GENDER Attack helicopter
SPECIES Genie (Pokerverse)
AGE i73124o68137643o4676461 Chromosomes
BIRTHPLACE Somewhere in the 587th dimension
Winnie-the-Pooh and the Search for Christopher Robin's Pogo Stick
KGYTFJTYKFfutikkt7tgrudjK&^Rg4sdKF7l8gJDHI^kfG! (*insert crude comment here*)

Animod (real name 🁹🁸🂊) is Domina's twin sister of the Pokerverse, being separated upon creation. She is themed on dice as opposed to dominoes. Despite this, her real name is pronounced in domino symbols, because I was too lazy to find dice symbols. Deal with it.


Like any lazy recolor, Animod resembles Domina in shape; she is a humanoid creature with a spectral tail and two disembodied hands. However, her colors are inverted; everything Domina has as black, Animod has as white and vice-versa. However, she still has domino-themed jewelry and clothes, because I'm too lazy to do new sprite art. However, she is still just as cute, which is the most important part.


Animod's personality is much in line with Domina, being a genie who is determine to help others when needed, especially kids or animals. She does, however, have a strong hatred for anything related to Kongs, due to an unexplained incident with Funky Kong. She does express a jokester side to her however, using her abilities as a genie for her own personal gain, such as pulling pranks or altering the lottery, though it is more out of jest than direct malice.

Though she does know of Domina, Animod has never seen nor met her due to their separation between the Pyroverse and Pokerverse in their creation. She desperately wants to reunite with her sister, and is always determined to grow strong enough to break the boundary between the universes and be with Domina.


Like all genies, Animod has the ability to manipulate reality, though unlike Domina, she uses it to a much lesser extent. She uses it to manipulate the lottery, allowing her to always win. This often causes Lucky the Bob-omb of Rougeport to go berserk and explode, though considering her status as a genie, she is usually able to get the hell out of dodge.


  • This is my first joke article. Screw you.

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