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Angelo Helios Koopa (Japanese アンゲロ Angero), or simply Angelo, is one of the Koopalings. He has made no game appearances at the moment.


Angelo is one of the lanky & thin Koopalings; he has golden scales and a longer tail. His hair is long & white, and his shell is cyan with rings of a lighter shade around the spikes. He wears a white eye mask and the studded bracelets signifying his role in the Koopa Troop. He's also often seen carrying a wand with a white crystal on the tip as a weapon.


Angelo carries the blood of a family who have passed on holy magic from generation to generation. Because of this, most of the Koopa Kingdom's less powerful rulers wanted to gain the services of him and his parents. This almost spiraled into a competitive war until Bowser stepped in, taking the family under his wing. However, Angelo's parents regret their decision after seeing the tyrannical ways of the Koopa King, and wanted to take him off the throne. They failed to do so, as they were promptly found planning the rebellion,then tried & exiled from the Koopa Kingdom.

Angelo was a baby then, and thus grew up under the guidance of Bowser without knowing this. Despite the tension between Koopan law and the religion his family practiced, Angelo was allowed to study said religion anyway, as that was what his powers worked with. Soon he became skilled enough to be accepted into the ranks of the Koopalings.


For the most part, he is a gentle & caring Koopa, believing that everyone has an innate goodness in their heart. When one of his friends or family is feeling down, he will come to comfort them. He also takes note of what others like to do, and suggests plans based on those preferences, which usually succeed. He enjoys being around at least one of his friends, and becomes nervous when he's alone.


Like most of the Koopalings, he can breathe fire and utilize his shell as a weapon. He has little physical strength, but his holy powers make up for that. His patron represents sunlight and purity, so his abiltiies are mostly healing, cleansing, and of the light element.


Many of the younger Koopalings like him, mainly because they can always get what they want if they ask him. Angelo is also hopeful to meet Ludwig because he looks up to him the most, but he never can because Ludwig hardly works with him.


  • Angelo is one of a few fanon Koopalings to have no musical namesake.

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