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Angel VS the World is a new game that is created by Alange95 (tbc) to tell his own imaginary story about his life. This game will be released in December 2012, for Nintendo Prima. It's considered a fighting and adventure game that was created while Alange was out of inspiration.


This is the story of a normal guy that has always felt lonely. His "friends" used to laugh at him, and he has a girlfriend who usually has frictions with him. But something suddenly changed; he started to watch TV really often and talk with people from the Internet. Now, almost all his life is far away from the real life, but things went further when some characters of TV series, videogames and the Internet became real...

Things went OK for a long time, but every hero had their own dark nemesis...

more coming soon...


Solo Modes

  • Fighting Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Demon Battle
  • Training Mode
  • Shopping World

Multiplayer Modes

  • Fighting Mode
  • Universal Battle
  • Against Time Mode
  • Demon Battle

Online Modes

  • Fighting Mode
  • Survival Challenge
  • Versus the World Mode

coming soon...


Playable Characters

There will be 50 characters, 30 of them will be default and 20 will be unlockable.

Image Name Age Description World
Angel 17 This kind of hero whose sad life isn't so bad is ready to face the world and get hit by anything. Spain, Real World
Elena 17 She is the girl that Angel loves. But they usually have something to argue, funny... Spain, Real World
116px-Robin en Water 7 y Enies Lobby-1-.png Nico Robin 28 Imaginary love of Angel, despite she's 11 years older than him. Her creative power will leave you some hands. Ohara, One Piece World
Alex 14 Internet friend of Angel. They usually support each other and don't have many problems. England, Real World (Internet)
LuffyOEO.png Monkey D. Luffy 19 The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. His rubber body is perfect to punch all his rivals. East Sea, One Piece World

Mapman (MP)

The young man from California. He likes to explore the wonders of the Internet and has an obsession with the television series Gravity Falls. USA, Real World (Internet)
Tucker 14 Californian hero. His crazy drawing style is perfect to confuse people. USA, Real World (Internet)
Staraptor.png Staraptor X The Flying Pokémon that led Angel's team. It's the favourite pokémon that he had.

Sinnoh, Pokémon World

180px-PikachuDP.png Pikachu X Pikachu is the main Pokémon ever (despite people says Dunsparce) but... it's cute. Kanto, Pokémon World
Shion de aries.png Aries Shion 247 The Aries Golden Saint. He looks astonishingly young. He's really powerful with his surplice. Sanctuary, Saint Seiya World
Pit2.png Pit 17 Winged character. He always has the help of Palutena to fight the underworld army. Angel Land, Kid Icarus World
424px-Palutena Uprising.png Palutena Goddess of Light. A lovely and beautiful goddess that fights the underworld army. Angel Land, Kid Icarus World
319px-WaluigiMP8Official.png Waluigi ? Angel's favorite Mario character. Purple and evil, nothing else, except good tenist. Mushroom Kingdom
101px-LinkTwilightPrincess.png Link ? He's a cool hero, so there is some reasons to add him in the mix.

Hyrule, Zelda's World

139px-Sonic4 render.png Sonic 15 Because a blue hedgehog can be also a good character in a game like this. Mobius, Sonic's World
250px-Princess Zelda Artwork (Twilight Princess).png Princess Zelda 19 A beautiful princess that is sometimes kidnapped but not as often as other princess...

Hyrule, Zelda's World

Zatch Bell & Kiyo



They're masters of Mamodo fighting, just a book that makes Zatch attack is necessary to win a fight. Japan, Zatch Bell World
FalconPAWNCH.png Captain Falcon 37 A hero who is a racer. As fast as something that is fast. Port Town, F-Zero World
GokuCP.png Goku ? He was the favourite hero of Angel in the past. He was even called like Goku when he was young. Dragon Ball World
215px-MarioMP8a.png Mario ? He is the famous plumber that rescues princesses from weird enemies and jump over turtles. Mushroom Kingdom
Luccia 14 She is a mermaid of a series that Angel has seen time ago. Japan, Pichi Pichi Pitch World
Dawn.png Dawn 10 She's the female protagonist of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Sinhoh, Pokémon World
Tia & Megumi



They are one of the most important mamodo team, and the ones that help Kiyo and Zatch Bell. Japan, Zatch Bell World
OlimarBlank.png Captain Olimar ? He is a little character that needs the help of Pikmin to gey his vehicle back. Pikmin World
ThanatosSSH.jpg Thanatos He is the courageous God of Death that lives in Elysion. He is loyal to Hades and his power is extremely big. Elysion, Saint Seiya World
448Lucario.png Lucario X Lucario is one of the strongest Pokémon ever. The power of this species controls Steel and Fight. Sinnoh, Pokémon World
Koga.jpg Pegasus Koga 13 The new generation of Pegasus Saint. He has to fight Mars to save Saori and stop the world destruction. Italy, Saint Seiya Omega World
Ichigo Kurosaki



