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Animal Man #2: Team Matrix is the second issue of The Animal Man comic book series.


After they left the apartment, Animal Man, Master X and Rainbow Battle Mage then entered a helicopter driven by a Sikh man who is really bulky and muscular like the Incredible Hulk.

Master Matrix was there with a Japanese woman with long black hair, gold eyes wearing a white Kimono with red lines.

Master Matrix: Kids I like to introduce you my second in command and wife Atmatseru.

Animal Man: Hello madam you look beautiful.

Amatseru: (gives a courtesy laugh) My my you flatter me young man.

Animal Man: Um thanks.

Master Matrix: Yes I know she is beautiful, infact she has the power of the sun.

Master X: Because she is infact the Goddess of the Sun in Japan.

Amatseru: I used to be. until my brother Susanoo had taken over Afterlife, the realm of the Deities.

Rainbow Battle Mage: Okay, I am literally confused.

Amatseru: You'll find out later on if it comes up.

Master Matrix: And the man who is driving the helicopter (as he directs the gang's attention to the Sikh man who is really bulky and muscular like the Incredible Hulk) is Sikh Strongman the muscle of our group and the driver of our vehicles.

Master X: I know him alright.

Sikh Strongman: Yeah, Missed ya since ya left.

Master X: Missed you too.

Sikh Strongman: So what happened and why'd you leave?

Master X: I left because and organization known as the Terrorist Empire Network Groups Union attacked our home and I knew I was not safe with them hunting me down.

Master Matrix: Why were they hunting you down?

Master X: They were hunting me down because my father refused to force me in joining their group in Iran because he believed their cause was suicide.

Animal Man: Which was?

Master X: Overthrow the Islamic Republic and restore the Pahlavi Dynasty as monarchs of Iran which is 80% Impossible.

Amatseru: I see.

Master X: I left and joined the Super Human Authority Force (S.H.A.F) where I met Animal Man and Rainbow Battle Mage.

Animal Man: My Japanese mother and Native American father who have animal transformation powers were members, but they died in battle against an evil robot when I was 15.

Rainbow Battle Mage: My mom, Grandma and 2 Aunts were all members of S.H.A.F because my Grandma was descended from one of S.H.A.F's original members.

Master Matrix: (stern) So what was S.H.A.F like?

Rainbow Battle Mage: Pretty tough and they were loyal to our Government like they were dogs on leashes.

Animal Man: Then the incident happened.

Master X: The incident that got Superhumans hated.

Master Matrix: Yes I am well aware of the Incident, which is why I'm recruiting you back Mohammad.

Master X: Cool, I missed the whole gang.

Amatseru: I know because they missed you too.

Sikh Strongman: (says cheerfully) Hey they'll be really happy that you're coming back.

Animal Man: Can't wait to meet my new teammates.

Rainbow Battle Mage: And I hope it ain't S.H.A.F.

Sikh Strongman: (assures Rainbow Battle Mage) No worries we are no way like S.H.A.F.

Rainbow Battle Mage: Cool because I hated their rigid bullshit.

Amatseru: My husband understands because he had to deal with that too when he was member.

Master Matrix: And it's the reason why I found team Matrix.

As the Helicopter flies out of Brooklyn, a Robot lurks in the shadows of the alleyways. The Robot is a bulky robot with strong bulky robotic arms and strong robotic bulky legs. He has a circle head with only one green eye in the direct center of the head. The robot then follows the Helicopter as it ravages through the streets of Brooklyn scaring innocent bystanders who were flipping out in fear and screaming in panic. The Police then came to deal with the robot but it was all in vain because the robot was immune to bullets.

The robot roared with fury. It's roar was the sound of a Dragon's roar and an Elephant's roar. The roar then turned into a Sonic Roar that blew the Police into the buildings of Brooklyn. Suddenly Master Matrix noticed the destruction from the Helicopter.

Master Matrix: Damn it, just when we leave destruction happens.

Amatseru: I'll call any available team members.

Master Matrix: Cool.

Animal Man: Want us to help?

Amatseru: IDK, the animal monster crisis you faced went public.

Rainbow Battle Mage: Yeah especially with a Pug Monster biting my ass.

Master Matrix: Um...I guess you'll stay with us then?

Rainbow Battle Mage: Fine by me.

Animal Man and Master X then jump out the Helicopter as they land on the streets to confront the Giant bulky Robot warrior. The robot then dashes towards them with his robot claws raised they swipe at him like crazy. Animal Man and Master X jumped out of the way as they dodged the claws. Animal Man transformed into a Maximum Triceratops and rammed into the robot warrior. Master X then ignites his fists and shoots fireballs at the Giant Robot which sadly does nothing to his shock.

