for battles, which include the soccer ball itself. Hazards appear on the stage, including random adventure mode enemies, small tanks coming in the background and firing at the players, or spikes popping up. The same hazards are optional in soccer mode as well.
KTD Bubbly Clouds
Bubbly Clouds. The stage takes place high in the sky, with a few floating platforms, and a yellow floor in the clouds. It's a simple stage, until Kracko comes in as the stage boss to spice things up, releasing blasts of lightning and trying to shock his foes with his attacks.
Butter Building. It doesn't get any butter than this, does it? Ha.. get it?.. Anyways, the fight takes place around the center of the building. There's a few platforms, but the main floor is a spinning wheel in the building on it's side. The wheel sometimes spins right, but also sometimes spends left to change things up in the fight.
*Metal Cavern. This stage appears first in Classic Mode, when battling against Metal Sonic. It's a stage from Smash 64, and can be unlocked by beating Classic Mode on Hard or Insane mode.
640px-SSBB Big Blue Stage
*Big Blue. It's a speedy stage, revolving around staying on the Falcon Flyer, alongside the several speeding cars below. It's a tricky stage as well, as if a bad jumper falls onto the road they can easily be dragged off and KOed.
*The Explodatorium. It's the stage of Plague Knight in Shovel Knight, and is an explosive stage. There's falling potions, barrels that shoot up, spikes, and enemies under rule of The Enchantress. It's a scrolling stage, that that drags on some. In a long battle, at the end of the scrolling, Plague Knight comes down as a stage boss. He fights as he does in Shovel Knight itself. After his defeat, he explodes, being able to damage your enemies, and the stage goes backwards in scrolling. It is unlocked by winning 20 games as Shovel Knight.
*Pokemon Tower. It's a ghostly tower, and not a friendly one. The fighters fight at the top floor, surrounded by several tombstones. Some visitors including Blue sometimes are in the background. Gastlys, Haunters, Mimikyus, Sableye, Dusclops, Cofagrigus, Spiritomb, and Litwick attack the fighters. The stage boss is Dusknoir, who attacks with powerful black holes and dark blasts. The stage is unlocked by completing the Event "Annoyance of Halloween".

Adventure Mode


Classic Mode

Take on a set of ten challenges as one character, as you quest on to win a special plush of your character. The ten challenges are randomized, except for the eight and the tenth being boss fights. The ninth stage is a battle against several Silhouettes.

The player has the option between easy, normal, hard, and insane. The difficulty heavily varies throughout the chosen difficulty.

Stage 1 A simple battle on a random stage against a random character, one on one.
Stage 2 A two on two battle, the player receiving a random ally, while going against two random enemies on a random stage.
Stage 3 A one on two randoms battle. If on hard mode or above, there's three random foes instead of two. It takes place on a random stage.
Stage 4 A battle against a random stage boss, just the boss as your opponent. This can be from any unlocked stage that has a stage boss, but the strength and health is much different in different modes.
Stage 5 A Soccer Mode match, with one random ally against two random opponents.
Stage 6 An explosive battle. You fight against Kokichi Ouma, on Bomb Man's stage. All explosive items are highly appearing, and high damaging. If you're playing as Ouma, Himiko will appear instead.
Stage 7 A battle in Dedede's Arena, against a group of 20 Bandana Dees. They appear filling up three slots, a new one appearing each time one falls, until all twenty are defeated. If the player is Bandana Dee, the group is replaced by 20 Knuckles the Echidnas.
Stage 8 A battle against Metal Sonic? ..No, not Sonic the Hedgehog with a metal box. A mini boss of the robotic Metal Sonic himself, on Metal Cavern itself. The boss descriptions are explained below.
Stage 9 The player is on the World Tournament Stage, fighting against a group of 20-40 (depending on which mode, the harder the higher) Silhouettes.
Stage 10 The final battle of Classic Mode. The player is on a completely ripped from Smash Final Destination. They're fighting against Anankos. In easy-normal, he stays in his mask form the entire fight. However, in hard or above, half way through the battle he transforms into the Silent Dragon.
Metal Sonic, the boss fight of Stage 8. He's fought on Metal Cavern, and attacks by flying around or using dashing spin dash attacks to smash into the ground. On hard and insane modes, he's even able to rip apart Metal Cavern itself with it's power. It can fire beams and missiles as well. He has from 150-320 HP.
Anankos. In easy and normal, he stays in this mask form the entire time. However, he advances to his next form hard and insane modes. In this form he attacks with bashing, summoning Silhouettes, and creating small dark explosions. In easy and normal, he has from 150-250 HP.-
In hard and insane mode, once half his health is gone, Anankos transforms into the Silent Dragon. He uses the three previous attacks he had in his last form, but now can fire out giant blue blasts, and create deadly attacks from using water alone. A good attack from him could be near fatal to even a player at full health. He has 350 HP in hard, and 420 in insane.