16 The main character that Angel created (the only protagonist that he knows how to create). Also winged and green dressed. Fantendo, Internet



14 A Magical Girl. She doesn't need more than her bow to fight anyone. Madoka Magica World



X Legendary Pokémon. Yeah, it's cool... Unova, Pokémon World
Lucy by TGNx.png

Lucy Heartfilia


17 She can summon Celestial Spirits. Magnolia, Fiore

Roronoa Zoro


21 Master of three swords. Nobody can disagree that is dangerous if he's an enemy. East Sea, One Piece World
Nami en Enies Lobby-1-.png



19 Sexy, not as sexy as Nico Robin. She always fight with a staff that throws heat bubbles, cold bubbles and electric bubbles, control of clima. East Sea, One Piece World



16 One of the crats of Fantendo, lately he has a good friendship with Angel. He's a great musician. USA, Real World (Internet)



13 Other crat of Fantendo, interesting... Good guy and he pixelates all the world. USA, Real World (Internet)
287px-ASR Shadow.png



50 He's Sonic nemesis, as fast as him and a loner hedgehog that changes of side as it was a t-shirt. Sonic World
104px-KWii Kirby.png



? A pink ball with eyes that looks sweet, but he also has hero spirit. Kirby World

Jairo Halfy


12 A sysop from Fantendo, and an eleven-years old kid. He draws, writes, makes music... Just about everything. Spain, Real World (Internet)



13 He is other user of Fantendo. Canadian and good guy. He hates most of his characters. Canada, Real World (Internet)
189px-Rosalina MK7.png



? She is the princess of the cosmos. Obviously, the sexiest character of Super Mario series. Mushroom Kingdom



? He's the coward brother of Mario. His love is Daisy, he likes strong girls... Mushroom Kingdom
185px-Ash BW.png

Ash Ketchum


13 He is the main hero of the Pokémon anime. Always joint with his Pikachu. Kanto, Pokémon World

Ella Metals


21 She is the main heroine that Alex has created on Fantendo. She can bend any kind of metal. Fantendo, Internet



She is the Goddess of Nature, sometimes ally and other times enemy. Overworld, Kid Icarus World



X It's the main Pokémon in Emerald. It's one of the main pokémon in the sky and Angel was behind it before. Hoenn, Pokémon World
Peter Griffin.png

Peter Griffin


42 A stupid guy with less neurons than a simple neuron. What could his strength be? USA, Family Guy World



He is the brother of Thanatos and the conscious god of dream. As his brother, he is loyal to Hades. Elysion, Saint Seiya World



- Mii can be you or can be me. Is it so difficult to explain? Wii, 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo


Images Name Age Description World
AlangeBoB.png Alange 17 He's based on the user name that Angel uses. There is no idea about why is called Alange... Fantendo, Internet
Jealous Ex-girlfriend 16 Obviously, an invented character, but meh... Real World
300px-BowserMP8.png Bowser ? Demoniacal beast that usually falls into the lava. The most defeated boss. Bowser Castle, Mushroom Kingdom
Yellow Pikmin X There is no reason to say that a Yellow Pikmin is a boss, but Angel doesn't like yellow and some Pikmin could be boss... Pikmin World
Medusa2.png Medusa She's the one who governs the Underworld. Main enemy of Palutena. Of course, a great boss... Underworld, Kid Icarus World
253px-Sonic Colors - Dr .Eggman 452 x 599.png Dr. Eggman ? A fat scientist that creates robots to steal emeralds. He must be a jewelry lover. Sonic World
150px-BowserJr.SMG-1-.png Bowser Jr. ? The little son of Bowser. He thinks Peach is her mother, and it makes him get into problems... Bowser Kingdom, Mario World
HadesKidIcarus.png Hades He is the god from the Underworld. The only one that has created Medusa to confuse Palutena. Underworld, Kid Icarus World
PO031saga-1-.jpg Gemini Saga 27 He is the evil chief of the Gold Saints. He has a twin brother that isn't as evil as him, at all. Sanctuary, Saint Seiya World
Brago.png Sherry & Brago



They are the most dangerous rivals of Kiyo and Zatch. Brago can control the gravity power. Japan, Zatch Bell World
DrakeBoB.png Drake 17 Drake's the nemesis of Aingeru. Someone that you wouldn't want to find on the streets. Fantendo, Internet
Shanks04lv8-1-.png Shanks 39 He is one of the four most important pirates and the one that made Luffy get interested on the pirate art. One Piece World
Spandam Unlimited Adventure-1-.png Spandam 41 He is the chief of the CP9. A crazy chief of the World Govern that doesn't care destroying an island. Enies Lobby, One Piece World
Cintia-1-.png Cynthia ? She's the champion of Sinnoh League. A really important rival of Diamond and Pearl. Sinnoh, Pokémon World
Troll IP 10? He attacks Fantendo and deletes user pages. He calls it banning. Underworld (Internet), Real World
Amazon pandora.jpg Amazon Pandora She's the Goddess of Calamity. She lost her human for and became a flame-like creature. The Labyrinth of Deceit, Kid Icarus World
Ilustracion de N N2 B2-1-.png N ? He's the king of Team Plasma and he has in his team one of the Legendary Pokémon. Unova, Pokémon World
483Dialga.png Dialga X One of the main Pokémon of Diamond and Pearl. It's the partner of Palkia. Sinnoh, Pokémon World
250px-DKMP8.png DK X Donkey Kong is a big monkey that throws barrels to a plumber and eat bananas. Donkey Kong World

