Animela Papercraft Monsters (Animera Pēpākurafuto Monsutā アニメラペーパークラフトモンスター?) is the 2016 monster-taming RPG released on 3DS in May 30, 2016 and the first installment Samuel Monsters series. This game was not used Samuel Nakaoka the Second as a main character, instead the new female character named Animela; a girl who assisted with Bowser. This game set during PR: Cardfight Vanguard G and used after PR: Dream Bros.



This story will be 18 Story chapters and 8 Post-game chapters.

Prologue: Animela

In the 3 years before they came to the Future World, in the festival for looking for the new assistants, Bowser looking for a new assistant who failed to see a new assistant.

Chapter 1: The Story of the Papercraft Stars

After Animela defeat Stag Overlord's paper version and join the crew,

Chapter 2: Batman and the Papercraft Star

Chapter 3: The Lost Land of Desert

Chapter 4: Altantis' Sea

Chapter 5: Secret of the Papercraft

Chapter 6: The Papercraft Outbreak

Chapter 7: Cackletta's Strike Back

Chapter 8: The Shroob's Invasions


Main Characters


  • Toad
  • Kota Kazema
  • Sora Takenouchi
  • Peter Griffin
  • Billy
  • Mario
  • Luigi

The Seven Papercraft Champions

  • Timmy Turner: The Average Kid Junior Champion
  • Harleen Quinzel: The Girl from Alternate Timeline Champion
  • Ed: The Cul-de-Sac King Champion
  • Eureka: The Princess Coralian Champion
  • Saya Otonashi: Chiropteran Queen Champion




  • Shadow the Knight
  • Joker
  • K'nuckles and Paper K'nuckles



Image Name Level HP Story/Mini Bosses Location
Papercraft Stag Overlord 4 20 Prologue Boss Mushroom Castle
K'nuckles Paperoid 8 50 Chapter 1 Mini-Boss Greeny Fields
Bomb-Omberry 10 70 Chapter 1 Mini-Boss Airship Castle Bottomless Hole
Chimera Papercraft King: Rat of Doom
(Bronze Papercraft Star)
13 80 Chapter 1 Boss Airship Castle Skytop
Joker 16 100 Chapter 2 Mini-Boss Casino Park
"Berserk" Batman ??? ??? Chapter 2 Mini-Boss Gotham Cave
Nightmare Papercraft King: Dark Batman
(Dark Papercraft Star)
18 140 Chapter 2 Boss Gotham Tower
Paper-Armor K'nuckles 20 120 Chapter 3 Mini-Boss Greengrass Field
Charged Scorpioder 20 150 Chapter 3 Mini-Boss Scorp Desert
Pirate Papercraft King: Scorpio Gader 24 250 Chapter 3 Boss (First) Scorp Desert Oasis
Atlantis Shark ??? ??? Chapter 3 Unofficial Boss Scorp Desert
Imprisoned Sea
(Aqua Papercraft Star)
25 300 Chapter 3 Boss (Second) Altantis Prison
Shroob Elite 27 280 Chapter 4 Mini-Boss The Sea Mark
Atlantis Shark 27 550 Chapter 4 Boss The Sea Deep Mark
Coralian Papercraft King: Queen Anemone
(Grass Papercraft Star)
29 300 Chapter 5 Boss Seaworld Underground
Paper-Armor K'nuckles Axe 33 420 Chapter 6 Mini-Boss Tower of Fear
Dry Dragon 37 480 Chapter 6 Mini-Boss Tower of Fear
Four Ace Papercraft King: Antasma
(Spotted Papercraft Star)
39 510 Chapter 6 Boss Tower of Fear Under
Paper-Armor K'nuckles Saber 42 530 Chapter 7 Mini-Boss Cacklet Kingdom
Paper Fusion K'nuckles Cackletta 48 590 Chapter 7 Boss Cacklet Kingdom Top
Shroob Elite 50 620 Chapter 8 Mini-Boss Shroob Mothership
Poison Papercraft King: Princess Shroob 54 650 Chapter 8 Boss Shroob Mothership: Princess Shroob's Lair

Papercraft Champions

Image Name Papercraft-Mon HP Level Chapters Location
Timmy Turner Bucketnuckle and Lobcar 80 (Bucketnuckle) and 50 (Lobcar) 14 (Bucketnuckle) and 9 (Lobcar) Chapter 1 Toy Tournament
Harleen Quinzel Batanium, Dra-Fry and Fluffiger 150 (Batanium), 120 (Dra-Fly) and 100 (Fluffiger) 18 (Batanium), 14 (Dra-Fly) and 10 (Fluffiger) Chapter 2 Arkham Tournament
Ed Block-A-Junk 180 (Block-A-Junk) 25 (Block-A-Junk) Chapter 3 Cul-de Tournament
Eureka Butterfly-Man 220 (Butterfly-Man) 28 (Butterfly-Man) Chapter 5 Gekkostate Tournament
Saya Otonashi Batfly and Armed-King 450 (Batfly) and 430 (Armed-King) 35 (Batfly) and 38 (Armed-King) Chapter 6 Vampire Tournament


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