Animal Crossing: World Tour is a new Animal Crossing game for FanPlay. Players can tour around the world and make cities.

New Characters

Many new characters appear in this game.

  • Tony: A hippo who acts as a tourist guide.
  • Jackie: A moose who sells neat, rare objects.
  • Lo: An armadillo islander who acts as the island's leader.
  • Kermit: A frog villager who resembles Kermit the Frog.
  • Courtney: A skunk who sells Stink Bombs.
  • Dooley: The town's local vulture football coach who speaks loudly.
  • Johnny: An oryx who sells jewelry.
  • Mei Lan: A dragon who rarely appears in the game.
  • Bradley: A cow who gives fresh milk.

Returning Villagers

This game also brings many old villagers who were absent for a long time.

  • Bubbles: A hippo villager from Animal Crossing who returns with a jock personality.
  • Carlos: A sheep villager from Animal Forest e+ who appears as a lazy villager.
  • Tutu: A bear villager from Animal Crossing who is now a fashion designer like Gracie.
  • Porter: The conductor from Animal Crossing who returns as an astronaut.
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