Angry Artwork

30? He was created by Angel in the Physics and Chemistry classes because of boredom. Angel's Agenda
Hylanvaati.png Vaati ? He's a wizard that appears in some The Legend of Zelda games. Zelda World
Alone hades.jpg Alone 15 He is the reincarnation of Hades in the XVII century. The friendship with Tenma makes him more powerful than the same God. Italy, Saint Seiya World
Eden2.jpg Orion Eden 15 He is the son of Mars. Although he is Koga's enemy, he also fights for "Athena". Palestra, Saint Seiya Omega World
Mars Omega.jpg Mars He is the God of the red planet. His dream is destroying the earth to create a paradise in Mars. Mars, Saint Seiya Omega World

Supporting Characters

Image Name Age Description World
Darkpit.png Dark Pit 17 He's the evil clone of Pit, but he's cool so why not a supporting character? Kid Icarus World
Magnus.png Magnus ? He's a human, ally of Pit that wants to defeat the dark lord Gaol. His weapon is something serious for the enemies... Kid Icarus World
File:100px-Daisy.png Daisy ? She is the secondary princess of Super Mario series. Possible Luigi's love that isn't kidnapped as often as Peach.

Sarasland, Mario World

Wario Angry.png Wario ? Ehm... Nefarious character and brother of Waluigi. Sometimes, it's better being far from him. Warioland
119px-ASR Tails.png Tails 8 The best friend of Sonic. He is an expert of creating different machines to help Sonic with his adventures. A fox with two tails. Sonic World
AmyRose.png Amy Rose 13 She thinks she is the love of Sonic. But they are friends. Dangerous with her hammer. Sonic World
Pablo 16 He's a classmate of Angel that is sometimes a friend and other times strange. Spain, Real World
PO071dohko-1-.jpg Libra Dohko 261 He is an ancient Gold Saint, but he keeps the position for long time. China, Saint Seiya World
ImagesCA3Y7H57.jpg Seiya 14 He's the protagonist of the series and the most important Bronze Saint, but not the strongest one... Japan, Saint Seiya World
Kanchome & Folgore



A mamodo with duckbill and an Italian singer that invites everyone to dance all the day... Italy, Zatch Bell World
AinhoaBoB.png Ainhoa 15 She is the partner of Aingeru in their journey. She is brave and even a strong character. Fantendo, Internet
ElenaBoB.png Elena 16 She is the girlfriend of Aingeru and other of the characters that Angel has created. Angel hopes soon doing a sexier artwork. Fantendo, Internet
BluePikmin.png Blue Pikmin X A blue Pikmin that helps Olimar to fix his vehicle. Pikmin World
Sanji1-1-.png Sanji 21 He's the chef of the Strawhat Pirate band. His leg is even more powerful than guns. Baratie Restaurant, One Piece World
Chopper1-1-.png Tony Tony Chopper 15 He is a little reindeer and a perfect doctor, despite the fact he lived with a pirate and a witch. Drum, One Piece World
132Ditto.png Ditto X A special kind of Pokémon that can turn into anything. It's very useful to get little Pokémon. Kanto, Pokémon World
493Arceus.png Arceus X It's the Pokémon Alpha and possible creator of the Pokémon World. Sinnoh, Pokémon World
Saint-seiya-pandora.jpg Pandora 19 The most loyal server of Hades. Her trident is one of the most powerful weapons in the underworld.

Italy, Saint Seiya World

Ophiuchus Shaina.jpg Ophiuchus


33 She was Seiya's enemy and now Koga's teacher. Her power was really useful to destroy the Thunder Ruins.

Italy, Saint Seiya Omega World

PabloBoB.png Pablo 16 The strong Bracelet of the giant hammer... Fantendo, Internet



  • Tennis Racket
  • Palutena's Sword
  • Angel's Rollerball Pen
  • Chaos Sword
  • Afro Powerhair
  • Pokéball
  • Masterball
  • Cleffa Doll
  • Chaos Emerald
  • Yoshi Egg
  • Sacred Tear
  • Impact Dial
  • Ball Dial
  • Axe Dial
  • Gum-Gum Fruit
  • Canoe Paddle
  • Mario Hat
  • Purple Wisp
  • Red Wisp
  • Piko Piko Hammer
  • Professional Camera
  • Sagittarius Armor
  • Phoenix Armor
  • Spellbook
  • Athena Talisman
  • Chaos Sword
  • Lucy Autograph
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