Animal Crossing: Golden Age
Developer(s) Carter Ajamie Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Carter Ajamie Studios
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Life Simulation
Release Date(s) Fall 2018
Media Included Nintendo Switch Cartridge

Animal Crossing: Golden Age (動物横断黄金時代, Dōbutsu ōdan kogane jidai, "Animal Forest: Golden Age") is a life simulation game and the fifth official game in the Animal Crossing Series.


In Golden Age, you play as the Mayor of your village where villagers will come to live. At first, you will have a small lonely village with about five villagers, but in this all new game, you can turn your small village into a giant city!

You will start by moving into a small village with a population of five villagers where the only buildings are your house, the other houses, the town hall and Tom Nook's place. As you progress through the game, more villagers will appear in the town, and they will move in. Villagers will give you requests for buildings which can be built by Tom Nook (Such as Nookling Junction, The Roost and more!) You will also expand to create a much larger town, and your village will go from tiny, to ginormous.

Most features from New Leaf still are in this game, for example, you will still be able to catch bugs and fish and you can still go to Tortimer Island


Returning Villagers

New Villagers

There are five new villager species: Armadillo, Lizard, Lemur, Beaver, and Giraffe

Shop Owners

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