You 5 are toast! And I eat toast for breakfast! MWAHAHAHAHA!
Andy turned evil in The Guap Squad 2: The Legend of Wild X

Andy is the main antagonist in The Guap Squad along with being the leader of The Eviltons. At the end of the game, Andy turns good again. He then joins the Guap Squad afterwards. Him and the other 5 members are 12 year old children that stop evil. He was created by Green Productions.


During The Guap Squad

In the majority of the first game, Andy is shown to be ruthless. He doesn't care about anyone including The Guap Squad and the shapes. He only likes The Eviltons and makes them try and kill the entire Guap Squad and take over Fun Town

Epilogue of The Guap Squad and the sequel

Andy is shown to be a very kind person after the events of The Guap Squad. He loves every creature he comes in contact with (except villains). He's also very smart and humerous!


Andy is a 12 year old boy with Brown, long hair, black eyes, a black shirt with an A, silver pants, and orange shoes.

Game Appearances

The Guap Squad

Andy's first appearance is in The Guap Squad. He's the main antagonist in the game, though it isn't known yet. He rides in a giant robot called the KILLER!

The Guap Squad 2: The Legend of Wild X

Andy is set to reappear in The Guap Squad's sequel as a main hero.



When they were little, they were best friends, but due to an unfortunate event, Andy began to despise Guaptain and his allies. However, after the first game, they are shown to be still best friends today.


When Andy and Guaptain were little, they were best friends. This friendship was unbreakable until one day. Guaptain and Andy were having a snowball fight, when a villian made a giant hole appear right as a snowball was midair. It hit Guaptain and he fell off, but Andy grabbed onto him, pulling him up. Then a gust of wind came and blew Andy away. Guaptain grabbed him, but Andy let go, causing him to fall off the cliff.


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