Animal Crossing: Fresh Life
Developer(s) Mega Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) The Game Over
Release Date(s) 2020
Media Included Disc

Animal Crossing: Fresh Life is a life simulation video game developed by Mega Inc. and published by Nintendo for the Game Over console.


Animal Crossing: Fresh Life begins in the setting of an airport, where the player character is met by Rover, a pilot who is setting up for the player's flight to a new town. Upon arrival, the player must enter Lyle's Happy Home, a new shop allowing players to purchase a house for a small loan of 10,000 bells. Unable to make the deal, Lyle allows the player temporary housing until the loan is paid off. With the issue of housing out of the way, the player is now able to explore the Music Shop, containing every K.K. song in the Animal Crossing series. In comparison to prior games, the gardening actions are more diverse while Timmy and Tommy now have their own shops; Timmy's Furniture Shop and Tommy's Tool Shop respectively. The player is then introduced to the mall with Gracie Grace. In the mall, a spotlight item appears every month and K.K. Slider is seen performing on Saturday. Another new feature is the Airport, allowing the player to fly to other towns to immerse themselves in the Animal Crossing experience. The game also sees the return of Kapp'n, who owns a tour company via the mall, allowing you to visit his island. There is also a bank which allows for the player to store bells, make and repay loans. The town also features a bookstore called Nooks in Books. The store is owned by Tom Nook and sells all sorts of books which help the player in furthering themselves in the game, such as the topic of fossils. For the first time in the Animal Crossing series, shops do not upgrade, meaning they remain the same for the entirety of the game.

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