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Angel is a playable character in Fallen Crest. He was once a loyal Queen's man, but was forced to join Jacob's side when Titania's empire was taken over by his forces. Making him on the Villanous side.


Angel is a wise, neutral soldier. He is a great reader of situations but is very suspicious at times. Although impatient, he is a menace on the battlefield with high guts and strength. He is tactful on and off the battlefield and tries to be obidient.

He still shows deep feelings for the Queen's Empire but uses his excellent drama skills to masqeurade as one of Jacob's most loyal henchman.


Angel is a quite lanky boy. He has short, dark and messy hair. He has a light brown skin, typical of mediterranean people. He has green eyes but they change of colour with his mood in brown and green colour tones. He also has a little goatee.

He wears a white jacket with some green sewings. He wears light blue jeans and a dark blue cape in his back. He sometimes wears red sunglasses over his hair.


Fallen Crest

In Angel's Story, he is seen taken by Jacob's forces with the Empire and is sent to Jacob to be sworn in as head Knight. He is given a horse called Valente which he is trusted to lead his army with.

Later on in his Story, it is revealed that he is from a distant line of fire users, and these powers are unlocked in his moveset for them to be executed.


Jacob the Time Lord

Although they rarely interact directly, Jacob classes Angel as one of his top men and they both have deep respect for each other, albeit some is false respect by Angel.


Their relationship was strong when Angel worked under Titania, but although there is little contact between the two now, Angel swore not to rebel against her Lady's forces.

Caleb Barron

Caleb dislikes Angel for betrayl but begins to understand if Angel's story is shown. Angel always tries to explain to Caleb who initially would just ignore Angel after his forced departure of Titania'a Empire.