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Animal Crossing: Time To Fly
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Life-Simulation
Series Animal Crossing series

Animal Crossing: Time To Fly is a new Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo 3DS.

In this game you are the mayor of a city. In this city there is lots to do, like go to 'Club Awesome' and listen to the top comedians and muscians, set up public projects to make different things for the city (like bridges, fountains etc.) and even take a flight to a far away island.


The following is a list of characters and their roles;


Character Role
Player Mayor
Kapp'n Airplane Pilot
Tom Nook & Tommy Nook Estate Agents
Porter Train Driver
Labelle & Kicks Tailors
Dr Shrunk, DJ KK, Frillard Entertainers
Lyle/Snowman Public Project Fundraiser
Pave City Hall Secretary
Pete Postman
Cyrus & Reese Charity Shop Owners
Toad/Louie/Tingle Nintendo Shop
Grace & Harriet Beauticians


Character Role
Mabel & Sable Tailors
Gulliver Sailor
Blathers Museum Curator
Celeste Museum Gift Shop Owner
Redd & Blanka Art Shop Workers
Brewster Bartender
Isabelle Town Hall Secretary
Digby Mayor
Timmy Nook Corner Shop Owner
Don Resseti & Mr Resseti Reset Center Owners


Character Role
Joan Turnip Stall Owner
Katrina Fortune Teller
Mario/Link/Olimar Special Guests
Leila Shell Stall Owner
Wisp, Lucky & Jack