Master X: Holy crap. is that thing Immune to fire?

The robot then jumps up to attack Master X fired missiles from it's arms. Master X ignited his fist and spins in a tornado as he repels some of the missiles. The missiles he missed then exploded into the sky or into some buildings.

The robot then charges towards Animal Man and Master X when he was confronted by a Japanese Ethnic girl with long lush black hair and a slender body wearing a black catsuit and black cowboy boots. The girl then pulled out a sword and kicked the robot right in the groin as it lands on the ground. Master X and the girl landed on the ground in front of the Robot Juggernaut.

Master X: Well well, I never knew I ran into you Miyuki Angel.

Miyuki Angel: It's Snow Angel, we can't say our actual names in public.

Master X: Damn it, I forgot.

Snow Angel: It's okay, but it's great to see you again my love.

Master X: Good to see you again my love, plus isn't romance a part of secret identity?

Snow Angel: Damn it, you always bite back.

Master X: I know but you need to give this thing frost bite or he's gonna destroy the city.

Snow Angel: You mean one of many?

Master X: What do you mean?

Snow Angel then directs him to a horde of robots that look like the robot Juggernaut ninja flipping into the street.

Master X: Damnit, this too much for the three of us.

Snow Angel: Three of us?

Master X then directed his lover's attention to Animal Man fighting off the Robot Juggernauts in which he later on turns into a Albino Ape and bashes the robots like crazy.

Snow Angel: (dumbfounded) Is that one of your friends after leaving us?

Master X: Yes, he is, Now let's fight!!!!!

So Master X creates a whip made of fire and whips 2 Robot Juggernauts real hard and slashes them both into half. Snow Angel then gets her katana which then is surrounded by a small tornado of snow. Snow Angle then dashes towards the robots and slashes them with her sword as mini blizzards freeze the other robots. Even with all their fighting effort, Master X, Snow Angel and Animal Man knew their efforts against the horde of Robot Juggernauts were in vain as more were ninja jumping into the streets.

Snow Angel: Damn it, we gotta find the source.

Animal Man: (hears police sirens) and fast because the police are coming.

Master X: (pissed) But how are though, we can't pass through them because everytime we destroy them more come out.

Suddenly Master X's question was answered as a bunch of people came to fight the robots.

Snow Angel: (Says with a smile) Gang's here.

The bunch of superhumans arrived and fought off all the robots. A bunch of Robot Juggernauts were destroyed by a Thai girl with long black hair and a slender body wearing a indigo jumpsuit with a raspberry pink belt and raspberry pink boots who then turned into a ghost and possessed a Robot Juggernaut to attack the other robots.

Thai Girl: Got them handled, go find the source of their power!!!

Master X: Thanks Nang Ta-khian.

Nag Ta-Khian then destroys hordes of robots with the robot she possesed. Animal Man, Master X and Snow Angel then rush through the city as they dodge robot Juggernauts wrecking havoc as people we're screaming and freaking out with sheer panic as the robots flipped cars and destroyed buildings. However a bunch of Robot Juggernauts then chase them as the robotic beasts noticed that they were escaping their horde.

Master X: (yells as he runs) DAMN IT THEY FOUND OUT ABOUT OUR RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Animal Man: Want me to handle them?

Snow Angel: IDK....It

Just as Snow Angel was about to give an answer a bunch of people then jumped down to fight the Robot Juggernaut Army.

The first Person is a guy with dark tan skin with really long hair tied into a really long samurai hair tail. The right side of that hair is blonde as the left side is black. He wears a phantom uniform that is black with a yellow glove and a yellow boot as the other side is yellow with a black boot and black glove. A blade came out of the yellow glove as the guy then spins in a tornado and attacks the robot juggernauts who were firing missiles at the guy.

The second person is a girl who is of Punjab ethnicity who has long shaggy black hair, a red dot in the middle of her forehead and brown eyes. She wears tiger striped cat ears, a tiger striped spandex suit and tiger striped no lace sneakers. The girl then grows small little claws out of her finger nails and slashes the robots until they are small little cubes that explode.

The third person is a merman with turquoise fish like skin with long black hair wearing black jeans and black winter boots. The merman breathes plasma out of his mouth which destroys a horde of Robot Juggernauts in his path.

The fourth person is a guy with shaggy hair with a samurai hair tail wearing sunglasses and a black ninja suit. The guy then pulls out two Katanas surrounded by darkness and shadows shaped like wolves and slashes at the robot Juggernauts with the two katanas as the shadows shaped like wolves bite through the robots destroying them.

