Animal Crossing
Developer(s) Hal Labortory, Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS, DS
Genre(s) Life Simulation
Release Date(s) Japan-Feburary 16th, 2014

North America-March 1st, 2014

Austrailia-March 3rd, 2014

Europe-March 4th, 2014

South Korea-March 6th, 2014

Mode(s) Singleplayer



Age Rating(s) E
Media Included Wii U Disc, 3DS Cartridge, DS Cartridge
Animal Crossing: Town Toad is a game in the Animal Crossing series published by Nintendo and developed by HAL Laboratory. The gameplay is most Animal Crossing games, but instead of the usual character, you play as Mario (series) characters.


You hop out of a moving truck, and the driver askes you a few questions: Are you a boy or a girl? What is your name? Are you a Toad, Koopa, or Shy Guy? How old are you?

After you answer the questions, the driver then directs you to your new house. It is old, has a red roof, and is made of wood. Inside, it has a candle, a small bed, and a TV with no remote. After you leave, Mr. Tosroo offers you a job in his shop. You follow him to the shop, Shrooms and Goods, and he sends you on a mission to meet the residents. After you do, he pays you with Gold Coins. The longer you are in the shop, the more missions you collect, leaving you with more money.


Image Resident Name Description
Mario Brawl Mario Mario is the resident living next to you, but he is only home on Sundays.
120px-BrawlLuigi Luigi Luigi is the resident living next to you, but is not home on Sunday.
Sam Toad The Wiseshroom Family The Wiseshroom Family lives near the Shroom and Goods, and gives you tasks to give them items.
Alexekoopa Koopak Koopak is a music-crazy Koopa Troopa, and gives you a stereo when you meet him. He lives near Peach's Castle.
181px-NSMBomegaWario Wario Wario runs a shop underground.
201px-NSMBomegaWaluigi Waluigi Waluigi is a mean resident, lives underground, and steals items if you talk to him three times a day. However, you can always call on the next resident to get your items back.
Koopa Kid Officer Koops Officer Koops is the finest police officer in Toad Town. If Waluigi steals your items, Officer Koops gets them back. Also, he gives missions to find criminals. Koops patrols Toad Town.
137px-Shroob3D Toadiko Toadiko lives in a crashed UFO, and gives you missions to collect parts.

Donkey Kong

DK lives on DK Island, and gives you missions to collect bananas. As a reward, he gives you a pass to his treehouse for anytime.
Egadd E. Gadd E. Gadd lives on Isle Delfino, and gives you missions to catch ghosts in the Haunted Mansion. As a reward, he sells you a house in Isle Delfino.
PeachNSMBU Peach Peach is seen in her garden, and gives you a watering can and flowers.



Pete and Phil Pete and Phil run the post office, and gives you postcards from residents.
N/A (Uses a disguise to escape the paparazzi) Euriko The famous rock star, he plays a song for you after 6:00 PM at the Train Station.
Bowsernue Bowser Bowser lives in Bowser's Castle, and is secretly setting up a trap...


Shops allow you to buy trip passes, furniture, items, and other objects.

Shop Name Located At Sells
Shrooms and Goods Town Center Furnature
Toadiko's UFO Mysterious Crator Trip Passes
Art Shop Isle Defino Paintings, Parts
Kong Museum DK Island

Exotic Furnature

The Bank Town Outskirts Coin Storage

Mushroom Diner

Town Center Food
Wario's Shop Underground DS Statue, Diamonds, Teasure Maps


If you have enough coins, you can purchase a separate house in one of these locations.

Trip Locations
Trip Name Description Cost
Isle Defino A tropical paradise, a little bigger than Toad Town. 9 Red Coins
DK Island DK Island is another island, but friendly Kongs live there. 4 Blue Coins
The Moon By collection all of the parts for Toadiko, he can teleport you to The Moon. 100 Parts


Rare Music

At the Train Station, if you talk to Euriko, the famous rock star, after 6:00 PM, he plays a random song for you:

  • Mario Overworld Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
  • Castle theme (Super Mario World)
  • Woods Maze (Super Mario RPG)
  • Chill (Dr. Mario)

After you listen to all his songs, he gives you a record you can play on a stereo which has all of his songs on it.

Mario in Pajamas

After 8:30 PM on a Sunday, if you go into Mario's house, you can see him sleeping like in Super Mario Bros. 2.

Money Machine

Bury 4 Gold Coins, dig them up ten days later, and they will turn into 1 Red Coin.

House Upgrades

First Floor Upgrade

At the cost of 100 Coins or 20 Red Coins, the First Floor Upgrade adds a kitchen, dining room, a better bed, a working TV, and a sofa to the first floor.

Second Floor Layout

At the cost of 150 Coins or 25 Red Coins, the Second Floor Layout adds a second floor to your house.


At the cost of 200 Coins or 40 Red Coins, the Basement adds a basement and a fireplace to the first floor.


At the cost of 250 Coins or 45 Red Coins, the Backyard adds a backyard to your house.

Third Floor Layout

At the cost of 300 Coins or 50 Red Coins, the Third Floor Layout adds a third floor and a patio to your house.

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