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Animal Crossing: Nook's World is a life simulator and is the 6th main entry into the Animal Crossing series.

Bell Loans

The Bell Loans will say what future and curent bell prices for your home loan and. Your house has 5 stages

Stage 1 Price: 5k Bells

Stage 2 Price: 50k Bells

Stage 3: Price 150k Bells

Stage 4 Price: 500k Bells

Stage 5 Price: 1M Bells


There are shops in Animal Crossing: Nook's World.

Shop Name Who Wants To Build it?
FOLSTAGE DodoAirlines
Dodo Airlines Already built when you get your city
Completrrs acnh
Town Services Tom Nook and Isabelle
Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Facilities Header
Nooks Cranny Timmy and Tommy
NH Able Sisters Exterior
Able Sisters Mabel 02 06
Black Market Crazy Redd
Shampoodle Harriet 47 41
Leif's Garden Shop Leif 52 40
C.J's Fishing Shop C.J. and Chip 55 38
Flick's Bug Shop Flick


Calling villagers is a new feature in Animal Crossing: Nook's World. You may call a certain amount of villagers for a day to ask to move in. They might say yes or no. You will be able to call 7 villagers of your choice a day, but you can only invite 2. When a villager in your town moves out, you can call them to move back in.

Special NPCs

NPC Name Location
Tom Nook Winter - AC New Horizons
Tom Nook Town Services
Isabelle - Mario Kart X
Isabelle Town Serivces
Timmy and Tommy Nook's Cranny
Able Sisters
The Able Sisters Able Sisters Shop
Orville NewHorizons
Orville Dodo Airlines
Redd (Animal Crossing)
Redd Black Market
Harriet Shampoodle
Flick NewHorizons
Flick Flick's Bug Store
Leif Leif's Garden Store
Chip newleaf
Chip C.J's Fishing Store
C.J. C.J's Fishing Store


The most important part of Animal Crossing is Villagers here are (some) of the many villagers in Animal Crossing: Nook's World

Villager Name Origin Game
Raymond NH
Raymond Pocket Camp
Bow AFe
Bow Animal Forest e+
Woolio Animal Forest e+
Judy NH
Judy Pocket Camp
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