Animal Crossing: Flipping Fun is the 5th installment of the Animal Crossing series, and removes some of the characters, but returns others, such as Hornsby.


The player is greeted by Rover on the train driven by Porter. He asks what name the player has, their destination, and their gender. After that, the train will stop at the player's destination, and will be handed a map. They will be instructed to go to Town Hall (which is now owned by Emerald the frog). Emerald will introduce you to Tortimer, the mayor of the town (this fact causes this game to be the prequel of Animal Crossing: New Leaf). He asks you your favorite species, a Cat (Rover), a Frog (Emerald), or a Tortoise (Tortimer). After answering, the player leaves the town hall, buys a disc from Tom Nook, and gets their house. On the 2nd day of gameplay, their is an introduction to Mr. Resetti. More coming soon!

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