Then the fifth person who is a Philippino ethnic guy wearing an indigo pilot helmet with a red viser, an indigo spandex suit with red gloves, a red belt, red boots and a jetpack then flies towards the battle and starts shooting missiles at the Robot Juggernauts.

The sixth person who is a Cambodian ethnic girl wearing a baby blue spandex suit with a lemon yellow belt and lemon yellow boots arrives flying in the air as she blows Robot Juggernauts into each other.

Then two girls arrive. One girl is a Persian girl with long black hair, dark tan skin and reddish brown eyes who wears a sleveless vest jacket, cargo pants with suspenders and boots. The other girl is a Japanese girl who wears a blue spandex suit with baby blue gloves, a baby blue belt and baby blue boots.

The Persian girl transforms herself into a gold colored metal version of herself as she then dashes and punches and kicks the robot juggernauts in the cores of their stomachs.

The Japanese girl then manipulates water by making it burst out of the sewers and turns the streams of water into watery arrows as she pulls back her left arm and fires the watery arrows at the robots like an archer. The watery arrows then hit the robots and electrocute them.

Then two girls one Malaysian Girl wearing a Black Ninja Uniform and an Indonesian Girl wearing a White Ninja Uniform arrive. The Black Ninja Girl who is Malaysian shoots Purple Fire at the Robots as the White Ninja Girl shoots Red Fire at the Robots.

Snow Angel: On second thought, let them handle it as we find the core.

Master X and Animal Man then nodded as they ran off to find the core.

They dashed through the city streets, sidewalks and parks until stopped at a giant thick metal pillar. The thick metal pillar the shoots electricity out of it's top as a red eye appears out of the pillar. Then the pillar opens little circles as liquid titanium falls into various shape cartons which have the shape of the robot juggernauts. The liquid titanium then lands into the shape cartons as the cartons freeze the metal into solid. The lightning turns green and then shocks the solid metal as the zaps of green lightning strike the middle of the face of the robot beings as the zaps contain themselves in the robots and become little green eyes. The robots then come alive as they then wake up like Frankenstein just waking up from being created.

Animal Man: (whispers wide eyed and nervous) Holy shit.

Master X: (wide eyed and nervous) This is unnatural for robots.

Snow Angel: (freaked out) It's like they're not even human.

Animal Man: (stern) We have to stop this before things get weird.

So Animal Man, Master X and Snow Angel then tip towed to the thick metal pillar and hid behind it.

Master X: (whispers) So I'm guessing this is the core.

Animal Man: (whispers) If it creates robots like that then hell yeah.

Snow Angel: (whispers to Animal Man) you damage it from behind as a Gorilla as we slash it.

Animal Man: (whispers confident) Got a better idea.

Snow Angel: (whispers nervous) Oh really, what's that?

Animal Man then transforms into a Rhino and then charged into the Pillar which damages it real hard to the point that there is a giant chunk that makes it look like the pillar is barely standing. Snow Angel then uses her Blizzard Katana and then swings her Katana and a blizzard then freezes the part of the pillar that keeps it up. Master X then creates a flaming whip from his left hand and swings it at the ice part and destroys the pillar.

The pillar then falls down and destroys the robots as the pillar and the robots make big explosions which Animal Man, Master X and Snow Angel then retreat from the explosions.

Master X: (yells while running) This reminds me of the time we kissed when we were in that Battleship that was exploding.

Snow Angel: (yells while running) Thanks for the nostalgia from long ago, but let's GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!!

So the three then burst out as the explosions of the Pillar and the robots turn into a giant explosion that burns the park in flames. The embers of the flames then touch the leaves as they then burn like bread turning into burnt toast. The flames then touch the wood of the tree trunks and make the trees fall down like dominoes. The grass then turns into a giant fire that burns the park and turns it into a Firey Hellish forest of doom.

Animal Man, Master X and Snow Angel then look at the destruction they have caused.

Snow Angel: I'm gonna stop this.

Snow Angel then rapidly swings her Katana which then causes hordes of blizzards that freeze the whole burnt park. The three then run away as the sirens blared like crazy. They run through the streets, sidewalks and alleyways real fast as they then hide from the police. They then run into the horde of robots as the whole entire crew of Superhumans are fighting them as the horde gets smaller and smaller. Then Sikh Strongman, the Incredible Hulk sized Sikh then grabs two axes and then spinning in a tornado as he destroys hordes of robots like crazy.

Then a preteen Vietnamese kid with long shaggy hair and brown eyes with purple dragon wings wearing a purple vest, red T-Shirt, black sweatpants and sneakers who is using a sonic scream which destroys the robots.