Plushes are a collectible item throughout the game. Winning classic mode gives a plush of the character used to win, while there's several plushies able to be found randomly on stages, bought, or earned through online battles or doing a certain amount of battles.

Other plushies include characters from the series of characters featured in the game, adventure mode bosses, or adventure mode enemies, alongside the other characters who appear around the game. When you find a new Silhouette, and defeat it, you unlock a plushie of that Silhouette. This includes both normal and special Silhouettes.

If everything in the game, aside from getting this one plush, is completed 100%, the player is rewarded with a Guy Fieri plush.

Plushes can be arranged and put into stages and poses for pictures as well.

Soccer Mode

In soccer mode, the player can participate in a one on three, two on two, or three on one battle revolving around entering a soccer stage, and trying to hit a large robotic soccer ball into the opponent's goal.

The settings can be changed to add enemies, stage hazards, and changing the points needed to win. They can be changed from 1-99. The soccer games take place in the Rocket League arena.

The ball cannot be grabbed, but only hit by attacking it. A dome goes over the stadium, stopping the ball from being hit to the very topp. The ball is large however. The two selectable teams in this one are red and blue, unlike the main game which has four teams.

The goals are the opposite colors of the teams, red needing to hit the ball into the blue goal, and vice versa. Items are turned off in this mode, as they wouldn't fit well with the soccer game.


Events are special challenges, that can be done to unlock stages, characters, and items, alongside earning bonus money. Some do not give rewards, but are just for completion and fun.

New Royalty Byakuya Togami's being bugged by a group of three Bandana Dees that think he's a king, and wish for him to be their leader. Show them they should prove themselves worthy of asking such a thing.
The Tournament Future Trunks enters the World Tournament, but soon find his opponents to be rather tough. He must take on three enemies in a one on one fight, one after another without any healing.
Standbag Josuke encounters a Sandbag, and it means business.. but.. it has it's own Stand? A Silhouette version of Crazy Diamond's fighting at the side of Sandbag. He needs to learn he can't compare to the real thing.
Annoyance of Halloween Some childish Toads are visiting Pokemon Tower, thinking it's a good idea. But Gengar has other plans, to protect his turf on Halloween night. Give these kids a good spook. Completing this event unlocks the Pokemon Tower stage.
The Cats in the Bag Phosphora's in a pinch, Incineroar and Bob running around in the Bubbly Clouds area. She has to use her speed to knock them both out, so she can stop the disruption in the sky.

Silhouette Smash

In this mode, the player fights against large groups of Silhouettes. The fights take place on the World Tournament Stage, for the most part.

10 Silhouettes A simple short battle against ten Silhouettes.
50 Silhouettes A harder battle, going against fifty Silhouettes.
100 Silhouettes A test of skill and endurance, going against one hundred Silhouettes.
Endless Mode A fight against an endless wave of Silhouettes. Fight 'til you drop. Items are turned off in this mode.
Clashing Silhouettes Fight against 50 Silhouettes, but going against an alternate costume of the character you're playing as, as well. Whoever takes out the most Silhouettes when all 50 are down is the victor.
Hell's Silhouettes Fight for your survival against the strongest Silhouettes that Guy Fieri's created.
Metal Mode If you've unlocked Metal Cavern, you also unlock this bonus mode. Rather than Silhouettes on the World Tournament Stage, you fight, one by one, against metal versions of random characters. This mode takes place on Metal Cavern.
Metal Mode Deluxe Fight against far more powerful randomized metal characters on Metal Cavern. Every now and then, Metal Sonic will appear as a mini boss.
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