Animal Crossing: In and Out is a game for the Nintendo 3DS. It focuses after the events of New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo. 


K.K Slider appears with his guitar, playing "K.K. Ballad", and asks your gender and he thanks you for buying the game. K.K fades, along with the lobby, and it skips to the bus.

Rover sits on the bus with you and asks a few questions, like "What's your name", "Where are you going", and "What you're going to do there". After that, the bus stops on the station and the player arrives. The bus goes away and the player walks to the Town Hall.



  • You cannot customize patterns, but that's possible if you use Nintendo Network for at least 3 times.
  • Seeding is considered a glitch on this game.
  • You can find food on any Tom Nook store, including Nookling Junction.
  • Resetti now has a shop. It's called Resetti's Stuff (Resetti's Junk in the PAL version). It sells potatoes and food peelers.

Amiibo Compability

  • SSB4 Amiibo won't work.
  • When you use Amiibo in-game, you unlock clothes + wallpapers + flooring + food.
  • If you use a Mii SSB4 Amiibo, then you'll only unlock the Mii Mask.


  • Instead of using Download Play to connect with people, you use Nintendo Network instead.
  • You can give presents to StreetPass friends where ever you want. You can give either fish, bugs, and food.


Common Sense Media rated the game 4 out of 5 stars, and for ages 7+. They describe the game as a "simulation game for all ages, including families.".


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