Animal Crossing Rumble Explosion
Developer(s) Nintendo (Fan-Made)

Square Enix (Fan Made)

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Fighting

Simulation Adventure

Release Date(s) May 2, 2012
Age Rating(s) E 10+

Cartoon Violence

Media Included 3DS Camera

3DS Card

Animal Crossing Rumble Explosion (どうぶつの森ランブル爆発 Dōbutsu no Mori Explosion Rumble in Japan, Animal Crossing Explosive Brawl in UK, and Animal Crossing Super Brawl in Australia) Is a Simulation/Fighting game develop and published by Nintendo. The game picks up from the events of Animal Crossing: Bluebear's Adventure, it features Crazy Redd's new evil plot. It is set 1 one year after it's predecessor. It is the second game in the series


A tournament is held in Smashville and all adventurers from around the world gather to become the "King of the Wild World". But, danger still lurks on the City of Battles. Crazy Redd is searching for an ancient energy called "Pyrus" that can give a mortal God-given powers of Immortality. While some fighters are unaware of the energy, Bluebear is concerned of Goldy, a toad that can create fire from her hands. While a Mysterious white sheep haunts Stitches and Bluebear, and a masked animal haunts Bluebear and her friends. Crazy Redd Is on the hunt to steal 7 amulets that belong to 7 special people with the same attributes.

As the 7 Amulets names and their respective owners are:


Aqua-Roald and Emily (Broken into two pieces)

Corvus-Tom Nook

Flora-Bluebear (The amulet was sealed in the net Bluebear uses, allowing her to summon insects)


The Balance-Amy and Lucas (Amy has white wings while Lucas has black wings)


As the tournament goes on Redd's plan rises. After the kidnap of Maple and Pippy, the tournament's finals was delayed. For the remaining contestants were Bluebear and Daisy vs Stitches and Kody. But Peanut stole Bluebear's amulet rendering Bluebear useless without her net. Redd kidnaps everyone who has the amulets. As Tom Nook finds out he leads a group to save them. They search everywhere until they found a cave, inside it was a giant crystal containing all of the kidnapped people. Tom Nook and his group battle with Redd and his forces. After the battle, Redd's forces fell. The masked man appears in Redd's place and escapes he summon a dark gap and suddenly sucks Fluffy in the hole, Bluebear approaches her, Fluffy reveals her identity to Bluebear and her relationship to Emily. She gave Bluebear a heart-shaped key, and describes it as "Two Hearts that were Separated." As the hole closes Bluebear's face was curious. In their victory party, Bluebear shows Stitches the key. And they wonder what does it do. And the scene fades, concluding the plot of the game.


The Gameplay is balanced between a normal Animal Crossing game and a Super Smash Bros. game.

In an Animal Crossing game:

When you don't fight you take a break and live in a hotel, Shizu runs the hotel.

You can also design your hotel room by moving to a different room that has a bigger size, Adding furniture and also call for room service.

You can also shop in a mall next to the hotel, where Tom Nook has stayed. There's a Salon run by Harriet, A Botique run by Gracie, A Fashion Shop run by the Able Sisters, A supermarket run by Joan, and a mini-mall of furniture, Walls, Carpets and needs run by Tom Nook.

Old and New Features

New Features

  • Players can fight people from all over the world using the second floor of the Smash Coliseum.
  • Being able to own a shop and sell useless items to passersby.
  • Able to connect City Folk on the Wii, and get DLCs from the Wii game.
  • You can now swim and change into swimsuits or trunks.
  • The game allows you to interact with the outdoor facilities such as benches, water fountains or popcorn machines.
  • You can now catch coupons flying from the sky and redeem them for freebies or discounts.
  • Shizu will guide you in the tutorial.

Old Features

  • Designing clothes return.
  • The bus stop returns. (The bus stop will appear once you connect City Folk with the game, allowing you to the city's mall the DLCenter. This mall allows you to obtain DLCs from City Folk.)
  • Bug catching and fishing return.
  • Local Multiplayer returns.


  • Leveling System didn't return.
  • Enemies can only be fought in the coliseum.


