Anna "Ani" Polar Female
17 years old Human
Anna Ani Polar character art (Final)
FULL NAME Anna "Ani" Polar
POWERS Mecahnic
BIRTHDAY July 6, 2021
OCCUPATION(S) Student at Antic Academy

Clerk at DragonBoy video store

  • Anna
  • Ani
  • Ani Polar

Dr. Heyto Hyundai (grandpa and adoptive father)

BIRTH LOCATION Azhara (Real world)
CURRENT LOCATION Azhara (Real world)

Video games, Anime series, Movies, Tennis, Drawing, Hacking, Music


Unfunny Jokes, Drama, Gossip


Anna “Ani” Polar (Nicknamed: Ani Polar) is the main character of the Tigzon series and childhood friend of Tai Z. Takara. A genius mechanic, who helps build most of the gadgets and other inventions.


Ani Polar is a slim teenage girl with fair skin, green eyes, and hair. Her standard attire is consists of a white beanie, short light blue hoodie with bunny-like design and white shirt, light-blue short jeans, and black-and-white shoes covered with a huge pair of white socks.


Anna “Ani” Polar has a shy, nerdy personality with her tomboyish and intelligent minds. She often finds herself very serious and kind with her friends. With her intelligence, she can fixes any broken pieces and other devices. She has a secret crush on Tai Z. Takara though she tends to hide away from him. She created a pet robot named Spinx when she was a child where her grandfather Dr. Heyto Hyundai, doesn’t have his money left to buy her a new pet animal.

She also a clerk at the DragonBoy video store, which is owned by her grandfather. Her favorite things to do are mostly video games, harem, slice-of-life anime series, romance movies, tennis, drawing digital art, hacking and listening to music (mostly with RnB, Electro, and Pop).


Ani Polar is the only character in the series to not have a Zonantix / Zon spirit. However, she can build some gadgets and other inventions as well as fixes them using her intelligent mind for Tai Z. Takara / Tigzon the TigerStar. She also can communicate with Tai/Tigzon using her telecommunication device and her smartphone sometimes.


Main Series


Ani first appeared as a tutorial guide to Tai Z. Takara / Tigzon the TigerStar, where explains about how the gameplay works.

Tigzon 2

Other appearances

Rhythm Puzzle Cubuki

Ani Polar appears as an unlockable playable character of Rhythm Puzzle Cubuki, also created by Sohnix.




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  • Two original names for the character were all unused such as Leaf Loola and Leaf Mechani
  • Anna "Ani" Polar is inspired by Mega Man Legends' Roll Caskett, Dragon Ball's Bulma, Leaf from Pokemon: FireRed and LeafGreen and Fullmetal Alchemist's Winry Rockbell.
  • Anna "Ani" Polar was originally going to have her own Zonantix (Zon-spirits) but was scrapped, due to creator TechnoTigzon (tbc) running out of ideas.

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