Animal Crossing: Red Flag
Red Flag Cover (Funky Edition)
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
30 December 1922
Adventure and Tanooki's Reign
Genre(s) Life Simulation, Stealth, Strategy
Series Animal Crossing
Cost Free


Animal Crossing: Red Flag is a game published by Everyone. It makes numerous changes to the series after the things revealed in the September 13th Direct. The game revolves around two modes: Surviving the evil reign of Tom Nook's reign as a simple villager who used to be the mayor and controlling the animals of the world and beyond as Tom Nook in Tanooki's Reign mode. 


The game revolves around an alternate universe version of the Animal Crossing series where Tom Nook used all of the Leaf Tickets aqquired from the people who play Pocket Camp and decided to overthrow the world and become a tyrannical ruler while establishing communism. Your player character begins in an area surrounded by dead plants. They are awoken by a war torn Isabelle who tells them what happened to their village. Your Villager is surprised and decides to take the city back, but are warned by Isabelle not to, as Tom Nook will order their death. The Villager must lay low until their plans are complete and they can overthrow Tom Nook. Once you have gathered enough materials, you storm Nook's castle and fight him. He unleashes his final form and battles the player.

Tom Nook's mode begins with him ruminating in a bath of Leaf Tickets. He has control over the world, but he lusts for more. He has everything he wanted, his shop chain took down every brand known to animalkind. There was something more. Then, it struck him, he would conquer the universe! He gathered the Nooklings and launched his conquest. Tom Nook is a very evil leader and is not meant to be portrayed as a good person or ruler. After you beat the game with him, he gets defeated by an asteroid and is sent flying down to Earth, forgetting his reign and turning the Animal Crossing world back to normal.


The Villager mode revolves around going around your life normally and plays like a normal Animal Crossing game. You will also need to plan the otherthrowing of Nook's hierarchy by writing maps, plans and finding the neccisary materials to create something integral to your plan. Unlike the normal Animal Crossing games, there is no Bell system.  All currency was abolished by Nook. So you must aquire materials by unconventional means such as scavenging and trading. 

Tanooki's Reign mode is played a lot like Fire Emblem crossed with classic Balloon Defence games. With you needing to purchase enemies and defeat your enemies, which range from other animals to aliens. There is a standard Unit triangle based on the three types of units you have. Tanookis beat Mice, Mice beat Elephants and Elephants beat Tanooki.


Blueprints are a core part of Villager mode. They list the items you need to aquire to further your plans. 

Item Description and effect
Table A basic wooden table. Doesn't do much, but looks pretty. Ingredients: Wood, Saw. Effect: Tutorial Blueprint. Lets you place things on it.
Telescope Keep an eye on Nook and his army. Very useful for always knowing where the enemies are. necessary for the story. Ingredients: Glass, Wood and Mirror Effect: Lets you see where enemies and other villagers are.
Map This is something you'll really need! You'll almost never get lost with this. Ingredients: Ink, Paper. Effect: Lets you view a town map, making you and some landmarks viewable
Spear A dangerous and sharp metal spear. Used for warding Nook's Minions away. Ingredients: Stick, Metal, Hammer. Effect: Can be used to fend off any animals attacking you.
Slingshot Blast Tom's minions with rocks from afar! Ingredients: Stone, Wood, String Effect: Fires bullets that daze Tom Nook's minions
Trap Doorknob A doorknob that when not properly handle will lock Nook's minions out so they think you aren't home! Ingredients: Metal, Wood. Effect:Keeps any of Nook's minions out of your house.
Food Chest A big sealed box made of metal. Keeps food and water for longer, as it's hard to come by. Ingredients: Metal, Wood, Stone. Effect: Keeps food from going off, also contains food better.
Shovel Dig up stuff like fossils, gyroids and metal! Ingredients: Metal and Wood. Automatically given to you by Isabelle. Effect: Lets you dig up things from the ground.
Axe Slice through trees to get wood! Ingredients: Wood, Metal Effect: Lets chop you down trees.
Pickaxe Let's you break rocks to find the precious materials inside! Ingredients: Wood, Metal Effect: Lets you break rocks.
Drill break through stone and dirt alike to get the things you need in one easy tool! Ingredients: Pickaxe, Shovel Effect: A combination of the shovel and pickaxe.


Inspired by an idea from Oswald, Cover photo created by Ender, Some concepts from AgentMuffin.

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