3DSCirclepad- Move around the area/Rotate cameras

3DSAbutton- Interact/Jump

3DSBbutton- Run/Attack

3DSYbutton- Menu

3DSXbutton- Toggle map

3DSLbutton or 3DSRbutton- Take picture

3DSControlpad- up, down, left, right- select an item

Start- Save

Select- Toggle message board.



The diary is the source of saving and creating a save file. You create a save file by "buying" a diary for free in the menu. Covers for the diary are sold in Able Stylistas for stylish covers and Nook's Grocery for standard covers.


Upon first entering your hotel room, you have a basic set of furniture already set in the room. One of them is a resource for entertainment and news. The TV shows you news and shows. There are two types of news in the TV

News Alert

Is the type of news that releases info about DLCs and Tips.

Breaking News

The type of news that focuses about the game's sequel. It also focuses on notifications received(The blue light will not light up when playing the game).


Each character has unique abilities,skills and attacks. Each playable character has a theme song.

Character Info Skills Theme Song
Is the heroine of the game,her dream is to touch a star. She likes to make constellations in the observatory. Bluebear uses a net for fighting, She can summon insects, fly with butterfly wings and can make dual pistols out of butterflies. She is holds the amulet "Flora". That she

Scarab Crush: Bluebear summons a herd of scarabs to paralyze the target.

Flutter: Bluebear uses a birdwing's wings to fly.

Vermillion Strike: Bluebear summons a flock of butterflies that turn into pistols, and rapidly hits the target.

Sonic Colors - Reach for the Stars (Full Version)

Sonic Colors - Reach for the Stars (Full Version)


Is a dog and Bluebear's best friend, She idolizes Tom Nook, because she wants to build a mall when she grows up. She uses a timer for a weapon that Tom Nook Gave her. She can fly, stop time and use swords from different generations. It was later revealed in the game that her green scarf that Tom Nook gave her has the Ventus amulet inside the cloth.

Freeze: Stops time. NOTE: EVERY character on the stage stops.

Angel's Wings: Daisy Flies using an angel's wings.

Hidden Cut: Daisy uses a sword from the future. Which only lasts 15 minutes.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Believe in Myself

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Believe in Myself

Rosie (Movie) copy
Is an active peppy cat, who just wants to have fun. Her optimism lifts up sad emotions. Her dream is a more fun world. Rosie is a carefree person who enjoys who she is. Rosie uses native dances from around the world to fight, her main dance is capoiera.

Swing: Rosie performs the swing dance with the opponent.

Cariñosa: Rosie Performs The Cariñosa with the target.

White Swan: Rosie performs the Black Swan then Transforms into a white swan then pecks everything that gets in her way.

Charice - "Louder" Official Lyric Video

Charice - "Louder" Official Lyric Video

Performed by Charice Pempengco


Is the new resident of Bluebear's town. He entered the tournament to prove himself. He is an independent bear who relies on his friends when the time is right. He believes that everyone is perfect from their imperfection. He uses a shovel for fighting.

Fossil Overload: He Digs Up Thousands Of Fossils and Revives Them and The Dinosaurs Will Crush The Foes.

Stalagmite: Stitches crushes his targets with a stalagmite.

Bash: Stitches swings his shovel around the arena. Leaving him dizzy.

Glee - Perfect (DOWNLOAD MP3)

Glee - Perfect (DOWNLOAD MP3)

performed by Cris Colfer and Darren Criss

Is the newcomer from the city, who dreams to be a rock star.

Kody uses a guitar for smashing and playing.

Melody: Kody plays a melodious song that heals his team.

Shock: Kody electrifies his target.

Death Note: Kody plays an ancient song that was played by the Mayans a thousand years ago. That kills the target.

P!nk - So What

P!nk - So What

Performed by P!nk


She's Back with her brother Lucas. This time she's on a quest to find The Pyros. So she can heal her mother

Her attacks and skills are balanced, so she can do skills linked with attacks, Amy is recommended for expert players. Amy uses tools.

Smack: Amy smacks the target hard.

Sparkle: Amy uses sparklers to burn the target.

Bullseye: Amy shoots the opponent.

Taylor Swift feat

Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars

Is Amy's brother, who lives with his mother his on a quest to find the Pyrus. Amy doesn't know that Lucas knows that they are "The Balance". He has the same attacks and skills like Amy.
Taylor Swift feat

Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars "Safe & Sound" (from The Hunger Games Soundtrack)


Is a smart squirrel. She has a crush on Rod. When she was young she was bullied until now, so she stood up to them.

