Animal Crossing: Eden is an upcoming Animal Crossing game. The game will be playable/purchasable on the 3DS as well as the Wii U, and will contain the same game-play as the previous games, along with added content. The game will also feature cross-platform play, and will be the first in the series to do so.


Animal Crossing: Eden will play the same as every previous main game title in the series. Similar to in Happy Home Designer, there will be additional buildings such as an office and multiple restaurants. This can be accessed by taking a bus from your main town. In your main town, you may now have a total of 20 villagers, double the amount of New Leaf. The campsite returns, and as per in New Leaf, this will be one of the only ways to gain your 20th villager, aside from getting the villager from another player's town when it is about to move. To start, you may only have up to ten villagers, however later on in the game, you may expand upon your town size, allowing for up to twenty. As the mayor, you may activate town ordinances and create projects, among everything else you could do in New Leaf. A few new features are available to you as mayor. You may now host your own bug-offs and fishing tourney's, by setting up a date.


Almost every villager returns from previous titles. New Villagers will also be introduced. Four new species make an appearance in the game as actual villagers, and these are Sharks, Dolphins, Raccoon's and Fox's.

Multiplayer Mode

Mini Games

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