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Angelo H. Koopa is one of the many Koopalings of Bowser. He has not appeared in anything at the moment.


Angelo has a thin, scrawny build. His Koopa scales are the most common color, yellow. He has long, straight white hair, and his shell is cyan with rings of a paler blue around the spikes. His tail is notably longer than most of the other Koopalings'. He is also usually seen wearing a white mask over his sky blue eyes, as well as the studded armbands which denote his rank as a Koopaling.


During his years of infancy, Angelo was taken along by his parents to travel across Koopa Kingdom territory, where the couple hoped to spread word of their unsung piety. However, one iron-clad rule pressured them to keep their campaign secret: "no rule is as absolute as His Supremeness", as Kamek put it. He would later state this when the family was eventually caught & exiled for their teachings.

However, the baby Angelo was left orphaned, so the Magikoopa took him under his wing, raising him as part of Bowser's elite forces, the Koopalings. Despite the Koopa King's attempts to manipulate his cleric alignment, Angelo was part of a divine bloodline which acted as a conduit for his gods' gifts. As a result, he never truly understood his powers, so he always tries to find intel on his origins.


As a Koopa, he is naturally able to breathe fire, spin in his shell, and focus magic through a wand. He has elemental powers of light & air that he rarely uses as attacks; instead, he uses them as healing or supportive spells. These abilities are linked to his forbidden piety.


Angelo's home is only known in confidential Koopa Kingdom maps as Sola, the origin of Vylian's teachings. According to locals, Vylian is the patron god of the city, and a representation of both the sun & blue sky. He is said to appear before mortals as a dragonfly-winged bird of prey the same color as a clear noon sky.


Angeloh Angelo-0


  • Angelo is one of a few fanon Koopalings to have no musical namesake.

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