Mint uses a book called "Osiris" that Tom Nook found in Egypt it is said to use powerful curses on the targets.

Isis: Mint summons an eagle with large wings to heal or resurrect her teammates.

Anubis: Mint uses the power of death to kill the target.

Ma'at: Mint scales the target if the scale goes to red the target dies, if the scale goes to blue that arget will receive half the damage taken from death.

Katy Perry - Part Of Me (Lyric Video)

Katy Perry - Part Of Me (Lyric Video)



Roald returns, with Cube as his partner Roald moved to the city to go to a new school. But he goes to Smashville by accident. Will he ever go back to the city?

Roald Holds the Aqua amulet piece.

Roald Has the same skill tree as Animal Crossing: Bluebear's Adventure.
Nicki Minaj - Fly ft

Nicki Minaj - Fly ft. Rihanna

A penguin who lives in the hotel. His dream is to go to Space.

Cube uses snow to attack.

Frosty the Snowman: Cube makes a snowman to defend the team (This skill only works on Snowy or Icy arenas)

Avalanche: Cube summons an Avalanche.

Igloo: Makes an igloo to heal his teammates.

Starships - Nicki Minaj (Brand New, HD, HQ)

Starships - Nicki Minaj (Brand New, HD, HQ)


Is the new character, Who wields the Aqua amulet piece. Her past is yet be revealed.

Emily uses a Lollipop blade that can shoot out water.

Wave: Emily launches a powerful Tsunami at the target.

Flood: Emily Drowns the targets with heavy rain.

Burning Rain: Emily calls out a storm and bursts out embers "Boil" the rain. So Emily can use Scald (Scald is also the skill name for the UK version of the game).

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)

Kid Cat Returns in Smashville with his team.

The three share the same attacks and the same skill

Unison Raid: The three attack with their effort and makes an earthquake.

Agent S Returns in Smashville with her team.

The three share the same attacks and the same skill

Unison Raid: The three attack with their effort and makes an earthquake.

Big Top Returns in Smashville with his team.

The three share the same attacks and the same skill

Unison Raid: The three attack with their effort and makes an earthquake.

Unlockable Characters

These characters can be unlock by progressing to a story or do special quests for them. These characters have no Theme Song. And these characters are also playable by the end of the story. They have a minor or an important role in all of the stories.

Character Name Info Skills Involvement in the story
Is a Toad from the Mushroom Kingdom who came to Smashville to hide from Crazy Redd. She holds the Pyrus amulet. Goldy can be unlocked after finishing the game.

Goldy depends on her amulet to give her power.

Fire: Goldy shoots a bolt of fire to the target.

Fira: Goldy shoots a ball of fire to the target.

Firaga: Goldy shoots a giant ball of fire that explodes and hits everyone in the arena.

Bluebear and Daisy's Story: Goldy can be seen in chapter 5 in the Arena Lobby. when you talk to her she mentions Crazy Redd. Then in chapter 7 she is your next opponent in a one on one match. After the match she gives quest to team up and fight Crazy Redd (regardless of the victory you will always complete this quest). And in chapter 10, She is seen in the crystal in Crazy Redd's Sanctuary.
Tom Nook
Tom Nook

Is a shopkeeper, whose business failed in the city and moved to Animal Town to reopen his shop. After he got a job as Animal Town's new real estate agent. He gave his position to Harriet and Daisy along with Timmy and Tommy. After he heard about the tournament he registered his Nephews to win. Right now he is running a mega-store in the Smashville mall. Tom Nook can be unlocked after Chapter 1 of all the Episodes.

Nook uses various tools in combat.

Money Gambit: Tom Nook slices the opponent with a sharp, hard cash bill and a powerful rain of rocks fall to the ground crushing the targets.

Tom Nook can be seen standing in his shop.

After completing chapter 1 in all episodes. He can be seen in the hotel lobby in an event where you can unlock him. Later on Chapter 10 he is seen leading the group that saved Peanut and the others in Crazy Redd's Sanctuary. In the end he can be seen in his shop.