Master X, Animal Man and Snow Angel then see the others and they then meet up with them as they then recognize Master X and Snow Angel. Animal Man seeing this was confused and he did not know what was going on.

Animal Man: (nervous) Hold it, Hold it, what's going on?

Master X then stops the crew as he then directs their attention to Animal man.

Master X: (says with a formal tone) Everyone this is Animal Man, my teammate within S.H.A.F

Animal Man: (says nervous) Um hi.

They all greet Animal Man as he freaks out.

Sikh Strongman: (claps his giant hand and says stern) Alright everyone lets stop and let Master X introduce you all formally to Animal Man.

They all listened.

Master X: (directs Animal Man to Snow Angel) Animal Man, This is my Girlfriend Miyuki Angel aka Snow Angel.

Animal Man: Already knew you from us working together.

Snow Angel: Dude, my boyfriend is lucky to have a sidekick like you.

Then the Punjab girl wearing the tiger striped cat ears and tiger striped spandex suit then sees Animal Man and dashes towards him with a cute smile and cheerful attitude. Animal Man is really nervous about this crazy beautiful girl dashing towards him really cheerful.

Master X: (directs Animal Man's attention to the cute girl) Animal Man this is Shiva Madhubala aka Tiger Diva.

Tiger Diva: (cheerful and excited) Ohmygoshohmygosh I'm a real big fan of you and I'm so happy I got to meet you.

Animal Man: (nervous) Um thanks.

Tiger Diva then giggles in a cute way as she blushes.

Master X: (directs Animal Man's attention to the part yellow, part black guy) Animal Man this is Shah Nawaz Khan aka Switchblade.

Switchblade: Nice to meet ya mate.

Animal Man: Cool.

Master X: (directs Animal Man's attention to Nang Ta-khian) And this lovely lady (as Nang Ta-khian blushes as she is flattered) is Apsara Nichong aka Nang Ta-khian.

Animal Man: Nice to meet you and really amazed about your power.

Nang Ta-khian: Thanks.

Master X: (Then introduces the merman with turquoise fish like skin) and this here is Sharkblast Merman (as Sharkblast Merman says hello).

Animal Man: Hello

Master X: (directs Animal Man's attention to the Persian girl wearing cargo pants) And this here is Misha Faradeen aka Hassassin.

Hassassin: (says confident and brash) Have the power to turn gold and have the skills of an Hassassin.

Master X: (directs Animal Man's attention to the Japanese girl who wears a blue spandex suit) And this here is Akiko Namiyaka aka Water Archer.

Water Archer: It is an honor to meet you, (then says cheerfully) also a big fan.

Animal Man: (smiles embarrassed) Oh....okay.

Master X: (then directs Animal Man's attention to the Cambodian girl wearing the baby blue spandex suit) And this here is Khmer Jiangshi.

Khmer Jiangshi: (says with a cute smile) Um....hello (as she then falls down as Animal Man saves her)

Animal Man: (embarrassed) Sorry

Khmer Jiangshi: It's okay...I'm clumsy.

Animal Man: Oh.

Sikh Strongman: (then directs Animal Man's attention to the guy with shaggy hair with a samurai hair tail wearing sunglasses and a black ninja suit.) This here is Kim Yo Park aka Shadow Wolf.

Shadow Wolf: (gruff) Hello.

Animal Man: Um hi.

Sikh Strongman: (As he directs Animal Man's attention to the Philippino guy wearing an indigo and raspberry pink suit) This here is Antonio Rodrigo aka Jet Warrior.

Jet Warrior: Whats up migo.

Sikh Strongman: (Then directs Animal Man's attention to the Vietnamese preteen with Dragon Wings) This kid is James Nguyen aka Imp.

Imp: WASSSAP!!!!!!!

Sikh Strongman: (directs Animal Man's attention to the Malaysian Girl wearing a Black Ninja Uniform and the Indonesian Girl wearing a White Ninja Uniform) and these two are Ashia and Misha aka Yin and Yang.

Aisha the Black Ninja Malaysian Girl and Misha the White Ninja Indonesian girl both bow to Animal Man. Animal Man then socialized with his new teammates whom he got along with as they then got to know each other more. However their get together was interrupted as Sirens then wailed like crazy.

Water Archer: Damn it, The Police are close.

Master X: Let's get the hell out of here.

So they all dashed out of the city as the sirens grew louder.

Later on the next day after running out of the city and camping out, they later arrived to a Japanese Temple at Long Island.

Animal Man: (astonished) So I guess this is our group's HQ.

Master X: Yes.

Animal Man: Then home sweet home.

So the whole group then entered their home as the sun rises in the horizon.