Peanut is Bluebear's enemy who entered the competition just to make Bluebear's life miserable. She stole Bluebear's amulet as revenge for defeating her in their first fight and now she was hired by Crazy Redd to injure Mint and replace her as Rosie's partner. To unlock Peanut you must defeat her.

Peanut uses an umbrella to attack her enemies.

Fly Away: Peanut stabs the target and opens the umbrella and sends the target flying.

Peanut appears in chapter 4 as Bluebear and Daisy's opponents she teams up with a boy with no combat skills, after defating Peanut. She appears in Stitches and Kody's story seen kissing Stitches to make Bluebear jealous. And appears in Rosie and Mint's Story in chapter 7, seen injuring Mint and being hired by Crazy Redd as Rosie's temporary partner, and also kidnapping Maple and Pippy. She appears again in chapter 9 stealing Bluebear's amulet nd ends up tracked by Crazy Redd, thinking she betrayed him. And in chapter 10 seen in the Crystal in Crazy Redd's Sanctuary. In the end of the story she was kicked out of Smashville and banned her from the town.


Maple is the newest villager in Animal Town. She is from the city, Maple join the tournament with Pippy so that they can renovate their houses using the money they won. Maple can be unlocked after defating her in Chapter 2 in all of the stories.

Maple uses an empty watering can that has useful items in it. Maple can slam the target with her pot or drop bombs.

Trap Seal: Maple throws out a seal that creates a forcefield that traps the target's team.

Bomb Drop: Maple drops numerous bombs in the arena.

Explosion Rain: Maple summons Bombs from the sky that attacks the enemies.

Maple plays an important role in the stories.

In Bluebear and Daisy's Story: Maple and Pippy was their second opponents in the match, after losing Maple and Pippy made a comeback and again loses against Emily and Fluffy. In Chapter 3 Maple and Pippy goes undercover about the happenings in the tournament. And in Chapter 7, Maple and Pippy were rescued by Bluebear and Daisy.

Maple and Pippy only appeared in Bluebear and Daisy's story.

Pippy reappears again in the sequel. As Maple's partner.

Pippy stills uses her parasol.

Impale: Returns in the game with a few updates. Pippy stabs the target numerously.

Pippy has the same role as Maple.


Katie appears in the game as a DLC.

Katie befriends a special bird that changes it's form when ordered. With it Katie can use it as a hammer, sword or a wand.

Piko Crush: Katie's bird changes into a hammer and crushes verything in its path and creates a small earthquake.

Slash! Slash!: Katie uses a sword and slashes her target two times.

Super Kat: Katie uses a wand that transforms her into a superhero and summons a strong beam that hits everything in its path.

Katie appears in a hidden scene that unlocks her if you downloaded her.

Katie appears in Rosie and Mint's story.

Katie will be training in the beach and Rosie asks her where is her mother. KAtie then replies in an independent tune that Kaitlin is the one that got lost and that she can handle herself (Katie). And she will challenge you to a battle, after the fight she apologized to Rosie that she lied and misses her mother and Mint suggests that she should tag along and find Kaitlin. Kaitlin will appear in Stitches and Kody's story and if you connect your 3DS with another one the two cats will be playable for the guest.

Kaitlin appears in the game as a DLC.

Kaitlin uses her gardening tool for combat nad she has only one skill.

Rainfall: Kaitlin heals her allies with rain.

Kaitlin appears in Stitches and Kody's story in the hotel lobby finding Katie if you talking to her will start a scene, Kody will ask Kaitlin what's wrong and Kaitlin will request them to find Katie and she will tag along. Like Katie she can be obtained by sharing.


Timmy and Tommy
Timmy is the hype nephew of Tom Nook he runs the Nook Grocery with his brother Tommy. Timmy and Tommy have the same moveset as Animal Crossing: Bluebear's Adventure. They accompany their Uncle to save the hostages.
Timmy and Tommy
Tommy is the hype nephew of Tom Nook he runs the Nook Grocery with his brother Timmy. Timmy and Tommy have the same moveset as Animal Crossing: Bluebear's Adventure. They accompany their Uncle to save the hostages.


Is Animal Town's secretary. She is a DLC in the game. Shizu has no skills but she is very useful in combat as a healer. As the hotel manager. She has no involvement in the story.
Margie Is an elephant from the city who is a designer. Margie uses a huge pencil for a sword. NO INVOLVEMENT IN THE STORY.

Stores and Locations

In Smashville, a mall appears next to the hotel and inside it is various stores.

Nook's Grocery


Is the store where Tom Nook's nephews work part-time.

The store contains general items like:

Fruits (fruits can heal you in the middle of the battle, it can only recover your HP)

Catalogs (a catalog is a book that contains a furniture set that you can order in the Furniture Store.)

and cheap clothes.

Nook's Grocery is open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.


Able Stylistas is a new shop run by the Able Sisters Mable and Sable causing them to be NPCs at this game. The shop sells clothes, shorts, skirts, umbrellas, accessories and wigs.

Able Stylistas is open from 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM.


Gracie moved to Smashville to open a botique in the mall called GracieGrace 21.

It sells high-price clothes, dresses, skirts and other designer clothes.

Gracie holds sales on weekends

Saturday Sale: 40% off

Sunday Sale: 60%

GracieGrace 21 is open from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM.


Is a shoe store run by Kicks, he open up a new business at the Smashville mall, using the money he saved from shining shoe at the city.

Kicks sells shoes of all kinds like heels, loafers, sandals, boots and slippers.

Kicks still shines shoes for free.

Pump Up Kicks is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM


The House of Furniture is a branch of Tom Nook's business, Pelly runs the shop.

it is a large shop that contains two rooms in the second floor.

The first room contains

a set of random furniture of chairs, tables, benches, clocks, beds, closets, wardrobes, cabinets, dressers, and bureaus from different furniture sets.

On the second room is the HRA's main office run by Lyle (Lyle is also an enemy from the first game, but changed his alignment and became the HRA's president.). There, Lyle can rate your room in the hotel as it's new portion says that HRA can rate the hotel rooms due to the mall's sponsorship to the hotel.

If you win from a match, Pelly will be waiting outside your room giving rewards for the character. Usually it is always normal furniture. If you beat a coliseum match, Pelly will give you a whole furniture series. If you complete a chapter, Pelly will give you rare furniture.


Harriet open up a salon in the mall to style everyone's hair.

In the previous game, humans can only have their hair styled, but in this game the animals can also have a haircut but each one of them has only two styles: the default and the stylish. You can pick one of them.

Character Hairstyles:

Coming Soon.


Smashville is the town the game takes place, this town was held for international tournaments


Is the place where tournaments and fights takes place, it has three floors.

the first floor is where the battles take place outside is an arena, around it is a track for races. Outside is a gate that leads to a bus station going to the Olympics. (Fact: In this world, the stadium track is used for the 100m and 400m category.)

and on the second floor is the reception area, Resetti is now a receptionist and you can also challenge him.

on the third floor is the Global Station, where you can use SpotPass™ and StreetPass™. If you use SpotPass™ you can battle other players online or worldwide. If you use StreetPass™ you can obtain clothes form other 3DS' or a Nintendo-exclusive items.


Smashville's town hall is at the center of the town. It's current mayor is [Your personal Mii™ on the 3DS].

And his/her secretary Phyllis, Phyllis still talks in Bebese (about boring her job is). The mayor will award the character after completing the competition. Crazy Redd became mayor of the town starting from the final episode and imprisons the true mayor. After you complete the story, the mayor will award you with rare clothes and a secret password for the next game.

The Smashville Hotel

The Smashville hotel is the place where all of the competitors stay until the tournamen has ended. It has many rooms and a swimming pool. You can also put furniture in your room for appeal. Shizu is the hotel manager and receptionist, while Pete is in charge of hotel service. The hotel can still be access even after returning to Animal Town.


This places listed are battlefields in the game and it is were fights on story mode, battle mode and smash mode take place.

Smashville Arena

Is where all the matches and coliseum fights take place, spectators like Tom Nook and Harriet watch the fights.

Special Spectators

Special Spectators are characters from other games that make cameo appearances in this arena. They will randomly appear in fights.







Minun and Plusle

Pokémon starters

Bowser and his sons and daughter

Mr. Game and Watch










King Dedede

Lucas (Earthbound)

Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong

Dixie Kong

Nook's Arena

Is an arena located underground at the Smash Coliseum, it is a training arena for beginners.

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